Never Too Far (Chapter 27)


"I called and asked you to have lunch with me. Could you at least give me thirty minutes of your attention? It's been weeks since we've had time alone together. I miss you." The hurt in Nan's voice tugged at me. She was right. I was ignoring her. I wasn't sure what she'd even said since Blaire had walked into the dining room. I'd been so focused on making sure she wasn't carrying anything too heavy and that no one was mistreating her… or flirting with her, that I hadn't been much of a lunch date for my sister.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," I told her and tore my eyes off the door where I'd been watching for Blaire to walk back through. "Tell me again about this sailing tournament you're doing with the new guy… you said his name was Charles."

Nan smiled at the mention of the guy's name and then nodded. She reminded me of the little girl I'd hovered over when she looked all excited about something. Not the angry adult she'd grown up to be. "Yes. He is the Kellars' grandson. He's from Cape Cod and he is big into sailing. He sailed down here for the summer. Anyway, there is a sailing tournament he entered and he wants to take me with him. It's just for a few days."

I listened as she rattled on about Charles and his sailboat and tried extremely hard not to look around for Blaire. I needed to find a balance between the two women in my life. Blaire came first but I love my sister and she needed me. Even if it was a lunch date listening to her prattle about her latest conquest. No one else ever listened to her talk.

She stopped talked and scowled at something over my shoulder. "She needs to focus on her work and stop looking over here at you. God, I don't know why Woods doesn't just fire her."

I glanced back to see Woods, Jace, and Thad all smiling and joking around with a blushing Blaire.

"She's not looking now. She's too busy flirting with other guys. She just cares about the money. It's pathetic really. I wish you'd see through her ridiculous act. I mean, I can see it – "

"Nan, shut up," I growled. I hadn't meant to but hearing Nan bad mouth Blaire and watching guys flirt with her and make her blush was a little more than I could handle. I was going to go make sure each one of those horny bastards understood she was mine.

"You're going to leave me for her? She's flirting with them, Rush. I can't believe you would just get up during our lunch to go stake your claim on some cheap whore."

The jealous rage I had been feeling immediately switched its focus from the guys to my sister. A red haze settled over me as I swung my attention back to her. "What the fuck did you just say?" I asked keeping my voice low and even as I towered over her.

She opened her mouth to speak but I knew I'd lose it if she said anything else bad about Blaire.

"Don't. If you want to walk out of here with your dignity then don't. If you ever say anything like that about Blaire again I will cut you loose. Do. You. Fucking. Understand."

Nan's eyes went wide. I'd never spoken to her this hard before. But she'd gone too far. She jumped up and threw her napkin down on the table. "I can't believe you. I'm your sister. She's just… she's just…"

"She's just the woman I'm in love with. You need to remember that," I finished for her.

Nan's eyes flashed fire as she spun around and stalked out of the clubhouse. I didn't care. I needed her to leave before I said anything else. I didn't want to hurt her. I loved her but I hated the words that continued to pour out of her mouth.

A hand touched my arm and I jerked in response before I realized it was Blaire. Her blue eyes were full of concern. This was what she'd been afraid of. Nan and her hate. I couldn't blame her but I also couldn't live without Blaire. However, right now I needed to be alone.

"I'm sorry," I whispered then pulled away from her grasp and threw money down on the table before following Nan out of the dining room.

I spent the next three hours in the gym. My body was physically beat by the time I walked out of there.My anger had faded. I just wanted to see Blaire now. Her shift would be over and I wanted to hold her. She deserved an apology. I should have never taken Nan to the clubhouse to eat. She'd asked that I meet her there for lunch so I'd gone. I'd even made sure we sat in Jimmy's section. I hadn't wanted it to be awkward for Blaire. But it had backfired anyway. That was the last time I allowed Nan near her. She can't get over it and Blaire doesn't deserve it.

I knocked on the condo door and waited. No one came. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone only to be reminded Blaire had no phone. Dammit. I was going to get her phone from my house and force her to take it back. What if she was hurt? What if she'd gone off somewhere and wasn't coming back?

"She's out with Jimmy," Bethy's voice called from behind me. I turned around to see Bethy walking up from the direction of the golf course. "She stopped by after her shift and told me she and Jimmy had a hot date."

Why hadn't she told me? Because she didn't know where to find me if she had wanted to tell me. I'd run out on her like an ass. "When will she be home?" I asked as Bethy stepped in front of me and unlocked the door.

"Don't know. She was upset. You know anything about that?" Bethy asked in a sour voice as she pushed the door open.

I didn't ask to come in I just followed her in. "Nan and I had lunch at the clubhouse today. It didn't go so well."

Bethy scrunched her nose in disgust. "You think? Whatever for? I can't imagine your bitch of a sister doing anything to upset Blaire." Bethy threw her purse down and muttered a curse word. "She doesn't need the stress you know. She's pregnant and determined to stay on her feet and carry trays around all day. You adding your family drama is not what she needs. Next time you want to have family bonding time with the wicked witch do it somewhere else."

She was right. I shouldn't have let Blaire see Nan. I should have never trusted Nan to be nice. Or at least be civil. This was my fault and I needed to find Blaire.

"Where is she?" I asked

Bethy plopped down on the sofa. "Getting a break from this shit life she's been handed."

If Bethy wanted to hurt me she was doing a damn good job. I was ready to beg when the door opened.

"Sorry I'm late. We went to…" she trailed off when her eyes met mine. "Hey."

"Hey," I replied,walking over to stand in front of her but afraid to touch her. "I'm so sorry. Please come back to your room and let me explain."

She made the first move and wrapped her arms around my waist. "It's okay. I'm not upset."

She was going to comfort me. Again. That's what she always did: worry about other people. "No, it's not," I replied and took her hand to pull her back to her room. Away from Bethy who wasn't my biggest fan right now.

"Go let him grovel. He needs to. Fuck. I need him to," Bethy said from the couch, waving us off and grabbing the remote for the television.