Down London Road (Page 35)

Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2)(35)
Author: Samantha Young

We laughed, earning us the middle finger from Nate.

‘I’ll be home in a few hours,’ Cole informed me with a small smile before he left the flat. That smile warmed me up better than a mug of hot chocolate.

‘Actually, you guys should go too.’ Cam moved towards them, making a shooing gesture.

Peetie stood up with a knowing grin. ‘Sure, no problem. Lyn wants me to meet her on Princes Street anyway.’

Grumbling, Nate switched off the console and telly. ‘You’re both whipped.’

‘Did you see the shoes?’ Cam asked smugly, making me blush. If I didn’t know he had plans to screw me imminently, I did now. And so did his friends.

Nate did some more grumbling, making me blush harder with a ‘Lucky bastard’.

‘See you soon, Jo.’ Peetie nodded at me as he passed us.

Punching Cam on the arm, Nate advised, ‘Watch those heels on your back. Those f**kers can hurt.’

I groaned in mortification as Cam laughed.

‘Wear protection.’ Nate winked at me. ‘And have fun, kiddies.’

As soon as the door shut behind them I glowered at Cam. ‘We’re not hav**g s*x.’

His mouth fell open. ‘Why not? I threw them out. We have a couple of hours of uninterrupted sex time.’

‘Yeah, but now they know that’s what we’re doing.’

‘And what difference does that make?’

‘I don’t know. But it makes some kind of difference.’

Cam cocked his head to the side. ‘Female logic. It needs its own decipher code.’

‘We should invite Peetie and Lyn out for dinner with us.’

‘Okay, maybe it’s just Jo logic.’ Cam chuckled at me jumping topics on him.

I shrugged, heading towards the fireplace to pick up a photo frame Cam had on the mantel. It held a photo of him, Nate and Peetie dressed up as superheroes for Halloween. Cam was Batman. Of course he was. ‘I just thought it would be nice to get to know your friends better. They are like your brothers.’

‘Okay, that sounds good. I’ll talk to him about it.’

‘I’d say we should invite Nate, but bringing a girl to dinner with his friends might be the kind of signal he wants to avoid sending out to one of his … companions.’

Cam grunted. ‘And you’d be right.’

Studying the photo of Nate dressed as Iron Man, I frowned. He really was incredibly good-looking. And there was something about him. Behind all the bluster there was something else. It was in his eyes. They were kind. ‘Is he completely against all relationships? It’s a shame if so.’ I turned to smile softly at Cam. ‘He really does seem like a nice guy.’

‘He is.’ Cam nodded, seeming very serious all of sudden. ‘But … he lost someone.’

An ache pierced my chest as I processed what Cam wasn’t saying. ‘A girl?’

Looking away, I could see that whatever it was that had happened had also affected Cam. ‘It was a while ago, but it changed him.’

Stunned, I shook my head, looking back at the grinning Nate in the photo. ‘You just never know what hurts people are living with, do you? We’re all so good at hiding them.’

‘You’re the master.’

Yeah, I wasn’t going to disagree with that.

Lost for a moment, staring at the photo, feeling a deep sympathy for Nate and for the love that had been taken from him, I didn’t hear Cam move until he was standing right behind me. The heat of him, the smell of him, drew me out of my melancholy thoughts and my fingers fell from the picture frame, my body growing hot in anticipation of him.

His hands rested on my h*ps for a moment and that was all I needed to feel a quiver of excitement low in my belly. Strong fingers curled into the hem of my jumper and slowly he began to pull it up. The movement demanded that I raise my arms above my head and I did so, the room silent except for our soft breathing and the rustle of clothing. Darkness descended over me for a second as he tugged the jumper up over my head, cool air whispering across my skin, kissing it into goose bumps.

I shivered, letting my arms fall slowly as my jumper hit the floor.

Cam’s warm hand grazed my back gently, sweeping my hair over my shoulder. Tenderly, his fingertips brushed my skin, following the strap of my bra down my shoulder and along my upper back.

I felt a slight tug and my bra loosened, descending to the floor with Cam’s slight nudging. Another shiver moved through me and my n**ples grew tight with arousal. I shifted a little, my underwear rubbing against me, damp with excitement.

He tortured me with his touch, his deft fingertips skimming my waist, my ribs, the curve of my br**sts. I moaned, my head falling back, my back arching, my br**sts begging to be touched. My silent pleading was ignored as Cam’s gentle exploration moved down my stomach, his hands coming to a stop on the waistband of my skirt.

Taking a step closer, so that his front was pressed against my back, Cam hooked his thumbs in the fabric of my skirt and pants and pushed down. Rather than letting them drop, he kept hold of the material with his palms pressed against it, capturing it against my body, as his fingers trailed down my bare skin. He followed the movement, slowly lowering himself to his haunches, his teasing caress coasting down my outer thighs, past my knees, down my calves, until his thumbs brushed my ankles.

Struggling to control my breathing, I shakily stepped out of my clothes. His heat rushed back up my body as he stood.

He stroked the cheeks of my ass and I would have stumbled forward into the mantel if he hadn’t wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me back into him. Something hard nudged my buttocks and I didn’t need his sudden stutter of breath to tell me it was his arousal.

Warm lips barely touched my shoulder, and then his arm was gone but not his warmth.

The sound of a zipper behind me made me slick with anticipation, my breathing growing louder in the quiet of the room. Clothes whispered and I saw his T-shirt fall to the floor out of the corner of my eye, and then the fabric of his jeans was gone against my behind, the throbbing nak*d heat of his c*ck digging into the curve of my butt.

And then that was gone too.

Confused, I twisted my head over my shoulder, my gaze dropping to the rug in front of his empty fireplace. Naked, hard, Cam looked up at me with searing eyes. He lay there, knees bent, arms behind him, palms pressed to the floor.

He held up a hand, not saying a word, and I turned to take it. Positioning myself over him, I blushed, trembling as I stood there with my feet on either side of his hips, so vulnerable and open to him.

Cam tugged on my hand, and I followed the motion, lowering myself to my knees, the rug a soft pillow against them. Taking his erection in hand, Cam guided it to my entrance, and as I lowered myself farther, he filled me, sliding into my wet channel with a satisfaction that made us both gasp. I clasped his shoulders and eased back up ever so slightly, the delicious friction causing a pool of coiling tension in my lower belly. My lips parted in a delighted exhalation, and my eyes hooked on Cam’s as my h*ps began to undulate against his in perfect rhythm.

It was intense, watching the pleasure escalate in his eyes as he watched it in mine. My skin began to burn and I tried to move faster, chasing cli**x, but Cam slowed me, gripping my h*ps to falter my movement. His eyes washed over my face, taking in every tiny detail, making me feel more nak*d than I’d ever felt before.

I shook my head, silently telling him to stop. His grip on my h*ps hardened. I couldn’t look away. I wanted to look away. It was so much. Too much. Feeling tears prick my eyes, I leaned forward, crushing my br**sts against him, wrapping my arms around his neck, my lips in his hair as I rode him with torturously slow strokes.

Feeling a gentle tug on my hair, I let him pull me up, my back arching under his hold. Warm, wet heat captured my nipple as he took my right breast into his mouth, his other hand squeezing and fondling the left, pinching my nipple between forefinger and thumb. A cry fell from my lips as a sharp surge of pleasure shot between my legs, and I clutched the nape of his neck tightly, moving faster whether he wanted me to or not.

His mouth moved, pressing wet kisses over my breast, and I slammed down on him, needing more, needing everything. He groaned against my skin, his fingers digging into the muscles in my back.

‘Cameron,’ I breathed as the tension built and built, my h*ps moving faster against his. ‘I’m close. So close …’ Wanting his mouth when I came, I tugged gently on his hair, drawing his face up to mine, my lips falling on his, my tongue sliding deep into his mouth for a kiss made up of eroticism, of pure longing.

The tension snapped inside me. I came with a muffled cry in his mouth, and my muscles momentarily locked around him as my sex clenched his cock, wave after wave of pulsating pleasure cascading over me. I fell against him completely, my forehead on his shoulder as he pumped into me a few times before the wet warmth of his release exploded inside me, his hard grunt in my ear as he came, causing my inner muscles to pulse around him a few more times.

We stayed there for a good while, wrapped around each other.

Not saying a word.

Not needing to.

Cam groaned. ‘I have to move in an hour.’

We were lying on the rug, the faux fur blanket from his couch that Becca had bought as a moving-in gift now thrown over us. My head rested on Cam’s chest, my legs tangled with his, as his fingers teased through my hair.

‘Boo to work,’ I said with a pout, tracing the tattooed curlicues on his right arm.

‘I know. I could stay here forever.’

I smiled against his skin, utterly delighted. ‘You know, the only thing that would make this more perfect would be a real fire in that fireplace.’

He gave a huff of laughter. ‘I’ll light some candles next time.’

‘Very nice. Has anyone told you you’re a bit of a romantic?’

‘Nope. That’s definitely the first time I’ve been called that.’

Surprised, I tilted my head to look into his face. ‘Seriously?’

‘Seriously.’ His lips twitched. ‘You think I’m romantic? Baby, that doesn’t say much for those a**holes you’ve dated.’

I grinned back at him. ‘Actually, you have your moments.’

With soft eyes, he gave my shoulder a squeeze. ‘You make it easy.’

‘See!’ I cried softly, my eyes glittering with utter contentment. ‘That was romantic.’

‘It was?’

‘Yes. Surely, you’ve been romantic with ex-girlfriends?’

Why oh why did I ask that? Did I really want to hear about the ex-girlfriends?

Thankfully, Cam sidestepped the question. Unfortunately, he sidestepped it by asking one. ‘So was Malcolm romantic? That Callum guy?’ There was a definite edge to the question, so I thought I’d best tread carefully. But honestly.

‘Callum could be very romantic. All hearts and flowers and shit like that.’

Cam grunted. ‘Shit like that?’

I shrugged, feeling okay talking about it now that I was wrapped in the arms of something real. ‘Looking back, it all seems fake. We were together two years. He met Cole a few times. Never met Mum. I saw him every other weekend when I could. He sent me flowers, bought me nice things, went all out on Valentine’s Day. I met his parents but knew very little about them. Hung out with some of his friends and knew even less about them. I don’t know if I even knew Callum. I know for a fact he didn’t know me. So, yeah … shit like that. I’d take hot sex against a desk with a guy who knows exactly what he’s getting into – pardon the pun – over flowers and chocolates any day.’