Two Kingdoms (Page 35)

“It’s not important,” he answers as it vanishes from his arm like it was never there.

I blink a few times.

“Maybe you should repay the favor and share everything you’ve learned now,” I point out with a frown.

“I don’t fully understand the rules down here. I don’t feel any pain from them, so the bond isn’t strained, even with the deceptive time difference,” he adds mildly as he glances toward the door.

Someone knocks and the door swings open. The second I see who it is, I’m off my chair and on my feet.

Lamar gives me a bored look as Chloe appears beside him. My eyes widen as Gage drags me in front of him and kisses my neck.

“By the way, I’m with the Apocalypse now,” Gage tells her as she drops to the ground and bows before me.

I don’t even get to say something

“I already filled her in,” Lamar says in a droll tone as he glances down at his nails. “You’ll have no farther issue.”

Well…that’s anticlimactic.

“I thought I was supposed to get to play cruel games and stuff,” I point out as Chloe crawls away as quickly as she can.

“You left me in an alley, and then I was sent off like an errand boy,” Lamar says like he’s pouting before he turns on his heel and walks off.

Before I can have any sort of comment, Gage’s lips are distracting me, because he’s kissing a trail down the side of my neck very gently.

“I suppose you can be my favorite now,” I say as my eyes flutter shut, and I lean back against him.

I expect some sort of witty retort or dry sarcasm. Instead, Gage gently slides his arms around my waist, his touch so surprisingly reverent.

“Why are you being so nice?” I warily decide to ask when he lifts me from the ground and starts carrying me toward the bed.

His lips gingerly brush my forehead like I’m suddenly a fragile little doll instead of the destructive weapon I am.

“The next time you take off to do something you just know you have to do, I want you to come find me and take me with you,” he murmurs as he places me on the bed and comes down on top of me.

Because I’m a bit easy when it comes to the four of them, I go phantom, turn naked underneath him, and slip my fingers through his hair as I pull him down for a kiss.

It’s weird to feel him smile against my lips, only because he so rarely smiles.

The smile disappears when he deepens the kiss, still taking his time, making this feel like it’s all at his leisure. Then he starts kissing down my body with an agonizingly slow pace.

Rough. Dirty. Devilish. That’s all the attention I’ve had from them thus far. Nothing ever as tender as this.

My heart flutters painfully in my chest when he kisses the inside of my palm so reverently, and then he slowly slides his lips back over to my hip. It almost feels like he’s worshiping my body right now, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this.

I mean, it has to be trap.

I forget how to think when he puts that mind-numbing mouth right where I really want it.

The moan that slips from my lips keeps time with the slow arch of my back. It apparently excites him, because he pretty much gets to work trying to shatter me as thoroughly as he can after that.

He holds me in place even as I try to get away from the powerful, too-intense sensations flooding through my body. He really is the mouth wizard, and I can’t even catch my breath from the first o****m before the second one is tearing through my body.

I cry out in borderline pain with that one, and he rips his mouth away, kissing a trail up my body as I stay a mushy pile of shudders.

My breaths come out in sharp, somewhat embarrassing pants, but I refuse to go phantom and lose all the lingering little sparks of wonderment I’m feeling right now.

I’m almost high on the air around us when he slides inside me so slowly, his lips dragging up my neck as he takes his time.

My eyes screw shut, because it all just feels too good. I don’t even realize my nails have bit into his skin until he hisses out a breath, sliding so close to me it almost feels like our questionably-existent souls touch.

He kisses me suddenly, and he groans into my mouth as he continues to take his time with me.

I’m not even sure about everything I’m feeling right now. All I know is that I love the way it feels…as though he’s somehow turned us into one entity for this brief moment as every touch between us gets magnified.

My breath is stolen as his grip tightens, his desperation subtly growing as he breaks the kiss and locks eyes with me. There’s almost confusion on his face mixed with frustration.

He roughly shoves a hand in my hair, holding me to him like I’m trying to get away, when I’m only trying to claw closer. I’m on fire from the inside out, and it all burns in the best possible way.

It isn’t until I see the mounting desperation in his eyes coupled with the steady intensity of his parted lips that my heart clicks into place. It’s like I just know what it is he wants to say but can’t…

“I love you too,” I whisper, almost surprising myself.

His lips crash to mine, and he collapses to me, hips slamming into me as my heart clicks one more time. The entire room shakes, and a resounding boom rushes through the air as all the lights flicker and go dark.

The hell candle wicks relight on their own as Gage stills against me. His head lifts, and our eyes stay calmly locked as the thudding of both our hearts grow louder.

His brow wrinkles, and he opens and closes his mouth a few times. When no words ever come out, he finally dips his head and kisses me again as his fingers lace with mine. He pushes our twined hands up above my head as he starts moving his hips again, already starting all over.

My heart is hurting and happy at the same time. I didn’t even understand how badly I needed at least one of them to love back.

Just as he breaks the kiss to speak, I talk over him. “It’s going to be hard to replace you as my favorite for a while,” I dutifully inform him.

His grin is swift, even as his eyes narrow like he’s agitated how big his smile is. The next kiss feels a little like punishment for making him happy.

He fortunately doesn’t notice the tear that slips down my cheek because of how good it feels to be loved back. I’m pretty sure that makes me sound too much less badass.

Chapter 16

“Why the hell is she glued to you? I’ve pulled her off you at least ten times,” I hear Kai saying from somewhere behind me as a hand lazily traces circles on my hip.

“I’m her current favorite. What did you expect?” I hear Gage drawl.

I’m not sure why I smile. Actually, I know exactly why I smile. Somebody looooooooves me!

I snuggle against Gage’s side a little more and breathe him in.

“What the hell did you tell her to make you that much of her favorite?” Ezekiel asks like he’s sulking.

Awwww. Are they fighting over me?

I’m not sure how I feel about Hell’s Black Heart making them suddenly appreciate me. If they feel gratitude, they’re enjoying the wrong Paca. I’ll cut them if it’s not this new and less-improved version of me they’re suddenly adoring.

“It’s clear he gave her some random first she really wanted. Stop being whiny dicks about it so I can get some f*****g sleep,” Jude groans from somewhere close by.

Soft lips brush my forehead, and I snuggle even closer to Gage. His arms go around me and hold me to him, and I release a content little sigh.

“Okay, now I’m really f*****g curious what’s suddenly going on here,” Jude says with fresh alertness.

“He loves me,” I murmur against Gage’s chest.

He huffs out a sound of annoyance as I just grin, but…it’s dead silent in the rest of the room.

I peek open an eyelid, wondering what calamity is about to befall us and steal my greatest moment of joy so far. Ezekiel is staring down at the ground, a small frown on his lips and a wrinkle on his brow like he’s confused.

I glance over my shoulder to see Jude’s eyebrow quirked like he’s genuinely baffled by the concept. Dick.

Kai is glaring at Gage like he’s a traitor, even as he tries to tug me away from the horseman who’s playing tug-of-war to keep me.

“Did you find out anything in the Black Heart about this thing we’re supposed to deal with or run from?” I ask them.

Kai glares at me like he’s annoyed I’m not budging from Gage’s side.

“Not even you’re pretty enough to be my favorite right now. Deal with it,” I say on a tired sigh.

He throws his hands in the air like I’m frustrating, and I feel Gage’s smile against the side of my head.

“We actually learned some about Jahl,” Jude says, eyes narrowing on me. “While you ran off to do something reckless.”

“She found out useful information,” Gage tells him with a dismissive tone.

It’s like all the air is sucked out of the room simply because Gage has disagreed with the reprimand in Jude’s tone.

Jude’s brow furrows like he’s agitated, and I kiss Gage’s chest while patting it. I’m not sure when I ended up in this soft, satin gown. But it’s purple, and purple is clearly my new color.

“This is new,” Kai says as his lips purse, not referring to my purple gown as he looks between Gage and me. “I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.”

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