While It Lasts (Page 8)

While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3)(8)
Author: Abbi Glines

Chapter Seven


Damn if her smile wasn’t f**king gorgeous. Not to mention that laugh made me want to soak it in and keep it for later. Just knowing it was me making her smile made everything else seem less important.

“I was just making sure you weren’t in the shower or on the phone,” she explained.

Sure. That’s what she’d been doing when I’d stood there in the shadows of the barn and watched her try so hard to hear something through the door. It had taken all my will power not to burst into laughter.

“Were you gonna come on in if I was in the shower? You’ve already seen my nak*d ass.”

Eva blushed again. She must have gotten a pretty damn good view.

“I need to get back to the house,” she said and started to move back to the door.

“Please don’t go. I won’t tease you anymore, I promise.” I wanted her to stay. I wanted to get to know her and I wanted her to trust me enough to tell me the truth about that ring on her finger.

I could see the indecision on her face. That was a good sign. Some part of her wanted to stay here. “Aren’t you exhausted?” she asked.

I was extremely exhausted but I wasn’t ready to give her up just yet. “Not really, just lonely. All my friends are an hour away. I need a friend here.”

Eva stepped over and sat down on the very end of the bed. She was staying.

“Are you asking me to be your friend, Cage York?”

Not exactly. But for now, friends would do. “I guess I am.”

“Why would you want me for a friend? I’ve been nothing but mean to you since you got here.”

Because you fascinate me. She wasn’t ready to hear that yet. “I’m guessing you control whether or not my sheets get washed. I figured if we were buds then that would happen more often.”

“No, you control whether or not your sheets get washed. You know where the soap and water are located,” she shot back at me.

She really was a snot when she wanted to be. “Well, in that case I’m going to have to get a female out here who likes me enough to help me out.”

I could see by her expression that she thought I was joking. I wasn’t. I really intended to call Low and get her to stop by my place and get me some clean sheets and a couple washcloths and towels. I also needed some shampoo and soap. I was tired of washing my hair and body with the dish detergent that I’d found under the sink by the feed station.

“Good luck with that,” she chirped.

I finished off my last sub and opened the bag of chips before leaning back against the wall and propping my legs up on the bed. “You might be surprised what I can wrangle up.”

Eva rolled her eyes and shifted so she was facing me. “Your ego knows no bounds, does it?”

I popped another chip into my mouth and chewed slowly enjoying the grease. Eva studied me as I chewed. Her eyes dropped down to my neck. What was she looking at my neck for? Then the tip of her pink tongue darted out and licked her bottom lip. Well, damn.

I was only so strong. I set the bag of chips on the bed and swung my legs back down to the floor. Her eyes widened in surprise and lifted back up to meet my gaze. I stopped in front of her and reached down to take her hand and pull her up until she was standing. I gently tugged her up against me then before she had time to think or refuse I covered her plump red lips with mine.

She was stiff in my arms for only a moment. Her lips loosened up and she began eagerly kissing me back. I took a small nip on her upper lip then trailed small kisses across her bottom lip and licked each warm corner. When a sigh escaped her mouth, I took complete advantage and slipped my tongue inside the dark warmth of hers. It was sweeter than I’d imagined. She tasted like lemonade and sunshine. Her tongue began to join in on the exploring and for the first time in my life my knees went a little weak.

I slipped both of my hands around her waist and settled them on her hips. I wanted to explore her body the way I was getting to explore the silky confines of her mouth but I wasn’t sure she was ready for more. Slowly her hands slid up my chest over the soft cotton of my tee shirt. She ran the pads of her thumbs over my n**ples and I gripped her waist tighter forcing myself to keep my hands in a safe area. Fuck, when had I ever kept my damn hands in a safe area? How the hell did I know what a safe area was?

The soft moan that escaped her mouth was my undoing. My hands slipped up her ribs and cupped both of her boobs. The hard pebble of her n**ples pressed against the fabric of her bra and shirt. That wasn’t enough. I needed more. I reached down and began lifting up the hem of her shirt while eagerly dropping kisses along her jawline and nibbling on her ear.

“Cage, no.”

I froze. Motherfucker.

I let the hem of her top fall back down over her bare stomach and I stepped away from her. The smell of her skin and taste of her lips clung to me. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath. That wasn’t enough. I needed more distance.

“Then go,” I replied in a ragged breath.

“I’m sorry—“

“Don’t be sorry. No reason to be. I just need you to go,” I managed to choke out.

Once the door closed behind her I turned and opened the shower curtain then reached in and turned it on cold.


Sleep had eluded me. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was that kiss. Then it would switch and I would be kissing Josh. It wasn’t as passionate and insane. It hadn’t felt as wickedly delicious. Then the guilt would set in. Josh had been perfect and good. Josh had loved me and only me. Cage was nothing good and far from perfect except for his outer appearance. Cage just liked women. He didn’t love me. He’d never love anyone. I had to be the worst kind of person to even admit that Cage York’s kiss had been the most mind-blowing thing I’d ever experienced when Josh had kissed me many times. He’d held me in his arms and danced with me in the moonlight. How could I think Cage’s meaningless kiss felt better than even a moment in Josh’s presence?

Throwing the covers back I gave up trying to sleep late. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved top from my closet and headed down the hall for my bathroom. Cage would be leaving today. Should I let him go without saying anything to him about my abrupt departure last night or should I go ahead and talk this out now? I decided I’d get it over with instead of thinking about it all day long?

Once I was clean and dressed, I headed outside. A silver hatchback was parked in the driveway. Cage’s ride must be here. I made my way down to the barn and noticed the truck he used for work was gone. Had he gone to do something before he left?

The barn door swung open and out walked a curvy redhead. She was carrying what looked like bed sheets and a towel. When her eyes met mine she smiled and began walking toward me. The short skirt she was wearing showcased a pair of really amazing legs. I hated her. Then she got close enough for me to see the crystal green color of her eyes and I really, really hated her. Who was she and why was she in my barn?

“Hey, I’m Willow, a friend of Cage’s. I brought him clean sheets and some towels and washcloths. I thought I’d take these home with me today and wash them. He can bring them back this evening. That way he can have an extra set.”

He hadn’t been kidding about getting some help. But I’d been kidding about not washing his sheets. I was going to change them today and make sure he had enough towels and washcloths for the week. It irritated me that this girl had beat me to it. Figures, Cage would have gorgeous females at his beck and call. Who was I kidding? If I turned him down he just had a line waiting for their chance. The fact I’d left him last night was probably off his radar this morning. All we’d done was kiss. I’d lost sleep over it and Cage had been busy calling his “friend” to get her to bring him clean sheets and towels. UGH!

“I’ll take the sheets. I don’t mind washing them. I was going to wash them today while he was gone.” The annoyed tone to my voice didn’t go unnoticed by her.

A worried frown crinkled her forehead, “Oh. I’m sorry. I guess he didn’t want to bother y’all. He called me and asked if I’d mind bringing him some things he needed and mentioned the sheets. I figured while I waited on him to feed the cows I could go ahead and change the sheets.”

She was too attractive to be at some guy’s speed dial to jump when he said jump. Did the girl not have any self-worth? Her daddy should have taught her that she was more than some man’s doormat. Cage’s face and body probably got girls to do anything he wanted. Not this girl. I would not become another one of his many fans. I had pride. “I’m sure Cage could have managed on his own,” I clipped out and took the sheets and one dirty towel and washcloth from her arms.

Willow laughed, “You would think. Unfortunately he’s grown accustomed to females taking care of him. This is roughing it for him. Granted, he needed this wakeup call. Anything to get him to stop drinking and driving.”

She sure knew a lot about him. Did he keep this one around on a regular basis? I didn’t peg him for a guy to keep one girl close. Or maybe she just knew the rules and was okay with them. Again, her daddy should have taught her better.

The sound of the farm truck rattled as it came rolling to a stop out beside the barn. Willow flashed a smile at me then waved to Cage as he climbed out. Why was he shirtless already? It was eight in the morning. All he’d done was feed the cows.

“Low, you bring the stuff?” he called out as he sauntered toward us.

“Yes and I put it all away in your room for you. Even made up your bed. It’s nice and clean.”

“What about a shirt?”

Willow nodded, “Yep, it’s on your bed.”

He stopped in front of Willow and pulled her into a bear hug then buried his head in the curve of her neck. She patted his back and laughed at something he mumbled against her headful of hair. I wasn’t really up for watching the two of them make-out so I started to turn and walk back to the house with my arms full of dirty laundry.

“Eva, wait. Did you meet Low?”

Great, he wanted to introduce us. What was I supposed to say to her? I’d been the one kissing him last night and now she’d be the one kissing and probably screwing him today.

“Yeah, I did.” I replied as coldly as possible.

Cage frowned and looked down at Low as if she had the answer as to why I was annoyed. “Okay, well I’m heading out. I’ll see you tonight. I got the cows fed. Everything should be fine.”

With one curt nod, I turned and walked as quickly as I could to the house. I had to go inside and get a grip. All the guy had done was kiss me. Why was I acting like he and I had something more? We had nothing. He was as unavailable to me as a guy could get.

Throwing the sheets into the washing machine I scowled at the cotton bed clothes as if it were their fault. Stupid redhead had to come. She’d changed his sheets for him and bought him more towels and washcloths because I’d neglected to give him sufficient supplies. Great job Eva.