Forever Too Far (Page 14)

Forever Too Far (Too Far Trilogy #3)(14)
Author: Abbi Glines


I wasn’t sure that a family dinner in this house was a good idea. Rush, however, was determined to find a way to help Nan and Kiro get along. I had spent my day out by the pool. Even though it was the end of November, it was still seventy-eight degrees outside. I was used to crazy warm winter weather in Alabama but the sun seemed even warmer here. Rush had laid out beside me and then he’d taken great pains to rub sunscreen all over my body.

After my shower, I felt refreshed and ready to take on this crazy family for Rush’s sake. I liked Harlow, at least during the little time I’d spent with her. She wasn’t kidding about staying locked away in her room. She rarely ever came out. I almost felt bad for her. It seemed like a lonely life. I wondered what her life in South Carolina had been like. Did she have friends there that she missed?

Rush walked into the bedroom but stopped the moment his eyes landed on me. “No. Blaire, baby, you look amazing. Incredible. But you can’t wear that dress too dinner. Your tits are all up there making me want to cancel dinner and get you nak*d. Then the legs and heels. You can’t go to dinner like that. Kiro’s a pervert and I’ll end up killing him. Please, put on something that shows less cl**vage and leg. Hell, wear jeans, a sweater, and some tennis shoes.”

If he didn’t look so distraught I would have been pissed. I loved this dress. It made me still feel sexy despite my belly. The bigger the baby got the less attractive I felt. My waistline was quickly disappearing. “None of my jeans fit and I like this dress. It makes me feel pretty.”

Rush groaned and walked over to me. “You look f**king gorgeous. Pretty is not the word one would use to describe you in that dress. I need you to look less orgasm inducing hot and more like my pregnant fiancée. I don’t want to listen to Kiro say crude things to you at dinner. I want to focus on getting Nan and him to find some peace.”

Okay. “Well, when you put it that way, I guess I could change,” I replied.

“Yes, please. For me,” Rush begged.

“Can you unzip me then? I had a hard enough time getting this thing zipped up.”

Rush reached around me and pulled the zipper down then pushed it down my shoulders until it fell around my waist. I hadn’t been wearing a bra because the back was so low cut and my bare br**sts seemed to have caught his attention.

“And wear a bra,” he said in a husky whisper. Then he lowered his head to pull one of my n**ples into his mouth. The metal on his tongue rubbed against the sensitive flesh and I grabbed his shoulders and held on tightly.

“Rush, we have dinner soon,” I reminded him as he slid the dress down over my h*ps until it hit the floor.

“Right now I f**king don’t care,” he murmured as he shifted his attention from one nipple to the other. His hand slipped inside the front of my panties and he slid his finger into me with one soft thrust. My knees buckled.

“Please, I… please.”

“Please, what?” Rush asked, picking me up and putting me on the dressing table behind me. “Spread your legs,” he demanded.

I did as I was told. His hand slid down over my mound and his finger began sliding in and out of me in a steady rhythm. Each time he pulled out he slid the wetness on his finger over my cl*t then pumped back into me. I was very close to an orgasm. Rush seemed to know how to draw them out of me easily.

“Does that feel good? Someone was all wet and ready,” he said in my ear and I shivered as his finger slid out and this time moved backwards toward my other entrance. He swirled around it and surprisingly enough it turned me on rather than bothering me. I’d thought it would bother me. The moan that escaped me didn’t go unnoticed by Rush.

“You like that?” he asked as his finger gently prodded the entrance. I felt it in my clit. Squeezing my eyes shut, I only nodded. “Fuck, baby. I’m not gonna be able to get through this damn dinner thinking about you getting hot and bothered over me playing with your ass.”

I didn’t want to go to dinner now. I wanted to come.

Rush moved his finger back to my cl*t and circled it several times then pinched it with his thumb and forefinger while his ring finger slid inside me. I grabbed his arms and cried out loudly while the orgasm I’d felt building up inside of me erupted.

I went limp in his arms and he held me close to him as his hand slipped out of my panties. He began to lick his fingers one at a time and my stomach quivered as I watched him. A smirk touched his lips as the last finger popped from of his mouth.

“That should hold me until this nightmare is over. But do me a favor and leave those panties on. I want to go down there knowing I made them all wet.”

His words made my br**sts ache again. If he didn’t stop we were never going to make it down to dinner.

“Put on something that will keep me calm and let’s go face the hell that awaits us,” Rush whispered as he pulled me up. “Unless you just want to stay in here. I will bring you food if you’d rather skip it.”

There was no way I was going to hide up here while he went down there and dealt with Nan. I was going too. Even if I intended to keep my mouth shut I would be there for moral support. “I’m coming with you. Just give me a second. I’m a little breathless and weak.”

Rush grinned. “Just the way I like to keep you.”

I picked up my discarded dress and threw it at him. Then I went to the closet where I had hung up my things and found another dress that fell just above my knees and had a higher neckline. I could wear my knee length boots with this one and it would be cute enough.

I slipped it on and then turned to grab my boots.

“You’re wearing boots? Those boots?” Rush asked as I slipped my foot into the first one.

“Yes,” I replied.

Rush groaned and shook his head. “Damn boots make a man think of you wearing nothing but those boots.”

“Rush. You have got to stop. You think everyone wants to see me nak*d. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a stomach that pooches out. No man wants to see me nak*d… except for you.”

Both of Rush’s eyebrows shot up. “You really think that, don’t you?”

“I don’t think it, I know it.”

Rush let out a defeated sigh. “And that’s one of the reasons you’re so damn irresistible. Come on, my sweet Blaire. Let’s go eat dinner.”