Seducing The Wolf (Chapter One)

Billie York grumbled under her breath as she made her way up to the Wulf's Den front entrance. It was almost three in the morning. She had been in a deep sleep when her sister-in-law, Janice, had called asking Billie to find her husband, Billie's brother, and haul his ass home. Knowing she was the only one who could do it, Billie assured Janice she would have Hayes home soon.

Now here she was standing out in front of a night club just before closing time, cursing her brother's existence. Every time he had a fight with his wife, Hayes went to some bar and got stinking drunk. And it was always Billie who had to get his drunken ass home since she was the only one who could find him. Hayes tried to hide from her by going to bars and nightclubs he didn't usually frequent, but it never mattered. Billie had a gift, one that only her family knew about – she could find anyone she knew, no matter how brief their acquaintance. She didn't even need to know their name, just what they looked like. She could bring the image of the person's face up in her mind and be able to see exactly where that person was at that exact moment. She'd been able to do it with ease since she was very young. At first she had thought everyone could do it. She soon learned differently once she started going to school and her friends had laughed at her when she had told them what she could do. Now, it was something the family kept to themselves.

Since it was almost closing time, there wasn't a line-up of people waiting to get into Wulf's Den. Billie nodded her head at the large baldheaded bouncer at the door before she stepped inside. He waved her through as he eyed the sweat pants and sweat top she wore. Billie knew she wasn't dressed for a nightclub, but at the moment she pretty much didn't give a damn. She would only be there long enough to collect Hayes and then she was going to go back to bed.

It took her eyes a few minutes to adjust to the dimness inside the club. Once she could see, Billie quickly scanned the room for her brother. He wasn't hard to find. The club wasn't filled to capacity at this time of night. With her eyes focused on where Hayes sat at the bar talking to one of the waitresses, Billie stomped over to him.

Hayes didn't notice her at first as he continued to tell the waitress in a drunken slur how much he loved his wife even though she didn't understand him. Billie rolled her eyes in disgust. The waitress, who happened to look as if she'd stepped off one of the pages of a fashion magazine, gave Billie a small smile before leaving her alone with her brother.

It was then Hayes realized she was standing beside him. He scowled at her. "Shit, Billie, can't I ever get away from you?"

Billie crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Hayes. "No. Do you think I enjoy being dragged out of my bed to hunt you down? Believe me, I don't. I have other things I would much rather be doing than be my brother's keeper. Such as getting a full night's sleep for starters."

"Then why do it? It's not as if I asked you to find me." Hayes reached for his drink. Finding the glass empty, he scowled at it. "Empty. Where's that bartender?" Hayes looked down the length of the bar.

"I think you've had more than enough. Time for you to go home to your wife."

"One more drink for the road, then I promise to go home. I'm perfectly capable of finding my own way you know."

Billie snorted as Hayes just about fell off the barstool while he continued to look for the bartender. "I don't think so. Now give me your car keys so we can get the hell out of here."

"Just go home, Billie. I can manage on my own. How come you only bug me like this and not the others?" The others Hayes referred to were their three older brothers.

"The others don't get stupid drunk every time they take offense to something their wife says to them. Are you going to give me your keys, or do I have to take them from you?"

"Go away, Billie. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to have your baby sister drag you home as if you were a child?"

"Not my problem. Okay, we'll do it the hard way then."

Quickly taking hold of Hayes' wrist, Billie bent his arm back behind him and forced it up toward his shoulder blades. Hayes yelped and fell forward onto the bar. For good measure, Billie dug her thumb into the inside of his wrist, at the base of his palm, to keep him pinned in place. Hayes began to swear at her as she rifled through his pants' pockets looking for his car keys.

* * * *

Royce watched the scene taking place over at the bar. He was sitting in the back corner of the club far enough away that neither participant could see him. His lips twitched with amusement.

He had watched the woman enter the club and then head for the drunken mortal who sat at the bar. She hadn't looked at all thrilled to be here. Normally he ignored such goings on, but there was something about the woman that drew his eye. She was pretty in an understated way. Her long black hair fell around her shoulders to the middle of her back. He really couldn't tell what kind of figure she had because of the loose fitting sweats she wore. He had the feeling she wasn't the type of woman who cared what other people thought of her looks anyway.

When the conversation seemed to get a little heated, Royce found himself on his feet heading toward them. Just as he reached them the woman pinned the man to the bar and started to search his pockets.

"Do you need any help?"

The woman turned to take a quick look at Royce and shook her head. "Thanks for the offer, but I can manage." With a sound of triumph, she pulled out a set of keys from the man's pocket.

Royce sucked in a sharp breath as he caught his first whiff of her scent. Taking another breath, he drew it deep inside his lungs until her scent was all he could smell. The wolf inside him threw back his head and howled with longing. Royce fought the urge to pull her into his arms, to claim her as his. Her scent said she was his mate, but it was her being a mortal that made him want to resist the mating urge that had risen up inside him. He had lost one mate who was mortal. He couldn't take a second mortal as a mate.

Oblivious to what Royce was going through, she released the man's arm and dangled the keys in front of his face. "Let's go."

Unable to stop himself, Royce moved nearer to the woman. She wasn't all that tall, the top of her head barely reached the middle of his chest, but there was a toughness about her that made up for her lack of stature. He took another deep breath, knowing her scent would be forever burned into his mind, never forgotten. When she took a step back and rammed into his chest, Royce bit back a moan of pleasure.

She quickly turned around and apologized. "Sorry about that." A look of interest spread across her face as she stared up at him.

* * * *

Billie knew she was staring, but she couldn't stop herself. The man standing in front of her was breathtaking to the max. Visions of wrapping herself around his well built body and kissing him until they both couldn't think straight flitted through her head as she looked into his hazel eyes. She usually didn't find herself instantly attracted to a man. Growing up in a houseful of males, she was much more comfortable around men than she was women so she tended to be treated like one of the guys. But she definitely didn't want this particular guy to think of her in that way. He was someone she wanted to get up close and personal with. He had perfect good looks with his square jaw, chiseled lips and straight nose. He wore his golden brown hair long so it fell just past his shoulders. Billie had the strongest urge to run her fingers through its length. And he was tall, which was something she liked in a man. He had to be no less than six foot six.

The silence seemed to stretch between them. Billie could tell the interest she felt was not totally one sided. His gaze swept her body hungrily. Not wanting him to think Hayes was anything more than just her brother, Billie stuck out her hand. "I'm Billie York, and this drunken sot over here is my brother Hayes." Reluctantly, he took her hand. When his large hand closed over hers, Billie felt a jolt of awareness zip through her body.

"I'm Royce Larrsson. Billie is it?"

"It's short for Wilhelmina."

"Nice to meet you, Billie. If you have things under control, I'll leave you to get your brother home."

Not wanting to let him get away that quickly, Billie turned to look at Hayes. He had gotten off the bar stool and now stood none too steadily on his feet watching them. Hayes was a big man, just a few inches shorter than Royce in height and just as muscled. Billie was strong, but she knew if Hayes took a header while she was helping him to the car there would be nothing she could do to stop him from pulling her down with him.

"Actually, if you don't mind, could you help me get Hayes out to the car? You look as if you're strong enough to sling him over your shoulder if it comes to it."

That way she could keep Royce around her for a little while longer. She didn't want him to leave until she tested the waters a little bit more. She wasn't the type of girl to just sit back and let the man come to her. If she met a man she liked, and he didn't seem to be moving fast enough for her liking, Billie had no problem taking matters into her own hands to let him know what she wanted, literally and metaphorically speaking. Sometimes her forwardness paid off, and sometimes it didn't, but she was willing to take that chance with Royce. The longer he stood beside her the more her body stood up and took notice.

Hayes snorted. "I'm not being hauled to my car over anybody's shoulder. I'm perfectly capable of walking on my own thank you very much."

Billie held her breath as Royce looked from her to her brother. He seemed reluctant to agree at first. It wasn't until Hayes tried to walk by her and ended up pushing her into Royce did he give a slight nod of his head in agreement. His arms wrapped around her waist as he steadied her against his larger body. Billie felt all the air rush out of her lungs in a whoosh as her hands came to rest on his hard chest. She could feel every inch of his well muscled body pressed against her own. Like quicksilver, desire rushed through her, making her nipples pebble beneath her sweat top. But what really had her almost panting was the feel of Royce's fully aroused cock nestled against her stomach.

Feeling as if all the moisture had left her mouth, Billie swallowed and lifted her head to look up at Royce. For a split second she could have sworn his eyes were glowing, but then it was gone before her brain could fully register that it had actually happened.

Royce's nostrils flared slightly as he leaned into her and took a deep breath in before he quickly released her. "I'll help you with your brother, then I have to leave."

A scowl settled into place on Billie's face as she watched Royce take Hayes by the arm and walk away as he headed for the club's entrance. She had to wonder what that was all about. She knew Royce was attracted to her, the hard-on he sported was still slightly noticeable by the bulge in his pants. But now he was acting as if she had the plague and he couldn't get away from her fast enough.

Following Royce out to the parking lot, Billie directed him over to where Hayes' car was parked. She unlocked the passenger door and held it open as Royce shoved Hayes into the car. Billie quickly slammed the door shut on her brother. She ignored Hayes as he yelled at her to watch what she was doing.

Billie knew she had the element of surprise on her side. Before Royce could walk away, Billie slammed her body into his, backed him up against the side of the car and kept pushing until he was practically lying on the trunk. With her fingers threaded through Royce's hair, she pulled his mouth down to hers and kissed him for all she was worth.

"Not the car, Billie. I just had it washed," Hayes yelled through the closed window.

She waved Hayes' complaint away with a flick of her hand. Not that she was listening to him. She was totally focused on the task at hand. Royce had stiffened at first when her lips had come in contact with his, but now he seemed more agreeable. His arms came up and wrapped around her waist as he deepened the kiss. When he swept his tongue along the seam of her lips, Billie opened for him and sucked his tongue deep inside her mouth. She moaned as he swept the inside of her mouth, thoroughly tasting her. That small sound had Royce going stiff as a board beneath her.

Wrenching his mouth off of hers, Royce pushed her away. Not expecting it, Billie slid off his body and ended up having to make a grab for the car's trim to hold herself up or she would have ended up on her butt on the pavement.

Once again back on his feet, Royce held out his hand to keep her from coming any nearer. His breath sawed in and out of his lungs. "That was a mistake."

"I wouldn't go that far." Billie smiled at Royce. "I thought it was pretty good."

"I should never have done that."

Billie's smile slowly fell away. "Please don't tell me you're married." That would be all the luck. She finally found a man who appealed to her in every way, and to find out he was married would be a real kick in the pants.

"No, it isn't that."

A wave of relief washed over her. "Then relax. We're both adults here. I'm attracted to you, and you're attracted to me. Why not let nature take its course?"

Royce shook his head and slowly backed away. "I think not."

"Can I at least have your phone number in case you change your mind? Or I can give you mine."

"You don't understand."

Pausing at the edge of the parking lot, Royce gave Billie a stare that was hot and full of longing. Billie felt a pounding ache of arousal build between her legs. Her pussy grew slick as Royce stared at her as if he was memorizing everything about her, then he was gone. Biting back the whimper of loss that rose up inside her, Billie swore under her breath and got into the driver side of the car.

Hayes shook his head at her. "When are you going to learn that most guys don't like a woman to come on so strong, Billie?"

"Shut up, Hayes. I don't want to hear it." Starting the car, she pulled out of the parking lot. Before she turned onto the street, Billie quickly scanned the sidewalk in front of the club. Of course Royce was nowhere in sight.

"You're not going to let him get away." Hayes said it as a statement not as a question.

"Damn right. I've seen his face, and I know his name. I'll be able to find him anywhere."

"God help the man. If you do intend to hunt him down, try not to be so pushy. A man likes to feel he's seducing the woman, not the other way around."

Billie didn't bother to comment on what Hayes had said. She already knew from Royce's response that coming on strong wouldn't work with him. She had to think of another way to keep him from pulling away. What exactly, she had no idea. All she knew was that sometime tomorrow she would be paying Royce a visit. She wasn't going to let him go that easily.