Silent Vows (Page 51)

Silent Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #2)(51)
Author: Catherine Bybee

“God, I’ve missed you.” His mouth took possession where his hand had been. Her body arched up while her fingers dug into his back.

“Oh, Todd.” She let the sensation of his mouth, teeth and tongue travel through her body sending shockwaves of indescribable pleasure over her. Her body clenched, heated, and wanted more than ever.

Her hands dove to his erection, curled around it and stroked its length. He all but collapsed on top of her at the pleasure she gave. Her hips thrusting with every stroke of her palm against his hard length brought her name from his lips. When she felt the moisture bead at the crown, she smiled under his kiss, knowing how much she pleased him.

Through slit lids, she enjoyed watching as she drove him mad. She chuckled to herself at the power she held and pushed him over so she could look down on him. His eyes opened and watched her as she stroked him. As his body shuddered, she held back, waited then touched him again. He pulled her down in another searing kiss, more desperate than the last.

“I’m going to explode if you continue that,” he warned. She released her hold and let her thigh brush against his. He tried to roll her beneath him, but she wouldn’t give him that view.

“Not this time,” she whispered.

She pushed him on his back and laughed at his shock. Pinning his shoulders down, her lips found his. His muscular chest rippled beneath her hands fanning out over him.

She straddled his hips and slid close, teasing him mercilessly.

Fingers stroked up her thighs and wedged between them. When he slid one finger into her moist heat, her body bucked as he passed over the tight bundle of nerves screaming to be fulfilled.

Teasing him bordered on pain for her, until finally he grabbed her hips, positioned himself, and pushed into her.

Her orgasm, instant, fierce and completely unexpected, forced a moan from her as she shuddered with her pleasure.

He almost lost it when her body clenched around him, but he stilled, forcing control over his movements until he felt her relax. Somewhere in the far reaches of his mind, Todd knew they would be found out, but he didn’t care. Couldn’t consider anything but the woman riding out her pleasure over him. Her long hair cascaded around them, billowing like a sheet of privacy, and enclosed them in a world where only the two of them existed.

Rolling limb over limb until she settled under his weight, he had her where he wanted. Her passion spent for the moment, but he knew he could draw more from her. He demanded she take more.

Slowing their frantic pace and filling her body completely, Todd’s lips joined hers, encouraging her and pleasing him when her body started to respond.

Her fingers raked into his flesh. Need built. His thrusts became more urgent and fast, until her gripping orgasm pushed him over the edge. “Myra,”

he wailed when they crashed into the blinding light.

Panting, as if they had just run the final lap in a twenty-six mile marathon, they collapsed. She murmured his name as the tremors faded to pleasant twinges.

Myra flung her hands to the side, bringing one staggered breath in after the other.

“I’m crushing you.”

“Aye,” she said, laughing. “I would not have it any other way.”

He rolled off, but kept her close. “You’re wicked, you know that.”

“If I am wicked, then how is it what we just did felt so good?”

He smiled, kissed the tip of her nose. “So very good,” he agreed.

“I’ve missed you, Todd Blakely…and missed this.”

He nodded toward the door. “I can’t believe that door hasn’t come crashing down.”

“No one can hear us.”

“Oh, honey, you are not quiet.” He laughed.

She poked a finger at his chest. “Neither are you. But Lizzy and I found a way around that.”

“What do you mean?”

“See the cord hanging on the door?”


She leaned down, traced his nipple with her tongue. “It keeps all sound inside this room, here, where it belongs.”

He bit back a groan when her head moved lower, over his stomach. “Really?” His body was already responding to her touch.

She watched him fall back on the pillows, and abandon all thoughts. “Let’s test it.” She moved lower, his cry grew louder than hers had ever been when she took him into her mouth.

The hours they slept could be counted on one hand, but Todd couldn’t remember feeling so alive. No one was the wiser to his and Myra’s actions.

Todd quietly filled his plate with a generous portion of food. Next to him, Fin equaled his platter with that of Todd’s.

Myra and Liz arrived at the table together, speaking in hushed whispers. Todd stood and pulled out chairs for Myra and Lizzy, when they started to sit. “Good morning, ladies.”

“Good morning,” Myra called out, sneaking a glance at Todd from beneath her long, dark lashes.

“I trust you slept well?” Ian asked.

“Aye, like a baby.”

“Best night’s sleep since I got here,” Liz added.

“It was very quiet last night, don’t you think?” she asked to no one in general. She jumped as if someone had kicked her under the table.

Todd attempted to look around the room to avoid staring at Myra.

Ian’s eyes narrowed but Todd didn’t respond.

“So, when are you going into town?” Ian asked Fin.

Fin smiled over at Todd. All Todd could manage was a shrug.

“Well…” Fin sneered. “Later today, I guess.”

“Yeah,” Todd added. “Fin, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if Simon and Cian accompanied us.

They could help with the repairs, and we can get back faster.”

Fin stared at Todd, eyes narrowed. “If that is what you want.”

Myra smiled, lifted a sausage on her fork and carefully put it in her mouth. “Good sausage.”

Todd licked his lips and attempted to keep from choking. Fin’s eyes grew wide.

Ian, at the far end of the table, set his jaw in a firm line of disapproval. ****

The glass whipped past Michael’s head, so close in fact, if he hadn’t ducked, it would have impaled shards of glass all over him.

He heard Grainna ranting from outside the walls. Her tantrums became more and more frequent, leading him to question her sanity more than he already did.

He watched now as she paced the darkened room. The stench of blood coated every corner, every surface. No one was allowed in here except he and Grainna. The sight that was there would have sent the most seasoned warrior away clutching his stomach.