Forever Too Far (Page 40)

Forever Too Far (Too Far Trilogy #3)(40)
Author: Abbi Glines


I reached over and turned off the monitor the minute I heard Nate start to stir. Tonight Blaire was going to get to sleep if I had to stay up all damn night walking the house with the little guy to keep his mind off eating.

I eased out of the bed and slipped on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt and hurried downstairs before the crying started. Even with the monitor off Blaire would be able to hear him cry. I was hoping I’d exhausted her to the point that she slept through his noise tonight.

I turned on the crib mobile when I walked into the room and his fussing stopped. He liked hearing me sing. Blaire said he always stopped sucking when he heard me talk and got real still to listen. I liked that.

Walking over to the crib his little eyes locked on me and even though he wasn’t exactly smiling yet you could see it in his eyes when he was excited about something. Normally Blaire’s tits got him excited but then they got me excited too so I couldn’t blame him for that.

“Hey buddy, when are you going to figure out that when it’s dark out you’re supposed to sleep?” I asked him, leaning over the crib to pick him up.

He wiggled in my arms and then moved his head so he could see my face. “You’re stuck with me tonight. Mommy needs sleep even if you don’t. You’re wearing her out.”

I left the mobile lights on and went to sit down with him in the rocker. “We’re gonna look at the moonlight over the water and rock until you decide it’s time to sleep again.”

Nate laid his head back on my chest when I turned him in my lap and I rocked us. I wondered what his little mind thought about the view. Did he want to go out there and touch the sand or feel the water? I couldn’t wait until he could talk to me and tell me what he was thinking.

We rocked for almost an hour and I kept waiting on him to fuss for Blaire but he never did. I looked down to see his little eyelids closed and his breathing was slow and even. We’d gotten through this wakeup without mommy. I felt like I’d accomplished something.

I walked softly and slowly over to he crib and laid him back down. When I was sure he was going to stay asleep I headed back up to bed. Daddy had succeeded.

The next time Nate decided he wanted attention it was after seven in the morning. Blaire sat straight up in bed when she heard his cries and looked at the clock. “Ohmygod! Is he just now crying?” she asked, scrambling out of bed nak*d. I crossed my arms under my head and watched the view as she ran around the room looking for something to put on. I was really enjoying her new hips. They curved so damn sexy it was hard to think straight when she walked by me and they swayed.

“Actually no. He and I had bonding time last night. I explained to him you needed some rest and he was good with it. I think he understood.”

Blaire stopped searching for clothes and looked at me with her mouth hanging open slightly. “You got up with him and got him back to sleep without me feeding him? He was okay with that?”

I shrugged. “He agreed you were grumpy and needed to sleep some more.”

A small smile tugged on her lips and she put her hands on those h*ps I was so fond of. “Y’all think I’m grumpy, huh? Last night I didn’t seem very grumpy, did I? When I had your c*ck halfway down my throat?”

Holy hell. “Damn woman. You have to go feed our son. Don’t talk like that. I’m gonna end up losing my mind before I’m given the green light from that doctor.”

Blaire giggled and bent over to pick up a nightgown she’d been going to wear last night but had never gotten around to putting on. Her ass stuck up in the air and I had to squeeze myself before I pounced on her.

The silky material slid down over her body and stopped mid-thigh. She flashed me a knowing smile and turned to head toward the stairs. “I’ll just take my grumpy self downstairs now,” she replied.

I watched her h*ps sway and the nightgown clung to them with each step she took. When she had finally gotten out of eyesight I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. I needed the coldest motherf**king shower I could stand.