Spellbound (Page 19)

Author: Sylvia Day

“Max.” Her voice softened. But as she searched his face, her gaze narrowed and took on the calculating look of a clever feline.

To distract her and remind her of the command she had yet to obey, he waved a hand and stood before her naked, his clothes folded neatly on the sofa behind her. Sitting at eye level with his groin, Victoria licked her lips. She fought her need to obey for a moment, then conceded and reached for him, her slender hands circling his aching length.

Max’s hands slid to her throat, tilting her chin up so that their gazes met. “You’ll suck my c**k because it pleases me, not because you see it as a way to manage me.”

“Why can’t it be for both reasons?” she challenged.

“Ah, Victoria,” he crooned, his blood heating at a dangerous pace. With a focused thought, silken rope appeared and coiled sinuously around her wrists, binding them behind her back. “Let’s occupy that pretty mouth of yours with something else before you get spanked.”

“Max . . . ” She trembled with excitement, her ni**les hard beneath her blouse. As much as she liked control, she liked relinquishing it as well—to him. Him alone.

“On your knees,” he murmured, stroking himself from root to tip.

She slid from the chair and lowered gracefully to the floor, her balance honed by her feline side.

He fisted his cock, stroking a stream of pr**cum to the tip. “Lick it off, kitten. With that hot, rough little tongue of yours.”

Tilting her head back, she opened her mouth, moaning when he cupped the back of her head in one hand and slid his c**k into her with the other.

“Deep and slow,” he instructed.

Max watched her submit, a groan tearing from him at the feel of her. Her mouth flowed over him, surrounding the sensitive crown in a wash of wet heat. His head bowed forward, his gaze slitting as his eyelids became weighted with drugging desire. He touched her hair, running his fingers through the short cap of silky strands, trying to convey without words how much he treasured her.

Then she sucked, pulling him deeper, and his body stiffened as the pleasure threatened to destroy the reins of his control.

He groaned, his dick so hard it ached. “You suck me so good. There’s nothing in the world like f**king your greedy little mouth.”

Her wicked tongue fluttered across the underside of his c**k head and sweat broke out on his chest. She watched him with those tip-tilted green eyes, her love burning hotly, her awareness of her feminine power shining in the emerald depths. The tip of her tongue probed the hole at the head of his cock, lapping up the pr**cum that flowed in a steady stream.

“Gods, you’re beautiful . . . ” He shuddered as she nuzzled his balls with her cheek. They were already high and tight, heavy with se**n desperate to spurt down her working throat. She took a deep, drawing pull on the tender crest, milking him. She swallowed greedily, purring, eliciting another wash of creamy cum.

She hummed her delight at the taste of him, sucking faster, tonguing the thick crest.

His hands fisted; one at his side, the other in her hair. His abdomen laced tight, his body fighting the need to come too quickly. Her mouth was so plush and hot, her desire so ravenous. The erotic sounds filling the room spurred his lust, pushed him closer to the edge of reason.

“You’re killing me,” he said gruffly, his chest tight with love for her. “Not too fast. Make it last.”

She moaned around his c**k as if she worshipped it, releasing him to kiss the tip before tracing the thick veins along the length with her tongue. The brutal pleasure battered at what little control he had after going days without her. Dark magic writhed inside him, struggling against the emotions Victoria inspired. There was no room for love in black magic. And no room for black magic in Max’s bond with his beloved.

“Max,” she breathed. “Don’t hold back.”

Angling his cock, he traced her lips with the tip. “I’ll come for you,” he promised roughly. “When it’s time.”

She pouted and he smiled grimly, knowing she thought he was teasing her. The truth wasn’t as pretty, but similarly motivated by his concern for her. When he came, his magic would flow into her, become magnified by her Familiar gifts, and returned to him. She’d feel his turmoil then and understand where it came from.

She took him deep, her cheeks hollowing.


Her tongue fluttered against the sensitive underside, teasing him, tempting him with the promise of an explosive climax.

Cupping her cheeks to hold her still, Max rocked his hips, f**king her eager little mouth at his pace. Sliding in and out, he allowed the pleasure to build until he felt the first tingles of orgasm. Then he slowed, savoring the rush.

“Gods,” he growled, his legs weakened by the ferocious need to let go after days without her.

Victoria whimpered and sucked franticly, her tongue swirling. Her need to please him moved him, urged him to give her what she wanted. He released her and grasped for the desk, his hands curling around the edge.

She bobbed her head and took him to the back of her throat, again and again, her eyelids fluttering as she focused on finishing him. Her plush lips slid up and down his length, stroking him, coaxing cum into her working mouth. Sleepy-eyed, she stared up at him, her ni**les straining, begging for his touch.

He cupped her tits in his hands, squeezing them, his thumbs circling over the tight points. She shivered and moaned, the vibration reverberating through his tightly strung frame. Her pheromones permeated the air, the scent so carnal and tantalizing he couldn’t resist it.

With a gasp, he let go, coming. The first wrenching pulse jolted through him, molten heat racing down his spine before bursting from the tip of his cock. He growled as he spurted hotly, pumping se**n across her flickering tongue. Her throat hugged him, closing on a deep swallow as she drank him down. Spots swam before his eyes, his lungs seizing as the orgasm shattered him. His power exploded from his taut frame in a surge of heat.

The lights flickered wildly. With a pained cry, Victoria absorbed the magic into her, then released it in a power surge that snapped the rope at her wrists and exploded the lightbulb in her desk lamp. Darkness hissed through the room, coiling and slithering, then slamming into Max and rocking him back into the desk.

Victoria stumbled up and into him, catching him and holding on. Max buried his damp face in the crook of her neck and crushed her to him, shuddering as the power pulsed through him like a viciously pounding headache.

Her fingers dug into his back. “Max . . . What have you done?”