Down London Road (Page 28)

Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2)(28)
Author: Samantha Young

I nodded, my heart banging away in my chest.

When Cam drew to a stop before me, he held out his hand to me. ‘Good. You can stay the night, then.’

I’d never been turned on by a guy with tattoos, but as I drank in the sight of his arm, my eyes following the curling script of his BE CALEDONIA tattoo, I felt a rush of possessiveness over his ink – that one in particular. Somehow, it was mine too, and I wanted to follow every detail of it with my tongue, laying claim to it.

A flare of emotion blazed through my chest as he squeezed my hand, then led me to the back of the flat, to the master bedroom. I looked around as he walked us inside. I hadn’t been in his room before. I was entering his private domain.

There wasn’t much to see.

A king-sized bed with a pale blue duvet set, mostly bare walls except for a large framed print of two Stormtroopers getting into a DeLorean, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and a couple of bookshelves filled with books and DVDs. It was clean and tidy, just like the rest of his flat, I mused, trying to ignore my racing heartbeat. We’d just had sex, so the thought of having more sex shouldn’t have sent my pulse skyrocketing. But it did.

Cam let go of my hand as he reached the bed and he turned to face me. In one smooth movement, he pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it on the floor.

I swear I started to drool at the sight of him half-naked.

Yes, I had been right when I fantasized about this moment. Cam was pure, lean, solid muscle. I followed the lines of his six-pack to the sexy cut of his hips, my cheeks blazing.

I had been waiting for him to drop his jeans and let me ogle the rest of him, but instead, he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at me. ‘So … what would you like to do with me?’

Um, that seemed like a silly question, no? Was my panting and drooling not an indication of what I’d like to do with him? ‘What?’

He shrugged casually, as though we were sitting down to tea and not getting ready to repeat the hall sex but this time on a bed. ‘If we’re doing this, you’re going to be straight with me. In every way – including in bed. I’m not some guy you’re trying to hold on to for dear life – accommodating him and forgetting about yourself and what you want. We’re in this together and I just took what I wanted. Now you take what you want. So what do you want?’

My first thought was to jump on him and ravish him. Everything he’d said was perfect and it took me a moment to remember that this was real. Had I finally found someone who actually gave a shit? Like … really gave a shit?

I tried to stop myself from getting carried away on a floating cloud with one oar called hope and the other called dreams, but it was difficult when he was being so bloody wonderful.

So, okay, I wasn’t some naive girl. I certainly knew Cam wasn’t a perfect man – he’d proved that when we first met – but I was beginning to wonder if he might possibly be just a little bit perfect for me. Finally, I’d found a guy who wanted to be with me – the real me. And not only that – he was actually encouraging me to be a bit self-indulgent.

What he’d asked caused me, to my bemusement, some embarrassment. I wasn’t a prude. I’d had plenty of sex with a few different men. However, none of them had ever asked me to talk about sex with them. No questions, no likes, no dislikes. Now Cam wanted me to communicate with him about sex, and I found myself grinning to cover my timidity. ‘You don’t seem like the kind of guy who lets a girl take the lead much.’

‘I’m not the kind of guy who lets the girl take the lead much. I’m not the kind of guy who talks this much either. But I need to make sure your head is in the right place. It’s too important. So as much as I want to strip you nak*d and bend you over my desk, tonight I’m leaving it up to you.’ His eyes darkened. ‘The desk can wait.’

I was unbelievably turned on by the thought of Cam taking me against his desk. Sounded orgasmic to me. I licked my lips, eyeing him as he waited patiently for me to decide what we’d be doing next.

As I drank in his half-nakedness, I tingled all over with anticipation.

He was right. The desk could wait.

‘Strip,’ I ordered quietly.

Cam stood up, his eyes never leaving mine as he pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs, his hard-on saluting me as he kicked himself free of his clothes. He stood before me completely unabashed by his nak*dness, and I took a moment to sear the sight of him like this into my memory.

With shaking fingers I pulled off my own T-shirt, and pulled off my boots. My skirt followed them and lastly I unsnapped my bra, dropping it on to the pile of clothes at my feet.

I shivered as Cam slowly took me in, his dick throbbing, the colour heightened again in his cheeks. When his blue eyes met mine, I inhaled sharply at the raw need in them.

‘You’re stunning,’ he whispered hoarsely. ‘No man can possibly deserve you.’

Holy …


My stomach actually somersaulted.

‘Cam,’ I whispered back. The sheer emotion provoked by his beautiful words clogged my throat. It seemed that Cameron MacCabe was a bit of a romantic. I shook my head, not knowing how to respond to this side of him. Instead, I gestured to the bed. ‘Lie down on your back.’

I noticed a muscle tic in his jaw at my order and had to curb my smug smile. No, Cam was definitely not used to letting the woman take the lead. Since I had a feeling that this was going to be a rare gift from him, I decided to take full advantage. I waited, my eyebrows raised expectantly, and Cam responded by lying back on the bed.

His hard-on didn’t diminish under my command, though, straining and awaiting my attention. He stared at me, his hands crossed casually behind his head. Well? his eyes asked.

Ignoring the slight tremor in my hands and legs, I approached him slowly, my slender h*ps swaying from side to side, my perky br**sts bouncing a little, and I kept the feminine satisfaction from my expression at the way his body tensed, all cocky relaxation coiling into anticipation.

I crawled up his legs, noting that his chest began rising and falling a little faster. My own breathing grew shallow as I stopped at his erection.

‘Jo …’ He groaned as my head dipped.

I didn’t dislike going down on a guy, but it had never been my favourite thing. I found, however, that I wanted to taste Cam. I wanted to own him in every way that I could.

I wanted him to burn with me.

His scorching hardness passed between my lips and I felt his thighs tense under my fingertips. My tongue trailed along a vein on the underside of his c*ck and his breathing stuttered before seeming to stop entirely as I began to suck, bobbing my head so my mouth slid excruciatingly slowly up and down his length.

‘Jesus,’ he growled through gritted teeth. ‘You keep that up – ahh – baby, I’ll come and this will all be over.’

Well, I didn’t want that.

After a little more teasing, I released him and gazed at him from under my lashes, taken aback by how much I’d enjoyed that, how much my own body had responded to it. Finding the anticipation a total aphrodisiac and wondering where foreplay had been all my life, I kissed the sexy cut of definition in his left hip, my lips tracing a path along his torso as I crawled up his body. Knees on either side of his hips, I shivered as I felt his c*ck against my inner thigh. I pressed my lips over his right nipple, my tongue flicking, my moan muffled against his body as I felt his rough hands cup my br**sts, my own n**ples pebbling, eager for his touch. When his thumbs brushed them, I shuddered, a sigh escaping from between my lips.

‘You’re sensitive,’ Cam murmured in satisfaction, squeezing my n**ples between his fingers and thumbs. I barely had time to recover from the streaks of white-hot lightning that shot towards my groin before his right hand coasted down my stomach, heading between my legs.

As two fingers slid into my slick passage, my back arched, giving his left hand better access to my breast, and my h*ps surged against his right. I panted for breath, not caring that Cam had taken over.

Really, I was astonished he’d lasted as long as he had.

‘Jesus,’ he grunted this time, his lower body bowing up off the bed. ‘Take me inside you. Condom in the drawer …’

I reached blindly through my sensual fog, yanking his bedside drawer open. Once we had him sheathed and ready to go, we guided him together to my entrance, the muscles in my legs shaking with need.

I slammed down on him and we both cried out, Cam’s h*ps jerking up in reaction.

We found a torturous rhythm quickly and with my hands braced on the bed beside his thighs, I leaned back slightly so his c*ck thrust into me at the most delicious angle. I moved slowly, building towards an exquisite orgasm.

My gaze never left Cam’s face as I moved, feeling sexy and powerful at his glittering expression, watching the way his blue eyes darkened on my br**sts, on my hair swinging across my back. His hands gripped my hips, urging me on; his jaw clenched as the heat between us increased and a light sheen of sweat covered our skin.

As I approached cli**x all I was aware of was the coiling pleasure low in my belly, the sound of my uncontrolled breaths and mews of pleasure, the intoxicating smell of sex … and then I heard Cam hoarsely asking me to come. Pure bliss took me over, and I closed my eyes, revelling in it as my body moved faster up and down his length, rushing towards cli**x.

Lights exploded behind my lids as my orgasm shook through my entire body. My muscles clenched around Cam, wave after wave of pleasure pulsing around his cock.

Cool air whipped over my skin as Cam flipped me unexpectedly to my back, my eyes flying open as he pressed me into the mattress, holding my hands imprisoned above my head. His features were strained with uncontrolled need, and as he crushed his mouth against mine he began to stroke deep inside me, his movements rough and hard. He groaned into my mouth, the noise vibrating through my whole body, and I felt the stirring of another orgasm.

When his lips left mine, I stared up in wonderment, our gasps seeming to echo all around us as I pushed up against his thrusts. He let go of one of my arms, his hand disappearing between our joined bodies, and as soon as his thumb pressed down on my cl*t I flew apart, my scream filling the flat.

‘Jo!’ Cam cried out, eyes wide with wonder as my cli**x drew a staggered, seemingly soul-deep release from him. He collapsed on me, his face buried in the crook of my neck, his hand relaxing around my arm. His c*ck continued to twitch inside me, and I enjoyed the lingering pleasure it brought.

It was as though I’d melted into a puddle in the mattress – I couldn’t feel or move any of my limbs. I was floating on utter gratification. I was sated air.

‘Wow!’ I breathed, wanting to curl my fingers in his hair but unable to remember how to move.

Cam nodded in agreement against my skin.

After a little while he pulled up, bracing his weight on his arms beside my head. His features were completely relaxed, his eyes soft and languid. ‘I’ve never come so f**king hard before,’ he confessed quietly.

Sweet satisfaction washed over me and gave me the strength to lift my arm. I stroked Cam’s muscled back, then slid my hand into his hair, running my fingers through it soothingly. ‘Me neither. In fact, up until now I thought multiple orgasms were a myth.’