Until Fountain Bridge (Page 15)

Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street #1.5)(15)
Author: Samantha Young

When I’d returned home to give everyone the optimistic news, Adam had surprised me by kissing me right there in front of my parents. I was even more surprised to discover they weren’t the least bit surprised. Afterward we’d all gone next door to the pub to gather our thoughts and try to unwind from what had been the most horrendous twenty fours I’d ever remembered experiencing. I sat in the pub with Adam on one side and Hannah curled into me on the other, and, despite everything, I felt incredibly lucky as I gazed around at my friends and family.

Mum and Clark eventually took Hannah and Dec home, Braden reluctantly left to give Joss some space and Joss disappeared into her room to give me and Adam some space. We ordered take away, which I ravenously ate since I hadn’t eaten anything for what felt like forever, and hung out on my bed. We talked for a little while, but there was so much to talk about it and I was too exhausted to give us the focus we needed. It seemed Adam was too because he disappeared with our leftovers and returned only to cuddle up to me in the bed and reach out to switch off the light.

Now I was awake with soft morning sun pouring in through my curtains, I was feeling strong and ready to take on anything, and Adam Sutherland was spooning me.

It was kind of beautiful.

I felt his hair tickle my neck as he moved and his arm tightened across my waist. “You awake, baby?” he murmured, sleep making his voice extra sexy.

My grin got bigger. “Yeah.” I lightly caressed his forearm. “You know in all the years I’ve known you I’ve never slept near you. You make noises.”

I felt his chest move behind me in laughter. “Noises?”

Twisting now, so I could look into his eyes, I grinned up into his face as he leaned over me. “You make ‘mmm’ noises.”

Adam grinned back at me. “What are ‘mmm’ noises?”

“You know ‘mmm’ noises. ‘Mmm’… when something tastes or sounds good.”

He grimaced. “Like ‘yum’ noises?”

“Exactly but you know, ‘mmm’…”

“I think I just took a hit to my masculinity.”

I burst out laughing and turned around so we were face to face, my hands reaching up to stroke his jaw. “Don’t worry. I liked it. I just imagined the ‘mmm’s’ were for me.”

Wrapping his arms tighter around me and pulling my leg over his hip so we were crushed together, Adam’s eyes grew drowsy and heated as he stared at my mouth. “They were for you.”

“How could they be for me if you didn’t even know you make them?”

“Because I dream about you,” he answered instantly and I stilled in surprise. He felt it and gave me a squeeze. “I’ve been having these dreams about you for a few years now.”

“What am I doing in them?” I asked somewhat breathlessly. There was a rising tide of warmth in my chest, and an even hotter heat tingling between my legs at his confession.

His hand slid down my waist to caress my bum and then he pulled my lower body against his and I could feel his morning erection pressing against me. I felt my n**ples tighten in reaction, and drew in a shuddery breath. “Sometimes we’re making love, other times we’re f**king.”

I lifted my eyes to his, my smile dimming. “I don’t like that word.”

His mouth twitched. “You think it’s unromantic.”

He knew me too well. I shrugged unsurely.

“Els, wanting to f**k you doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

Needing more clarification, I slid my hands down from his face and settled them lightly on his chest. “What does it mean?”

His voice was hoarse now, “When I want to f**k you it means I’m in the mood for rough and hard.”

To my utter shock his words were turning me on. I squirmed a little against him and felt my cheeks flush. “I don’t think I’ve ever been…” I still wasn’t sure if I could say the word.

I’d admonished Joss so many times for using it because it was so tawdry sounding but when Adam put it like that… “Say it,” he whispered across my mouth. “I want to hear it from your sweet mouth, baby.”

I gulped and bravely met his eyes. “I’ve… I’ve never been f**ked,” I whispered.

If it was possible he grew even harder against me and when his hand slipped between our bodies and under my pants, his fingers thrusting gently but easily into me, Adam groaned.

“Baby…” he leaned into me, his mouth brushing mine, his tongue just touching the tip of mine. “I think you like the thought of me f**king you.”

In response I kissed him. It was a deep kiss, one I meant to encourage the whole “f-word”

thing but instead it turned soulful and desperate.

Adam rolled me onto my back, pressing my legs apart so he could settle between them, and when he broke our kiss it was to look into my eyes with such adoration I couldn’t breathe. “I’m not going to f**k you this morning, baby. This morning I’m going to make love to you. We’ll leave the rest until you’re recovered and at full strength.” His eyes darkened with promise. “You’re going to need it.”

I grinned up at him, suddenly realizing that Adam was here, in my arms, talking about our future together. It was a thirteen year old dream come true. “You have no idea how much I love you.”

He nodded slowly, pushing my dress up my body. “As much as I love you.”

It was the first time he’d said it at a time I could allow myself to feel it. Those three words poured out of him and pooled into my chest and as I raised my dress over my head, lying almost nak*d for his perusal I smiled shyly up at him. “You know, I don’t mind what we do this morning. You can do whatever you want to me.”

To my surprise this caused Adam to groan and he dropped his head on my shoulder.


He turned his cheek and pressed a kiss to my bare skin, his hands coasting up my ribs to cup my br**sts. I arched into his touch with a sigh as he replied, “How did I get so lucky? Smart, funny, sweet, beautiful, passionate and she tells me I can do anything I want to her.”

He chuckled now. “There has to be a catch.” I blushed deeply and Adam raised his head to witness it, laughing. “Fuck, I forgot modest.”

“Stop it.” I pushed playfully at his shoulders but really I needed him to stop or I was going to start crying.

He laughed again, the rumbling against my chest doing happy things to me down south.

Giving my shoulder another quick kiss, Adam sat up, straddling me as he pulled off his t- shirt. I drank my fill, biting my lip as my eyes took him in. I’d forgotten how beautiful he was—broad shoulders and lean muscles. Abs to die for.

His eyes never left me as his hands went to the buckle on his belt. I shivered with anticipation as he undid it and drew his jean’s zip down. “This morning I’m making love to you because our first time should be about that. Plus, no matter how great you’re feeling, and I can tell you’re feeling a lot better, your body must still be exhausted. We’re taking it nice and slow.” He pushed down his jeans and underwear and my breathing stuttered as his erection sprang free, jutting up and out, hard and throbbing. Now I knew why the bugger was so confident. He was walking around with that in his trousers.

“You’re making ‘mmm’ noises,” Adam told me with laughter in his voice as he turned to shimmy his jeans clean off.

“I am not!” I protested, blushing again, and realizing I’d been so lost in staring at him that there was a great possibility I had been making ‘mmm’ noises.

“You were. It’s f**king adorable.” He turned back to me only to reach for my underwear.

I tilted my h*ps to help him ease them down my legs, and as he did he stopped every now and then to kiss my bare skin. When the underwear was off, he pushed my left knee up and I watched him with growing heat coiling in the pit of my stomach as he trailed kisses up my calf, across my knee, and along my inner thigh. “Your legs go on forever,” he whispered, his eyes lifting to meet mine. “I can’t wait to have them wrapped around me while I’m inside you.”

“Adam,” I breathed completely at his mercy.

I repeated his name on an even breathier breath when his head descended between my legs and his tongue licked gently at my clit. He worked me with his mouth, kissing and licking and sucking until I came fast and hard against him.

I was still crying out to God as Adam kissed his way up my stomach and then stopped to draw my nipple into his hot mouth. He played with me a while, all the time murmuring compliments and love words, until eventually I was wound so tight I begged him to come inside me.

At the pressure of him between my legs I tensed and feeling it Adam threaded his fingers through mine and held my hands down on the bed while he stared into my eyes, anchoring me to him in every way he could. His lips parted on exhalation as he pushed inside me and sank deep. I gasped and lifted my h*ps in instinct causing a delicious frisson of pleasure through us both. Adam’s eyes grew lidded as he studied me, his expression tender. “I love you, Ellie Carmichael,” he whispered, his words heavy with sincerity.

I nodded and moved my h*ps again, panting slightly as I replied, “I love you, Adam.”

His grip on my hands became almost painful and he slid out of me nearly entirely before gliding back inside. I undulated against him, and we caught a wave, a slow rhythm that built and built until I was desperate for the finale. My legs were wrapped around him now, my thighs squeezing him tighter, begging for more.

“Adam,” I cried out, pushing against his hands, wanting to touch him, wanting to grasp him against me. “Harder, please.”

He growled low in his throat and he pulled out only to slam back into me. I started murmuring nonsense, mostly saying the word “yes” over and over again as he continued to slam into me.

“Come for me, Els,” he demanded, his eyes on my face. “Come for me, baby.”

And like I’d been prone to doing for years, I gave him what he wanted. The rhythm hit its crescendo and I broke apart on a scream as Adam pressed his cheek to mine and tensed. I floated up around in post-orgasmic space and he shuddered hard against me as he came.

We were both panting heavily, both clammy with sweat, and I imagined we were both a little jellified. I grinned at the ceiling. That was what happened when you had the most amazing sex of your life. “Wow,” I whispered, sliding my arms around his back now that he’d let my hands go.

Adam lifted his cheek from mine, his features relaxed with satisfaction. His dark eyes, however, were glittering intensely. “Wow doesn’t even cover it,” he replied. “Been waiting my whole life for that.”

I bit my lip because that was so nice I wanted to cry.

Sensing that, he smiled and gave me a soft kiss. When he pulled back he frowned. “That was a bit of both.”

“What?” I frowned back at him in confusion.

“I started out making love to you but it’s your fault I ended up f**king you.”