Redeeming Vows (Page 53)

Redeeming Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #3)(53)
Author: Catherine Bybee

“Don’t, Lizzy. Please, it tears me apart to hear you cry.”

Forcing the knot down her throat, she met his stare.

Deep inside him, something sparked. Hearing her cry, feeling her anguish exploded his heart into a thousand pieces. He dipped into her mind softly, careful to only seek what she wanted him to see.

“Don’t be frightened,” he told her, knowing that was some of her worry.

“I am.”

“We both are.”

Her brows pitched together. “Really?”

“The uncertainty of tomorrow weighs on both of us. Don’t feel like you carry that burden alone.”

Her eyes shifted from his, their connection lost.

“You’re talking about our journey back.”

It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t what she worried about. “There will be many tomorrows for us both.”

She started to tug away. He couldn’t let her go.

She didn’t understand what he was trying to say.

“Both of us together, Elizabeth.”

Fin followed the path of her gaze, which landed on his sword sitting on the table. A dark patch of her blood marred the blade. She’d bonded with Selma and his sisters. There was no mistaking the power they held together.

“We are stronger together.” As the words left his mouth, Fin reached for his sword and forced the blade into his palm. “In this day and in this hour, I call upon the Ancients’ power. I choose to give my blood to thee…”

Liz sat tall, her eyes met his, and a grin splashed over her face. “If you say brother, I may have to hurt you.”

He laughed. “I choose that you are bonded to me.” “What are you saying Finlay?”

“I’m saying that today, right at this moment, you mean more to me than anything possibly could.

That regardless of what may come tomorrow, I want you to be by my side so we can meet it together.” The words no sooner left his tongue than he felt the weight of them nail into his soul. Did she know what he meant? Something told him that if he’d said he wanted to spend forever with her, she’d pull out of his grasp and hide. They were close, so very close to forever.

Fin held his breath, only releasing it when she reached for the sword and tore her skin against the blade. “In this day and in this hour. I beg the Ancients for their power. I choose to give my blood to thee, I choose that Finlay is bonded to me.”

She grasped his hand. When their eyes met, she touched her blood to his. All the air left his lungs, his head grew dizzy, and the world tilted out of focus.

He awoke to Lizzy’s lips on his. Fin crushed her to him and sealed their vow with a soul-searching kiss. When he came up for air, Lizzy panted and stood. Reaching for him she said, “Make love to me, Finlay.”

Her request humbled him.

After gathering a blanket from their tent, he led her away from the camp filled with strangers until he found a secluded section of the beach. Once he spread the blanket out on the sand, he beckoned her with one finger. “Come here, love.”

The moon lit her eyes and sparked brilliant stars within them. He brought his lips to hers in a gentle kiss. She sighed and brought her frame along his until every part touched and molded together.

Her hands wound around his back and down his hips and thighs. His body tightened, strained against the jeans he wore.

Bending her knees, he lowered her to the ground and pressed his body to hers. When her tongue swept into his mouth, all he could think of was how much he wanted to bury himself inside her. Her hand tugged at his shirt, Fin released her lips, brought his tongue to the lobe of her ear, and gave a gentle tug. Once she shivered, he knew he’d made her forget everything other than him. Her hips pushed against his. Liz wrapped her jean-clad thighs around his.

“I love your arse in these jeans, but pine for the ease of a dress.”

Her fingers found the button of his clothes and popped them free. “Back at ya.” Her fingers dipped inside his pants until she grasped onto his erection and sprung him free.

He gasped for air and forced control. “Careful, love.”

She chuckled and helped him remove his clothes completely.

Only after she kicked her garment free of her legs, and swept her shirt and underclothes to the side of the blanket, did he cover her with his warmth again.

He feathered kisses over her lips. “The moonlight has never looked so good.”

“You had me at come here. You don’t have to quote poetry to me.”

He trailed his lips over her breast and pulled one erect nipple into his mouth. Once her body went limp, he drew away. “I don’t know any poetry.” He bent to the other nipple.

“Oh, God. Yes, you do.”

Her leg wrapped around his hips, her heated core pressed against his throbbing erection. If he slid home now, he’d hardly be able to control his seed from spilling. She wanted him to make love to her and he vowed to do so slowly, thoroughly.

Reaching between them, Fin palmed her mound until she rode against his hand and his finger slipped deep inside her wet folds.

A short span separated her breast to her navel.

He met her skin, taking the path with his tongue.

The salt air drifted over her wet skin. Her hands stroked his hair as he reached lower. He would taste her, explore her body until he knew every inch.

The musky sent of her sex met his senses before he forced her legs aside to make room for him. With the first pass of his tongue, Liz opened farther and pressed him closer. He wanted to laugh, not at her, but for her. She knew what she loved and had no qualms about asking for it.

He found the part of her body that made her breath hitch and her body weep.

“Fin,” she moaned her approval and he felt her passion rise and met him. Her thighs pressed against his face until he heard her call his name again and again with her release.

Not allowing her body to settle, Fin crawled up her frame and sunk into her body.

She opened her eyes and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He moved inside her. Slow gentle strokes until he felt her body gripping onto his tighter. Perfect.

His release soared through him, catching her a second time. Emotion caught in his throat. The moon really did shine in her eyes and helped him see his future.

Lord help him if she only bonded with him to return to her son. Because as far as Fin was concerned, Liz was his. Now and forever.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Eyeing the long cape Grainna wore, Tatiana listened to the witch bellow orders to her men.

Something had happened. She was certain of it. The balance of power tilted in Grainna’s favor, which she exploited mercilessly.