While It Lasts (Page 17)

While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3)(17)
Author: Abbi Glines

Chapter Sixteen


I hadn’t said much on the drive back to my apartment. Eva was cautious. I knew this. I’d known it from day one when she’d basically called me a man whore. It was one of the things I liked about her. Up until tonight I had been making progress. She’d told me about Josh. I’d been able to hold her while she cried. I thought that had formed a bond of trust between us.

Taking her into my world had undone everything I’d worked damn hard to prove to her. If I didn’t have girls throwing themselves at me and talking about our threesomes, I had my friends acting like I used girls like disposable objects. I’d wanted my friends to meet her. I’d wanted her to know me until she got a real taste of my life. Now, I wanted to get her back to the country so we could live in our little cocoon where my past wasn’t there to haunt me.

“Are you mad at me?” Eva’s question snapped me out of my thoughts. I lifted my eyes from the spot in the floor I’d been staring at to see Eva standing in the doorway wearing a pair of tiny pink polka dot pajama bottoms and a matching tank top. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“Huh?” I managed to ask through the lust haze that had settled over me. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I swallowed hard as her n**ples pebbled under my gaze and pressed against the thin silky fabric.

“You didn’t talk the whole way back from the bar. I thought maybe you were mad at me about something.”

Mad at her? What?

I tore my eyes off her tits and focused on her worried face. “No, I’m not mad at you. I just had some stuff on my mind.”

She shifted her feet and chewed on the inside of her cheek nervously.

“Come here.” I invited, patting the spot on the end of the bed beside me.

She came willingly. I tried to focus on her face and making her less nervous. But damned if the fact those shorts barely covered up her ass wasn’t distracting. She sat down beside me fisting her hands together in her lap. I reached over and covered her hands with mine.

“Relax, Eva. I’m not mad at you. I’m frustrated with myself.”

She tilted her head to the side and looked up at me. Her silky brown locks slid over her bare shoulder. Had I ever noticed how sexy something as simple as a bare shoulder could be?

“Why are you frustrated with yourself?”

Because I’m a fuck-up and now you know it.

“Tonight didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I don’t have a very stellar reputation and it seemed like everyone who knew me wanted to make sure you knew just what a sordid past I had.”

Her shoulders relaxed and she leaned over and bumped my arm with her shoulder. “You do realize that I never thought you had a stellar reputation.” Her teasing tone made me smile.

“What? You didn’t think I was next in line for Pope? Damn, I thought I had you fooled.”

Eva laughed and pulled her legs underneath her and turned her body so she was facing me. “Yeah, the whole DUI thing kind of clued me in.”

“You think you’re a funny one, don’t you?” I leaned back on my elbows so I could look up at her. Also because I had a real good view of her ass now that her shorts were inched up enough to show me the bottom curve of her perfectly rounded cheeks.

“I had fun tonight. Your friends are very entertaining.”

The one friend she’d had there I’d threatened.

“I’m really sorry about the thing with your friend. I snapped.”

A small frown puckered her brown then she shrugged. “You apologized for that already and I forgave you but, in the future, if you could refrain from threatening people because of me that would be nice.”

I didn’t respond because that probably wouldn’t happen. If she was with another guy I would be seeing red. No use in making any promises I couldn’t keep.

“I really like those pjs,” I changed the subject and reached over to run my finger along the edge of the shorts. I couldn’t look at her ass any longer and not at least touch it.

She shivered and pressed her lips together tightly. How innocent was she? She’d been with Josh forever. They’d been engaged. Surely she wasn’t a virgin. No guy would be able to make it through high school without getting him some. I didn’t want to know what all she’d done with him. Even if the guy was dead I couldn’t handle images of some other guy touching her. Considering I couldn’t even count the number of girls I’d been with it was f**ked up that I cared about her being with just one guy. But I hadn’t loved one of those girls. She’d loved Josh. It made a difference. At least in my head it did.

“I want… I want to do things, tonight. I mean, I want to do more than we have,” she stammered and her face flushed a bright pink. “But I’m not sure if I’m ready for, you know… sex.”

I sat up and closed the space between us. The truth was I wasn’t sure I was ready for sex. It would be different for me this time. It scared the shit out of me. Sex and emotion never went together before but it had been so long since I’d been with anyone that I wasn’t sure I could stop myself if we got too carried away. I wasn’t used to stopping and I sure as hell had never been told no.

But this was Eva. I could do this for Eva.

I slid one hand around her waist and slid my other hand into her headful of hair. “We will only do what you want to do. We stop when you say stop,” I whispered as I lowered my mouth to hers. She tilted her head back and met my mouth eagerly.


Even though I’d kissed Cage several times now, I still briefy lost all thought when his soft full lips touched mine. His kisses always glided smoothly over my mouth and he never just did the same thing. He kissed and sucked and left little licks with a flick of his tongue. He really liked sucking on my bottom lip and he spent a lot of time tasting me. Or at least that’s what it felt like. He kissed a trail across my jaw and down my neck. I wanted him to go further. As he stopped to tease the curve of my neck I had to clench my teeth to keep from begging him to keep going down. A whimper escaped me and I probably should have been embarrassed but he began traveling closer to the tops of my br**sts so instead I was thankful. Anything to get him moving. My br**sts already knew what was coming. They were tingling.

His hands grazed my stomach startling me. He lifted his head to look up at me when I gasped. He didn’t ask but I could see the question in his eyes. I nodded and he eased the pajama top up and over my chest and I lifted my arms so he could take it the rest of the way off.

The way he stared hungrily at my nak*d br**sts only caused the tingling to intensify. I wanted his shirt off. I wanted to feel his warm skin against mine.

Before he could distract me with his mouth I reached for his shirt and pulled it up and he raised his hands for me so I could take it off easily. The nipple ring I’d felt under his shirt earlier only excited me more. I started to lean forward when Cage leaned up over me and forced me to lay back as he covered my body with his.

“As much as I like seeing your little tongue licking my nipple, I want to taste first this time.” His voice was low and raspy.

I ran my hands through his hair as he lowered his mouth to my breast and pulled one of my n**ples into his mouth. With each pull from his mouth, I lost more and more conscious thought. I wanted more. The heat between my legs was becoming uncomfortable. I rubbed my legs together needing relief. Cage ran a hand down my stomach and slipped his fingers inside the top of my shorts. He slid his fingers back and forth only causing my need to grow hotter. I was so close to pleading with him to do more. He stopped playing with my shorts and his hand moved away. My small cry of frustration only made him smile.

He moved his weight to one side then his hand was on my knee, opening one of my legs as his hand eased its way up the sensitive skin of my thigh until his thumb touched the edge of my panties. I could hear my own panting breaths as I waited for something.

When he ran a finger along the lace around my leg, I broke down. “Please,” I begged. His head lifted and his eyes met mine. I stared into his heavily lidded blue eyes as his finger slipped underneath the lace and slid along the wet heat of my folds.

“Ohgod,” I gasped, closing my eyes as the ecstasy from his touch controlled me. Cage’s warm breath tickled my bare stomach as his finger slid easily inside me. I was on the edge of bursting into a million pieces. The need to beg him was still there.

He moved up my body kissing each nipple and licking a trail between my cl**vage before moving back up my neck. His finger stayed firmly inside me. Just barely.

“I’m about to pump this tight little hole with my finger,” he said in a ragged voice. Each hot breath against my ear gave me chills.

“Okay,” I choked out.

His finger slowly eased out and back in and I thought I was going to die from pleasure.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he asked, pressing a kiss beside my ear.

“Mmmmhmmm,” I managed to moan.

He ran the tip of his nose against the side of my face. “You’re so wet. So hot,” he murmured into my hair.

I liked him talking to me while he touched me. Hearing the effect it was having on him in his voice only made everything better.

“Cage,” I whimpered as he started pumping in and out faster.

“Yeah, sweetheart?” he asked while kissing back down my neck.

“I want you to take off your jeans,” I managed to croak out.

His hand stopped moving and he lifted his head and looked at me. “Why?”

“I want to feel more of you against me,” I whispered.

Cage dropped his head and took a deep breath. He didn’t move for several seconds. Finally, he looked back up at me with a tortured look on his face. “I need to leave on my underwear. I can’t… I need there to be a barrier.”

I nodded in agreement. When he slipped his hand out of my panties I wanted to protest. But I’d been the one to ask him to strip. He couldn’t exactly do that with one finger inside me.

He stood up and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. He was either teasing me or giving me time to change my mind. Once he had them undone his gaze locked with mine and I smiled. Then Cage York slipped his jeans off his h*ps and let them fall to the floor where he stepped out of them. The white boxer briefs he was wearing didn’t leave a lot to the imagination.

I watched his beautiful body as he crawled back over me and I let my legs fall open so that his hardness would press directly on the source of my heat.

The second he shifted on top of me I cried out.

“Fuck, Eva.” He took a shaky breath and held himself still over me. I didn’t want him still. Lifting my h*ps I rubbed against him and his arms trembled.

“I don’t want to lose control with you Eva.” His voice sounded desperate.

“It’s okay,” I ran my hands through his hair and lifted my h*ps again. We still had too many layers of fabric between us. I wanted my shorts off.

“I want inside you. S’ not okay,” he replied through gritted teeth.

I moved my hands down to my shorts and started pushing them down. Cage groaned loudly as I shimmied my shorts down until they were at my ankles and I could kick them off. Now we only had the lace of my panties and his underwear between us.

“Kiss me,” I said, lifting my head to meet his lips. The hunger in his kiss was exciting. Small growls escaped him as he explored my mouth like a man starving.

Slowly he lowered himself down until we were pressed so tightly together that all I had to do was rock my h*ps to get some friction.

Cage tore his mouth off mine just before he began rocking his h*ps against me. That was so much better.

“Yes, please,” I encouraged him.

His arms bulged on each side of me as he held himself up so he could look down at me. I ran my hands up his chest and found the barbell I loved so much.

“AH,” he cried out as I gently tugged on it. His obvious pleasure made mine increase. I lifted my h*ps in tune with him and he let out a low groan closing his eyes tighter.

“I want inside Eva. I want inside so damn bad.”

The desperation in his face and the need in his voice sent me over the edge. My world combusted and I cried out as everything inside me ignited into flames.