One Hot Australian Night (Chapter Two)

Xavier stared, taken aback by the beauty that stood before him. When he touched her, desire pooled in his groin. To call his date stunning would be an understatement. He couldn't stop himself from reaching out to tangle his fingers in her dark coppery hair. Her deep, green eyes widened as he closed the few inches that remained between them. He grasped her padded hip with his other hand and sighed in contentment. She was soft, yet firm. Exactly how he liked his women. He wanted to pull her against his body and never let go.

Without further thought, he kissed her full, pouty lips. They parted in a quick gasp and he slipped his tongue in, moaning when she kissed him with the same laziness he adopted. They had all night; he didn't want to rush things. He planned on exploring and enjoying every inch of the sensuous body hidden beneath the black dress she wore.

When he broke the kiss, she groaned at the disconnection. Arrogance filled him. Apparently, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He was going to have fun with this woman.

Nodding his head toward the tray that had been left for them, he gestured to the champagne. "Would you like a drink?" A pink flush spread over her cheeks and she gave an eager nod. "Please." Her blush, mixed with her husky tone, had his cock straining against his briefs.

He handed her a champagne flute, gestured for her to sit, and joined her on the couch.

He needed to converse with her before he ravaged her. He saw her as more than a sex object; he wanted to show her that. "According to your profile, you're a business owner?"

She nodded. "I own a couple of bookstores in the city and suburbs." She sipped her champagne, her fingers twitching nervously against the crystal. "You're a lawyer?"

He smiled when she didn't cringe the way most people did when they asked that question. Everybody hated lawyers, and he still didn't understand why. "I run a corporate firm with my brother. Jack Castillo referred me to Madame Eve." Her eyes shimmered with amusement. "Right. So you're one of those rich, powerful types."

He laughed at her casual teasing. "Hardly. I merely do what I enjoy. I'm not one to flaunt my success. I leave that to my brother. He drives the shiny convertibles and lives in a mansion by the ocean. I drive a hybrid and live in a townhouse in the city."

Her cheeks dimpled as she grinned at him. His heart jumped at the sight. He'd always had a soft spot for dimples. "Yet, you run a law firm together. That must be interesting."

She finished her drink and placed the empty flute on the coffee table. When she leaned back on the plush couch, her dress hiked up, giving him a peek at her lush, creamy thighs. Arousal built within him and he put his glass down. Talk time was over. He needed to take this woman before his need completely consumed him.

Eyes widening at his pointed gaze, she pulled down her dress in a clearly automatic move.

"Uh uh," he said, moving her hand out of the way to shove her dress up farther.

"We need to uncover the rest of this body." Her cheeks flushed again and she regarded him with slight hesitation. "You don't need to flatter me to get me to sleep with you."

"I'm not trying to coax you into bed, honey." He licked his lips and ran his fingers up her bare thigh. "I'm merely speaking the truth." Before she could respond, he claimed her mouth with such passion it had his head spinning.

Wow, the man could kiss. Zalia inhaled a sharp breath through her nose as his tongue invaded her mouth, mimicking what he'd be doing with another body part later on. Wetness pooled in her panties, and her core throbbed with need. Her head spun and she forced her mouth away from Xavier's to catch her now-scarce One Hot Australian Night breath. Rather than stop, his lips traveled across her jawline, up to her earlobe, where he bit down gently.

A throaty moan escaped her mouth as the slight jolt of pain shot straight to her clit. She wanted him between her legs as soon as possible.

"Found a sensitive spot, did I?" He chuckled in her ear. Shivers tore down her spine; goose bumps of wanton need spread over her skin.

Her mind soon became too muddled to comprehend what he said next. She merely clutched at the back of his head and closed her eyes, reveling in the feel of his soft lips on her flesh. He laid open-mouthed kisses along her collarbone, nipping gently on her neck when she involuntarily shuddered and clenched her thighs.

He pulled back, his eyes fierce with passion.

"We need to remove this dress."

She protested as he moved her back on the lounge, but he held her legs firmly.

"We're here for the whole night." He spoke in a firm voice, husky with desire.

"I plan on using that time to explore each and every inch of this luscious body." A shudder spread through her entire being and she submitted to his request without another thought. Luscious. She'd never been described that way before.

Her stomach tightened as his lips traveled down her thighs to her calves. He kissed her ankles gently and removed her stilettos then made his way back up her legs.

Using his lips, tongue, and teeth, he explored her body exactly as he had said he would. By the time he reached the juncture between her thighs, her body was on fire with need, her stomach clenching and twisting with desire she'd never felt before. He pushed the dress over her hips and clicked his tongue when he saw the red lace panties she wore.

She'd bought them specifically for the occasion, since she only owned cotton underwear. He traced his tongue along the waistband of the panties, running his fingertips underneath the soft material. He placed a firm kiss on her mound through the thin lace, pressing against her already throbbing clit. Zalia whimpered and bit down on her lip to stop from crying out. She'd never been so aroused in her life, and she still wore all her clothing. No man had made her feel so beautiful. So sexy. So hot.

His hands roamed over her stomach, pushing her dress up until it reached the bottom of her bra and exposed her stomach. Sucking in a steady breath, he pulled away and sat back on his heels.

Her mind filled with worry. Had he changed his mind? Did he not like what he saw anymore?

"Everything okay?" she asked nervously.

His blue-grey eyes were dark and filled with arousal. A small smile spread across his face and his hair fell over his forehead when he leaned down toward her.

"Perfect. You're testing my control, that's all." His heated tone made her knees tremble. Pure arousal and focus. "How about we move to the bedroom?" She eagerly shuffled off the couch and grabbed the hand he held out for her.