Up In Flames (Page 27)

Up In Flames(27)
Author: Nicole Williams

Disappointed, I turned and threw myself up on top of the bunk. It was a safer bet than climbing a couple rungs up the ladder on the side.

Cole chuckled. “That was graceful.”

“At least I made it,” I replied, getting comfortable. Cole’s sheets smelled like him. Usually his scent made me sigh; right now though, it served as more of an aphrodisiac.

I heard the telltale sound of a zipper lowering and turned over onto my side to watch. Cole was stepping out of his shorts and tugging off his shirt. My throat went dry. When I was sure he was about to dig through the dresser behind him for a pair of pajama bottoms or something, he went to the end of the bunk and started climbing up.

Okay, this was too much. There was no way I’d be able to sleep next to a nearly nak*d Cole while I was just as nearly nak*d and . . . sleep. Since sleep would be impossible, the only other way to share a bed with Cole tonight would have to work.

I wasn’t taking anymore nos from him. I wanted him, I’d chosen him. If what he said was true and he wanted me as much as I wanted him . . . things were about to get interesting.

I sat up on my knees and waited for Cole’s head to crest the top of the bunk. As soon as it did, his gaze dropped on me with a bit of confusion. Likely stemming from what I was doing sitting up in his bed, playing with the hem of my camisole. The confusion faded the second I started pulling it over my head.

“Elle . . .” he warned.

I smiled at him before tossing the cami at his face. “Cole.”

Grabbing my cami before it fell on the bed, Cole’s eyes widened. With his eyes on them, my n**ples hardened even more. They got so hard they ached. “I want you, Cole,” I said.

His forehead creased as his breath came in shallow gasps. “I want you, Elle, but I can’t . . .”

My fingers slid under the hem of my panties and I tugged them down to my knees. I skimmed my thumb over the part of me that throbbed and made a low moan.

Cole groaned. “Fuck,” he breathed, clamping his eyes shut, but it only lasted a moment before they opened again. He could fight it, I’d tried to as well, but neither of us would win.

What we were about to do had been inevitable from the first smile we’d shared that day at the swimming hole. It was inescapable.

“I want you, Cole,” I repeated, rubbing my thumb over myself again.

“Elle . . .” He sounded as undecided as his expression read.

“I want you to be my first, Cole,” I said, lying back on his mattress. I adjusted my knees out from beneath me, slid my panties the rest of the way off, and spread my knees until I could see his anguished face staring at me. I spread them farther apart before dropping my knees to the side. My body was so turned on and ready for him, I could feel my wetness dampening the sheet beneath me. “I choose you, Cole. I. Choose. You.”

He sucked a sudden breath through his teeth, and after a few moments, the tortured lines of his face faded. The only creases there now were of pure, primal desire.

“You don’t know how bad I’ve wanted to hear those words,” Cole said before climbing the rest of the way onto the bunk. My breathing was coming so hard I felt like I could have a heart attack and I guessed that the adrenaline did a heck of a job burning off the remaining alcohol in my system.

I was glad. I wanted to feel every last touch. Every last caress.

“Say it again,” he instructed as he crawled over me.

“I choose you, Cole. I want you,” I whispered as his face hovered above mine, along with the rest of his body.

He groaned when I repeated those words, almost like he was coming inside of me right now. “I want you, Elle,” he said, lowering his mouth to my ear. “And now that you’re mine, I’m going to take you.” His teeth sunk into my earlobe and he whispered, “I’m going to take all of you.”

I rolled my head back and arched my neck to him. His mouth moved there and as his tongue started gliding up it, my hands moved down him. My thumbs hooked under his boxers and I slid them down until everything I wanted freed was nestled hard into my stomach.

My fingers curled around his length and stroked all the way down him. His tongue stopped its journey and his mouth suctioned to my neck instead, sucking at the sensitive skin with the same degree of speed as my hand moving up and down him.

“I want you inside of me,” I said, guiding him closer. “I can’t wait any longer.”

I lifted my h*ps to meet him, and just as his tip slid against my wetness, he shoved away from me.

I sat up on my elbows and pleaded with my eyes. He kneeled between my legs, breathing heavily. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re a virgin, Elle,” he said, wincing when he looked at the space between my legs. “This isn’t going to be a pleasurable experience for you and I don’t want to cause you any pain.”

“You don’t want me?” I guessed, trying not to sound as insecure as I felt.

Cole shot me a look. “I want to f**k you so bad I’m about to come just thinking about my c*ck being inside of you.”

Heat raged through me as yet another surge of wetness trailed down my legs. “God, Cole,” I breathed, touching myself if he wasn’t going to do it. “Do me. Please.”

He licked his lips as he watched me touch myself. “Shit,” he breathed before dropping his hand to where my finger continued to play with myself. His finger tangled with mine as it lazily stroked all around.

I sighed his name and flexed my h*ps into his hand.

“I don’t want to come that way,” I said, gently pushing his hand away. “I want to come with you deep inside of me.”

Cole’s hand lowered and I felt his finger circling my opening. His brows came together. “You’re so damn wet,” he said, and then his finger slipped inside of me.

I inhaled sharply as he slid it in deeper. “You really are a virgin,” he said, his whole face creasing. “You’re so tight, Elle. I don’t think I can get a second finger inside of you, let alone my cock.”

Hearing him talk about it made me think about it. I moaned and relaxed around him. Another finger slid inside.

“Yes, Elle,” he said as I started rocking up and down against his fingers. “Hell, yes, baby.”

He was right, I felt a little bit of pain, but it was next to nothing compared to the pleasure of feeling his fingers touching places deep inside of me.

“I want to feel you, Cole,” I said, sliding far enough back that his fingers slid out. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

He growled roughly when I said that. “I’m going to give it to you so damn good, Elle,” he said, lowering himself over me again. “I’m going to make you come so hard you won’t be able to stop screaming my name.”

“Sounds like one heck of a first time,” I said, smiling up at his face hovering a few inches above mine.

His hand slid under the mattress, fumbling around before pulling out a square plastic package. I arched a brow as he tore it open.

“I like to live on every dangerous side except when it comes to birth control,” he said, rolling the condom into place.

“Cole Carson,” I said, as he moved into place between my legs. “Responsible condom user. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier.”

He smirked down at me before kissing me softly, like he was tasting the flavor of my mouth. “I’m going to try really hard not to hurt you. I’m going to do my best not to screw you the way I’ve been jacking off to lately. Okay?” I felt the tip of him press against me. My head tilted back; it felt so good. “You just let me know if I’m hurting you and I’ll ease off.”

I flinched my h*ps against him. “I don’t want it easy, Cole,” I said, wrapping my arms and legs around him. “I want it hard.”

Cole groaned and then his h*ps rocked into mine. He stretched me wide as he slowly slid inside.

I whimpered and dug my nails into his back.

“Does it hurt?” Cole’s voice was low and his h*ps stopped pushing into me immediately.

“No,” I breathed. “It feels so damn good.” Since he wasn’t moving fast enough, I slid my hands down to his backside.

Grabbing hold of his butt, I pressed him hard against me. He slid the rest of the way inside me.

I cried out in pain. In pleasure. In pure ecstasy. Cole was buried all the way inside me now; he could go no deeper. He’d been my first and, with any luck, he would be my last.

I felt myself stretch and relax around him, wishing there was more of him I could take deeper inside of me. I couldn’t get enough and my release was so close.

Cole was breathing as hard as I’d heard him yet. I could feel him swelling inside of me.

“Make me come, Cole,” I breathed, wanting him to move inside me like his fingers just had.

“A moment,” he panted just outside my ear. “I’m trying to keep myself from coming right now. I want this to be perfect for you. I want to feel you come around me before I do.”

“I’m so close to coming right now,” I said, sinking my teeth into his shoulder. He groaned loudly. “If you move inside me for just a few seconds, you’re going to get your wish.”

“Shit, you talk dirty in bed, Elle,” he said, sliding out of me to the point I moaned in protest.

“Again,” I begged, pressing my h*ps into him. Trying to take him back inside. “Harder.”

Cole growled and then thrust hard and deep inside.

“Yes!” I cried, digging hard into his backside, encouraging him in his pace. “Oh, my God,” I breathed.

Cole started moving fast and hard then and he looked as capable of holding back as I was. “You’re so tight,” Cole breathed before ramming back inside of me. “It feels so f**king good.”

I felt the spiraling out of control feeling fast approaching. “I’m yours, Cole . . . take me.” All I could do was hold on as he rocketed harder inside of me. The whole bed shook and I could feel my orgasm about to roll through me.

“Say it again,” he ordered, pulling out of me.

I winced from the separation. “I’m yours,” I repeated, lifting my h*ps higher, wanting him so badly I could feel myself pulsing with desire. “Take me.”

Cole’s eyes blazed down into mine. “You are mine,” he said slowly, right before he thrust deep inside of me again.

“Oh, yes, oh yes, oh my God,” I panted as Cole recommenced his rhythm.

“You,” he growled, ramming deep inside. “Are,” he breathed, sliding back. “Mine,” he moaned, thrusting so deep inside of me it sent me over the edge. My entire body pulsed around him as I screamed his name so many times it became a prayer on my lips.

Cole came a second after me and pumped inside me so fast I almost came a second time. His body fell down on me and relaxed, except his cock, which stayed hard and deep inside of me.

“You are mine now,” he breathed outside my ear. “Mine forever.”

THERE WAS NOTHING quite like waking up to a tangle of sheets that smelt like Cole while his fingers tickled down my spine.