Facade (Page 20)

laying Games (Games #2)(20)
Author: Jessica Clare

Liam’s hand slid to my back and he pulled me against him, then rolled us over in the bed until I bounced onto my back. "I want to get a good look at you," he told me, and simply gazed down at my nak*d body sprawled on the bed under him as he hovered over me, propped up on an elbow. His fingers brushed over my breast, then the other.

I sucked in a breath, watching the reverent look in his eyes.

His gaze went to my stomach as if fascinated, and brushed his hand over the plane of it. "Not a tattoo on this skin anywhere. You’re like a blank canvas."

I gave an awkward laugh at that. "Is that a good thing?"

"It’s kinda beautiful on you," he told me, and I felt warm with the glow of his approval.

He shifted against me, and then Liam’s fingers moved back to my breast, cupping it and flicking at the peak to make it harden. I whimpered at his touch, jolts of intense feeling sparking through my body. He leaned over and brushed his lips over the tip, caressing it.

I moaned, my back arching. His hard, hot form was pressing down over me, and that felt almost as delicious as the touches he bestowed on my skin.

Liam’s tongue brushed over my nipple, swirling, and then I felt the flick of metal against it. I gasped as he rolled my nipple against the piercing.

He looked up at my response, looking pleased with myself. "Do you like that?"

I blinked rapidly, dazed. "How can I not?"

He shrugged, then pressed kisses over my chest, moving over to my other breast. "You’d have to tell me if you didn’t like it."

I gave a low moan as his mouth captured my other nipple. "And what would you do if I asked you to stop?"

He bit my nipple lightly, which made a jolt shudder through my body all over again. "I’d be very, very disappointed."

"Oh?" My voice sounded wavery.

"Yeah," he said softly. "And then I’d just go south." And he began to kiss lower.

My stomach quivered as his mouth moved over it. He slid to my belly button, and his tongue – and piercing – dipped there. I moaned again, wriggling a little against him. My hands moved over his shoulders, touching and kneading those tattooed muscles as if unable to stop touching him, exploring him even as he explored me.

"I’d continue south," he told me in that soft voice, "until you told me to stop, of course."

And his mouth rested just above my sex.

A shiver of anticipation racked through me, and my h*ps flexed, as if begging for him to go lower. But he didn’t, and I whimpered, not wanting to shove his head down to the vee of my sex…but not wanting him to abandon that area, either.

"What do you want, Katy?" He concentrated on my flat lower stomach, and kissed the soft skin there.

"I want you, Liam," I breathed.

"Do you want my mouth on you?"

The words left my throat, and I nodded, unable to speak.

That seemed to be fine with him, because his hand stroked along the inside of my thigh, coaxing it open. My knees fell apart, and he shifted a bit lower, his shoulders settling in between my legs. He appeared to be concentrating very intently on his exploration of me.

One finger brushed down the seam of my sex, and I let out a shuddering gasp at the simple touch, shocked at the bluntness of it – and how very wet I was.

Liam seemed surprised by it too, and raised the finger to his mouth, then sucked the moisture off of it. He seemed pleased by the taste of me, and leaned in for another taste.

I moaned again at the feel of his fingers parting my flesh, and then the first lick of his tongue against my heat. He started out small; light, inquisitive flicks of the tip of his tongue against my flesh, exploring me and tasting me. My fingers clutched at his shoulders, squeezing repeatedly, unable to do more than just that as he leisurely explored my sex with his tongue. When he hit upon my cl*t with his tongue, I sucked in a harsh breath, my body tensing.

He paused at that, as if considering, and then stroked his tongue over me again. This time, I felt the ball of his tongue piercing against it. A low sob of delight escaped my throat, and my h*ps jerked in response.

I heard his low chuckle, and then he wrapped an arm around my thigh, pinning me, and began to lick me in earnest.

I thought I’d had or*l s*x before? I hadn’t seen anything yet. Over and over, Liam licked the hell out of me, working that piercing against my clit, stroking with his tongue and then rolling that metal ball against it in a motion that I came to crave even as it drove me wild. After a few minutes of this, he began to speed up, and my h*ps began to move with his mouth, slow, sensual flicks of my body that followed his tongue, increasing my pleasure.

And the moans coming from my throat? Were unearthly. I wasn’t able to keep quiet; I didn’t care who heard me. Liam’s mouth felt too good, and I was too lost in the pleasure of it.

He sucked, then, hard; my cl*t pressed up against that metal ball of his tongue stud, and the twin reactions made me shatter into a million pieces. A small scream erupted from my throat, and I quivered all over, shuddering with my release. He continued to suck and press his tongue against my clit, milking every moment of my orgasm, and I writhed against him, clawing at his shoulders. "Liam," I panted. "Oh god, oh god. You can move your mouth now. I…oh god." My words trailed off into a low moan as the orgasm continued to ripple through me for long moments. I was lost in the wash of it.

His mouth lifted, and he gave a low laugh. "Katy, shhh."

I moaned, shaking my head. "Liam—"

He slid up the bed and began to kiss me again, chuckling once more. "You’re loud enough that everyone’s going to hear you yelling my name."

I began to kiss him back fiercely, tasting my own release on his mouth. I didn’t care. I felt way too good – and way too aroused – to care. I slid my tongue against his, flicking it, even as I reached between us and grasped his c*ck through the thin material of his boxers.

This time, the low groan that split the air was his.

"Liam," I breathed against his mouth. My hand gave his c*ck a stroke through the fabric. "Do I get to explore you, now?"

"I didn’t get to finish you," he told me with a groan, and then his lips were desperately kissing mine. Between kisses, he added, "Never even touched your legs."

"They’re short," I told him, and stroked his c*ck again, my grip resting at the thick root of him. "You’re not missing much."

"I don’t know," he groaned against my ear, eyes closed tight as I stroked him again. "They’ll probably look pretty good on my shoulders."

Just that mental image made me wet all over again, and I moaned, kissing him again. My mouth slid to his neck, and I spotted one of his tattoos and began to lick the flesh there, fascinated by it.

He groaned, his arm looping around my back and holding me to him. "God, you’re good at that."

I gave his c*ck another stroke with my hand, pleased at his words. My tongue danced along that tattoo, and then I licked and sucked at the skin there, liking the mark I left on his skin. It wouldn’t be apparent because of the tattoo, but if you looked closely enough, you’d see it. And that made me hot all over again. I left him another, just because I liked the look of it.

He moved back over me, h*ps sliding between mine, and we began to kiss again. His mouth pressed against mine, hot, hard and desperate with need. My hand on his c*ck was trapped between us, and it rubbed against my flesh as he ground his h*ps against me.

"Why don’t you remove my boxers?" He told me, licking against my lips.

I did, but not before tracing the head with my fingers…and stopped.

He was pierced there, too. Two balls, one atop the head, and one underneath.

I gasped at the sight. He’d told me about it, but I’d been unable to picture it. Seeing it, I gave the head of his c*ck another rub, checking things out. I traced him with my fingers, marveling at the stud there. "You really do like piercings."

"I really do," he said, and sucked on my lower lip. "I bet you’ll like it, too."

Mmm, I just bet I would. When his h*ps rolled against mine again, I slid my hand away, moving to his backside. I cupped his tight ass through his boxers and ground my h*ps against his cock, loving the friction of his flesh against mine, separated only by a thin layer of cotton.

He pumped against me again, the hard bar of his c*ck sliding along the vee of my sex. I wrapped my legs around his h*ps and pushed against him, need still boiling through me, wanting more.

"Lose these," I told him, tugging at the waist of the boxers. "Want to feel you against me."

"I can do that," he murmured against my mouth before kissing me again. The angle of his body shifted, and then The boxers slid to the floor. I linked my legs behind his back again, and this time, when he slid along the hot vee of my sex, I was able to feel every inch of him.

It was heaven. I dug my fingers into his shoulders, clinging to his body. "Oh god, you feel really good."

"Katy," he breathed, and pushed a little deeper, until his c*ck was separating the lips of my sex and sliding between them. The head butted against my clit, and I felt the rub of that piercing.

A shuddering gasp escaped my throat.

"Need to get the condoms,” Liam told me, his voice tight.

I slicked my tongue over his mouth, pumping my h*ps against his. "Then get them."

He chuckled. "You’ve got to let me go, first." And his hand slid along one of my legs that were locked at his waist.

I gave a mock pout and released him. "Hurry back."

"Oh, I plan on it." He bounded off the bed and moved to the small bag, tearing open the box he’d bought. I watched him from the bed, all hot and bothered, admiring his nak*d ass (no tattoos there) and the small dual dimples at his lower back, his lanky shoulders that seemed to form a large triangle. He turned back to me a moment later, condom rolled on, his c*ck jutting…and bright purple.

I giggled. I couldn’t help it. "Nice…color?"

"Yeah, yeah." He climbed back into bed and on top of me. "They only had colored condoms in the gift shop. I’m saving pink for a reward for later."

I threw back my head and laughed, picturing that.

Immediately, Liam began to kiss my exposed neck. "You shouldn’t laugh at a man’s cock. It doesn’t do wonders for his ego."

"Your c*ck is just fine," I told him, dragging my fingers through his silky black hair as he pressed hot kisses on my neck. "And it feels great so far."

"Flatterer," he murmured against my collarbone, then slid his c*ck along my sex once more, lubricating it with my wet flesh.

I moaned at the feel of him sliding against me. "Whatever it takes to get you inside."

In response to that, he poised his c*ck at my entrance, and then pushed deep. And then held there.

I sucked in a breath, my eyes going wide as I tried to process the sensation. Liam felt large inside me, thick and delicious, but the thing that had made me breathless? The rub of that piercing, even through the condom. That odd, strange stud that had rubbed along my walls as he pushed his way in….and had nearly driven me out of my mind.

"You okay?"

I nodded, clinging to his shoulders. "Do it again?"

He pulled back, and then thrust slowly, watching my face. Then, his h*ps began to make small rocking motions, back and forth, inside me. Short, fluid little thrusts designed to rub that piercing.