Torn (Page 26)

Torn (Billionaire Bachelors Club #2)(26)
Author: Monica Murphy

“Really?” Marina asks incredulously.

“Really,” I say, kissing her temple. “They all know I did this for you.”

“How come I was kept in the dark?” She pouts.

“You did that by choice, by becoming a total recluse,” I tease, though it hurts me too. I hate that I made her feel so bad she could hardly drag herself out of bed.

She turns so she’s facing me once more. We promise Gina we’ll be out there in a few minutes just as she exits the kitchen.

“I am the luckiest woman in the world,” Marina sighs against my lips before she starts kissing me again.

Damn it. She keeps this up, and we’ll test out that new desk I had installed in the office. See if it’s as sturdy as it appears. I set her away from me instead. “Later. Right now, we need to go greet our guests.”

More mock pouting. Damn, her lips are luscious. Unable to resist, I drop a kiss on her forehead, her nose, lingering on those delicious lips. “Let’s go out there and tell them our good news. You can show off your ring.”

“Maybe I want to stay back here with you instead.” A wicked gleam lights her eyes. “If there weren’t so many people out there I’d suggest we reenact the first time we fooled around in the kitchen.”

Damn. This woman blows my mind constantly. “You’re out of control. Don’t you still have the video? We can watch it later.”

That wicked glow shines brighter. “I do still have it.”

I drop a kiss on her nose. “Maybe we should make another one sometime.” I can’t even believe I made the suggestion, but that’s how far gone I am for this woman. “Now come on, let’s go talk to your customers.”

“Gage.” She stops me before I start out to the café front, a frown on her face. “So does our engagement mean you lost the bet?”

I frown, realization dawning as soon as I hear the words. “You know about the bet?”

Slowly she nods, nibbling on her lower lip. “Ivy told me a while ago, one night when we were hanging out. She said I had a right to know.”

“And you’re not mad?” I remember how Ivy had reacted. Not a pretty sight.

“Of course not. I wish you would’ve told me about it sooner.” She loops her arms around my neck. “I would’ve helped you win.”

Damn. More confirmation of just how perfect she is for me.

Gently pushing her away, I take her hand and we exit the kitchen, immediately greeted by the wild applause and celebratory shouts from our neighbors and customers. I even recognize a few friends in the crowd, though I hadn’t noticed them before. The both of us step back, overwhelmed by the response, and she grins up at me, squeezing my hand.

My heart expands in my chest, filling up so much space, I’m almost afraid I can’t breathe.

But that’s okay. As long as I have Marina by my side, we can get through anything.