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“Of course, I have no intentions of letting you down.”

We finished our drinks, enjoying the view and talking about nothing in particular. If Levi’s plan had been to continue distracting me from thinking about Jess, he was very successful.

Chapter Nine

After some more sightseeing and a late dinner, we headed uptown to Levi’s place. His apartment was as immaculate as the last time. Owen and Jared sat on the couch playing some kind of war video game. They stopped screaming at each other and the game long enough to acknowledge me with a few grunts.

“Can I get you anything?” Levi asked as I glanced around. More awake this time, I noticed a couple of black and white photographs of street scenes on the wall. I made a mental note to find out who the photographer of the group was.

“I’m fine, but thanks.”

“Want a tour?”

“A tour? Is there really that much more to see?”

“Of course there is. You never even saw my room last time.” He looked at me mischievously as he took off through the kitchen into a hallway.

“You probably remember that’s Jared’s room,” Levi pointed. “Owen’s is over there and I’m here on the end.” Levi walked into the room he indicated as his own.

His room was much larger than I expected, with a king size bed pushed against the back wall. “Wow, you don’t see too many beds that big in college apartments.”

“How many college apartments have you been in? Didn’t you just graduate high school?”

“I have older friends…”

“Older friends who like to show you their bedrooms with inadequately sized beds? Good to know.”

I decided to ignore him and check out the rest of the room. Unlike the main living space, his room was a mess. Dirty laundry mixed with books on the hardwood floor. Piles of clothes cluttered the top of his dresser, his desk and even the desk chair.

“So is it Owen who keeps the rest of this place clean? I mean, obviously it’s not you.”

“You automatically assume it’s Owen?”

“Yeah… wait, don’t tell me it’s Jared.”

“Okay, I won’t.”

“Wow, Jared the neat freak,” I said with surprise.

“You’re not his biggest fan, are you?”

“No, not at all,” I admitted.

“It has something to do with your friend, doesn’t it?”

My defenses went up immediately. “I don’t want to talk about Jess, okay?”

“Sure, but Jared’s not all bad.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. He’s had my back since we were kids, and I think he kind of grows on you.” He paused. “Do you still want to fly?”

“Yes!” I quickly forgot I was annoyed at him.

“All right, let me talk to the guys, be right back.”

Levi left me standing alone in his room so I continued my perusal. I refrained from invading his privacy, half out of politeness and half out of fear he’d catch me. What kind of stuff did a not quite human guy have in his room? I sat down on the edge of his unmade bed, kicking away a gray Tulane sweatshirt with my flip-flop.

Levi returned before my curiosity could get the best of me. “All right, they’re in. Owen’s going to call Hailey and have her meet us.”

“Where are we going exactly?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“What if I don’t like surprises?” I asked.

“Come on, Al, you like surprises.” Levi leaned over, placing a hand on either side of me on his bed.

“What makes you say that?”

“I just know.” He placed a feather light kiss on my lips. Instead of continuing the kiss as I expected, he straightened up and headed toward his door. He pulled off his t-shirt, throwing it down carelessly before grabbing the hoodie sweatshirt from the floor. “First I can’t get you into my room, and now I can’t get you out of it?”

“Shut up.” I got up and followed him into the hallway, trying to ignore my disappointment at his quick departure.

Owen and Jared were waiting for us by the open front door, also shirtless.

“Put this on.” Levi tossed me the sweatshirt.

“You want me to wear something that was in a ball on the floor?”

“It’s clean. I just did laundry.”

“So why was it on the floor?”

Owen laughed.

“Just put it on. We’re not going high, but it’s a longer flight and it’s going to be cold.”

“No thanks.”

“Fine, suit yourself. But at least bring it with you; you’ll thank me when you’re freezing later.”

“Somehow I doubt that, but I’ll bring it.”

“All right, you ready?” Levi asked.

“Definitely.” I was ready for my adrenaline fix.

Levi chuckled. “Wow, you really are pumped up for this.”

“Why? Do most girls not react this way?”

“Most girls? How many girls do you think I’ve flown before?”

“I’d assume quite a few.”

“Naw, Allie, you’re his first. Isn’t that sweet? Okay, end of story, let’s go,” Jared said impatiently.

“Seriously? Then why’d you take me?” Levi’s decision to let me in on his world now seemed even bigger.

“It felt right. Let’s get out of here. Oh, you might want to hold those flip-flops.”

I followed the guys down the front porch, and around to the side of the house. When Levi stopped, I took off my flip-flops, enfolding them in the sweatshirt I was already holding.

Levi turned me around before wrapping his arms around my waist. “Have fun.”

I stifled a scream as we took off again. I obviously knew he was going to do it, but the sensation was still shocking.

The city moved by in a blur as Levi swept down low enough to keep the skyline in view. With only his arms protecting me, I easily could have fallen, but I knew that Levi wasn’t going to drop me. The feeling of safety in his arms was incredible. Still, flying was a huge adrenaline rush, putting any roller coaster to shame. The city lights started disappearing as the ocean came into view in the distance.

Levi fell back behind the others, likely sensing how much I was enjoying myself. We followed the beach until we landed gently on the sand. I ran my hands down my arms, trying to warm myself up. Levi laughed, giving me a look that said, “I told you so.”

“Why don’t you get cold when you fly?” I asked, admiring his shirtless chest.

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