Forever Too Far (Page 42)

Forever Too Far (Too Far Trilogy #3)(42)
Author: Abbi Glines


Woods was standing outside of the clubhouse arguing with that Angie or Angel or Angelina… Hell I couldn’t remember her name. She’d been around off and on through the years. I was pretty sure she was a summer f**k for Woods when we were in high school. Her daddy was in the same business as the Kerringtons and Grant had thought that Woods was going to marry her.

Then this Della chick had shown up and my guess was things had changed. Or not. I couldn’t tell. Last I’d heard Della hadn’t gone to jail and it had been a misunderstanding. Woods had raised some hell at the police station though. The girl had her hands on Woods’ arms and it looked like she was begging him. I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk up on that conversation but the dude looked like he needed help.

He had enough shit to deal with now that his dad was dead. No one had been prepared for it and Woods had it all thrust at him overnight.

“Get off me Angelina. I swear to God, if you don’t leave me the f**k alone I’m going to have a restraining order on your ass,” Woods said as he shoved her hands off him. He turned to see me walking up and the relief in his eyes was obvious. “Rush. Hey, you here for that meeting?” he asked.

I had no idea what he was talking about and I was willing to bet he’d just made that shit up. “Yep,” I replied.

“This isn’t over, Woods. I swear to you it isn’t. You’re making a huge mistake,” she cried out as Woods broke free from her and started toward me.

“Get me the hell away from her. Fast,” he muttered as he walked past me. I turned and followed him. I’d been here to talk to Bethy about babysitting tomorrow night so I could take Blaire out on a date. But it looked like I was going to get to chat with Woods first.

He opened the door to the club and went inside not waiting to see if I followed him. “Craziest f**king bitch I’ve ever met,” he swore once we were both safely inside. He ran his hand through his hair and let out a frustrated growl. “I was running. I was. I was gonna pull a f**king Tripp. I was taking Della and we were going to leave this shit behind. My dad had pushed me too far and I was done. Then he had to up and die. Come to find out Dad’s will stated that on my twenty-fifth birthday, which is in two months, that this place became mine. My grandfather had made it very f**king clear in his will and it was so locked up my dad couldn’t budge it. I can’t run now, can I? It’s all mine. The grandfather I loved and admired hadn’t screwed me over after all. But God, it’s all so screwed up now. I just need to focus on getting Della better. I don’t have time to handle all this. I know nothing, Rush. Motherf**king NOTHING. My dad didn’t let me into the business side of it. He said I had to earn my place.” Woods let out another frustrated sigh and started pacing the floor.

I wasn’t sure what all he was talking about but the dude had problems. Grant was the guy he needed, not me. I wasn’t someone to share your shit with. I didn’t do heart to hearts.

“Woods?” A petite brunette with big blue eyes walked inside the door looking right at Woods with a concerned frown. “What’s wrong?”

The man morphed right in front of me. He took two long strides and pulled her into his arms like someone was about to touch her and he needed to make sure she stayed safe. “I’m fine. Did you get to sleep late?” he asked in a tender voice that I swear to God I’d never heard the dude use.

She nodded and slipped her arms around him. “Yes. Everything was fine this morning. Stop worrying,” she told him. She turned her head and looked over at me.

“Della, this is Rush Finlay. You met his wife, Blaire. Rush, this is my Della.”

His Della. Oh man, that was what was wrong. He’d been sunk. I couldn’t keep the grin off my face. I understood that feeling completely. And damned if it didn’t make me happy that Woods was wrapped up in another woman and wasn’t sniffing after mine anymore. Thank you, Della.

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said.

“Nice to meet you too,” I replied. She had no idea just how nice. Good ole Woods Kerrington was in love. Funniest shit I’d heard all week.