Silent Vows (Page 54)

Silent Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #2)(54)
Author: Catherine Bybee

She moved quicker, yet kept the same slow, evil eyes that watched everyone. Even Michael found himself questioning whether or not Grainna planned his demise. Although she promised him a deliverance of eternal life and power, he wasn’t stupid. She was driven by something larger than him, and she would think nothing of ending his life if she wanted to.

For now, she needed him. A virgin would do little good without him there to perform her ritual.

He kept his own plans hidden from her prying mind. His Druid powers were not without merit, and he was capable of keeping Grainna out of his head.

He had also studied some of her spells when she wasn’t watching and found ways to counter some of them, so as not to become her next victim.

He ventured closer to the MacCoinnich land than she deemed necessary. Nevertheless, his own plan kept his eyes to the massive Keep that housed the family and the remaining stones.

Power, no matter how excessive, meant little to him if he remained trapped in this century. He wanted his life back where it belonged.

Even if he was given immortality, he wanted nothing to do with waiting for time to catch up with him. He would search out the stones, study the family who owned them, and find a way to steal them all.

Above him, a hawk soared with outstretched wings spanning some five feet. Michael closed his eyes and lifted his thoughts above, calling out to the bird. Its cry pierced the silence when Michael willed the bird to fly toward the Keep, and screamed in protest when his eyes looked through those of the hawk.

Transfixed, Michael saw the earth below as if he actually rode on the back of the bird. The rush of air from the flight caught his breath. Small animals scurried beneath him, the hawk wanted desperately to clench its claws into his prey, for it had been one full day since it had been able to catch and kill its dinner, but Michael overpowered the animal’s mind and kept it flying forward.

The bird circled the Keep once it reached its destination. He rested on the peak of a turret, and scanned the people below.

Several knights in armor stood guard, watching from the towers of the Keep. Below, the courtyard was filled with men training for battle. The bird moved closer until Michael could see the faces. He recognized some of the family and the man from the future. His hair was longer and his clothes had changed, but the same determination and fight was apparent in his movements and stance.

The hawk cried out, but no one noticed. No one but the young boy Simon, who eyed the bird for a brief moment then returned his gaze to the field of men. Michael counted them, and made note of the entrance to the yard. He made the bird take flight and reached the tallest peak, there he saw where the stables were and the path that led to the village beyond.

Pleased with his reconnaissance, he released the bird and opened his eyes. Briefly, his irises took on the shape of the hawk. He closed them and shook his head. Opened again, they were only his, bright, blue and completely human.

He turned his horse around and started back.

The rain started to let up and the repairs of many of the village homes were underway. The women gathered in Lizzy’s room and this time Lora joined them.

“Who should we try first?” Amber rubbed her hands together in excitement.

“Not Duncan, our connection is too strong and with you here Lora, Ian might sense what’s happening.” Tara settled into a chair placed inside the circle for her comfort. The others would sit on the floor.

Liz held the book in one hand and jotted down a few notes in the other. “I think this will work.” She closed the book and tossed it on the bed. Unlike the other women in the room, Liz was wearing her jeans and a sweater, which she had taken to doing whenever they were alone. “Is everyone ready?”

Amber and Myra settled on the floor inside the circle of candles, each of them lit two. When it was Liz’s turn, she did so with ease.

“You’ve improved,” Tara told her.

“Thanks. Okay, let’s see.” Liz sprinkled the dry lavender around all of them. “It’s time we peek and use our sight, and look within the other’s plight. Use our circle to hide our task, keep us silent, is all we ask. If the Ancients will it so, let us look so we will know.” Liz took a seat next to the others and grasped the hands of those at her side.

“So who do we pick?”

“Cian. He has a strong sense of sight. If we can get in his head without him knowing it, then we can try Duncan or Ian.”

A low rumbling of energy rolled over Myra and settled into her bones. The familiar power sparked where her fingers met those of Amber and Tara.

The picture of Cian slowly merged into one they all saw. “Try not to think of past memories, just envision him. Good. Help us look through his eyes.”

Lizzy’s words focused all of them. A quiet settled around the room. Only their breathing could be heard.

Their vision changed from a picture of Cian, to the lush green of the countryside. He was on the back of a horse riding alongside Simon who was talking and pointing.

“Can anyone hear what is being said?” Myra asked.


Myra heard her mother gasp and opened her eyes. “You are all levitating,” Lora said with surprise in her voice.

“It’s okay. We come down when were finished,”

Lizzy offered in explanation. “Concentrate.”

The village emerged into view and Cian sped up his horse. He peered over to Simon and said something Myra couldn’t hear.

Simon kicked his mount into a full run, darting past him. Cian’s head came back, as if in laughter before leaning over his horse and urging him faster.

They raced over the land. Simon bent deeper into his horse when they came upon a fallen log. The horse jumped over it with ease. Simon glanced behind him as Cian matched his speed to catch up.

Neck and neck they drove their horses to the edge of the village, but Simon bested Cian by a small margin.

The boys smiled at the thrill of a good ride, and the horses pranced around anxious to take off again.

Cian leaned forward and patted Simon’s shoulder.

Myra felt Tara squeeze her hand before she opened her eyes and broke off the connection with Cian.

“I’m goanna kill him.” Lizzy shook her head.

“I’ve told him over and over not to run the horses.”

“But he did so with such skill,” Amber came to his defense.

“Did you see him jump?” Tara asked with pride in her voice.

Myra nodded and smiled. “That was great.”

Lora came to her feet, and stared at the still elevated sisters. “How do you get down?”