Devil May Cry (Page 16)

Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter #12)(16)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Her gaze met his. One comer of her mouth lifted in a tender smile before she touched him. Groaning in satisfaction, he arched his back. Her fingers probed the length of his c**k from his sac to the tip, and all the while she watched him writhing in pleasure.

Her smile widened before she dipped her head down to replace her fingers with her mouth.

Sin was forced to bang his head against the floor to keep from coming as she gently sucked and licked. Damn. Damn, she was seriously talented with her tongue.

"Are you sure you haven’t done this before?"

She laughed, tickling him. She pulled back to shake her head.

"Never before."

Damn … it was all he could think. "You didn’t have to stop."

Kat arched a brow at him. "No?"

"Hell, no."

She teased his tip with her tongue before she blew a cool breath across him.

Yeah, okay, it was time to stop. If she didn’t, they were both going to be disappointed. Sin sat up and pulled her close. Kat actually purred as he nuzzled her neck. His whiskers teased her skin, making her br**sts swell and tingle. She cupped his head to her as her senses swirled. He braced his hands on each side of her h*ps before he guided her down on top of him so that he could impale her.

She tensed as pain interrupted her pleasure.

"Sh," he breathed in her ear. His breath was scorching as his tongue swirled around her lobe.

Her body ignited as it adjusted to take in his thickness.

Sin felt her relaxing again. He ran his hands over her smooth back and cupped her bottom. He lifted her up and showed her how to move against him. She was a quick learner. In no time, she’d settled into a sweet, slow rhythm that resonated through his entire body.

He leaned back on the floor so that he could watch her while she rode him. She was shameless in her strokes. Oh, the sight of her there, like that … it was enough to kill him. Good thing he was immortal.

Smiling, he dipped his hand down so that he could stroke her cl*t while she rode him. The instant he touched her, she let out a small squeak of pleasure.

"Like that, do you?"

"Mmmm-hmmm," she breathed.

It was torture for him to hold back, but he wouldn’t do that to her. He wasn’t an ex-fertility god without reason. There was no way he was going to finish before she did. Even if it killed him.

Kat felt molten as she stared down at Sin. She’d never dreamt how good it would feel to have a man inside her. There was something so filling and special about this. She was sharing with him what she’d never shared with anyone else. It was intimate and special. She stared at those golden eyes before she reached to take his hand in hers. Lifting it to her lips, she placed a kiss in his palm, then one on the backs of his fingers.

How could anyone have ever hurt him? It made her angry and protective. Most of all, it saddened her. People could be so cruel and the gods were even worse.

Kat’s thoughts scattered as a strange pleasure started inside her.

It was warm and wicked and spread through every part of her. Like a wave, it seemed to build and crest until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

A second later, her body exploded into intense sensations that made her shake all over.

Sin laughed in triumph as he felt her body spasming around his. Taking her h*ps in his hands, he thrust harder against her, intensifying her orgasm. She actually cried out as she leaned over him.

Her hair tickled him, and in one heartbeat he joined her cli**x.

He growled as absolute pleasure tore through him. She was exquisite and she left him breathless and weak. So weak he doubted he could ever move again in this lifetime.

She fell against him, covering him with her body. An uncharacteristic giggle escaped her as she snuggled in his arms.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned about her.

"Fine," she said in a dreamy tone. "l feel as satisfied as a well fed kitten."

He laughed at her. "Yeah, I know the feeling." He wrapped her in his arms before he rolled over with her and pinned her against the floor. "l was right. It was worth your mother killing me."

He dipped his head down and kissed her.

Kat sighed at the way his muscles flexed under her hands. He tasted so incredibly good … She never wanted to leave this spot. Ever.

"Ah, gawd, nak*d people! I’m going to be sick!"

Sin tensed at the deep, feminine voice that came from the doorway. Turning his head, he gaped at the sight of not one but two Charonte demons … At least he thought that’s what they were. But their skin wasn’t mottled with swirling colors-something that always marked their species. Rather, they looked like two women in their early twenties.

One was dressed in black, like a Goth college student, with a short black velvet dress and corset-laced boots. Her hair was black with streaks of red through it. The other one was blond, wearing a pair of jeans and a loose, flowing red top.

"Well, then don’t look," the dark-haired demon said to the blond one, who looked strangely like Apollymi. "Why you looking if you don’t want to see? Look, right there." She pointed to his Dali painting on the wall. "They got nice walls with paintings here. You should look at them instead, then you won’t be sick. See how it works?"

Kat was biting back a smile as she slid from under him and manifested her clothes on her body. "Hi, Simi."

Sin quickly clothed himself and waited for the demons to realize what he was and attack.

They didn’t.

The dark-haired demon smiled, showing off a set of small fangs. "Hello, akra-kitty. Sorry it took so long to get here, but someone"-she stared angrily at the blond demon-"wouldn’t let me come without her, ’cause she said that Vegas has lots of sparklies she wanted to see. The Simi told her she was wrong, but you see who won the fight, don’t you?" She made a loud huffy noise. "You’re so lucky you’re an only child. The Simi misses her time before someone" -she . glared at the blond demon again, but the tirade didn’t seem to faze her companion-"that would be Xirena came along and moved into my house. The Simi is just lucky that akri didn’t make her share her room."

Xirena made a sound of disgust in the back of her throat. "Oh, stop it, Xiamara. All you do is whine, whine, whine. You’re a demon. Act like it."

"Demon?" Simi snorted. "l have you know that I am more demon than an army of them. I am the Simi and the Simi acts any way she wants to ’cause akri says I am the best demon ever born. You’re just jealous your akri don’t love you like mine does me."

Sin was stunned by their exchange. He’d never seen demons this … chatty. Simi was more like a spoiled teenaged girl than a flesh-eating demon. "Is this … What is … ?" He stopped because he was rambling as he tried to make sense of them. "l have to say that I’ve never witnessed this before. They do this a lot?"

Kat laughed. "Simi hasn’t adjusted to her sister yet. They’re having socialization issues."

Xirena curled her lip. "I’m not having an issue with anything other than the fact the cursed god has made my sister strange."

Sin frowned. "Cursed god would be Acheron?"

"Simi belongs to him," Kat explained.

Oh … that couldn’t be good.

Simi beamed. "The Simi is akri’s daughter."

Xirena made a choking noise. "How many times do I have to tell you that you are not the daughter of the cursed god? You are the daughter of two demons! Stop calling your akri your daddy. It makes my wings droop."

Simi stuck her tongue out at Xirena. "My akri is my daddy. He said so and it is so, so your wings can droop all they want, ’cause it won’t change anything."

Sin was still befuddled by the two of them. How were these two supposed to help them combat the gallu? Kessar would tear them apart. Rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably, he looked at Kat. "Are you sure we shouldn’t see about getting another set of demons? I don’t see how they’re going to help given the way they’re arguing."

"Oh, trust me," Kat said with a short laugh, "the fighting stop s as soon as food comes into the picture."

"Food?" Simi stopped her tirade instantly. "Where’s some: food?"

"Is it good food?" Xirena chimed in.

Simi rolled her eyes at her sister. "Is there such a thing as bad food?"

"Well, yeah, there’s Daimon. They’re kind of gamey tasting and they stick in my fangs."

"Oh, that’s true," Simi agreed. "But I have this one kind of barbecue sauce from New Orleans that can kill that gamey taste. It makes them really good eats. Rank Daimon meat right up there with human and opossum."

Xirena looked thrilled. "Is that that sauce I saw in your room with the woman with a leather whip on it?"

"Oh no. That’s Pain and Suffering, but that one’s good, too.

This one got a man who’s breathing fire like a fat dragon, only he’s not fat, he’s-"

"Excuse me, demons?" Sin asked, interrupting them.

They looked at him as if he were about to be added to their menu.

And coming under their full attention was a big mistake. As soon as Xirena’s gaze met his, recognition lit her black eyes. "You a Sumerian."

Her eyes flashed yellow as her skin mottled with red and black and black wings grew out of her back.

He braced for the fight, but before she could attack, Kat stepped in front of him. "Calm down, Xirena. Sin’s on our side."

Xirena spat on his floor, which irritated the hell out of him, and he was sure housekeeping wouldn’t appreciate it, either. "Death to all Sumerians."

"They’re not all bad," Simi said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Akri knew this one Sumerian who was a fisherman for a long time. He’s really nice to the Simi. He used to feed me these tasty balls of fish all soaked in olive oil and wrapped in grape leaves. Then he’d let the Simi eat fishcakes and the eyeballs. Fish eyes are very tasty, especially in olive oil"

Xirena growled at her, "Sumerians are all enemies to the Charonte."

Simi put her hand on her hip and cocked her head. "Well, that’s just stupid. You can’t hate an entire race ’cause one or two of them are mean. What you got against the Sumerians anyway?"

"They created the gallu demons to kill us."

"OOOO." Simi’s face brightened. "l like them gallu demons. They so crispy when you burn-them. Akri used to let me eat them by the dozen. And he never cared, neither-not like when I’d eat people. But then all them gallu went away and the Simi couldn’t eat them anymore. I really miss them. They were so yummy."

"And now they’re back," Kat said, gaining their attention again. Xirena’s expression looked as if she’d just stepped in a manure factory.

Simi just looked excited. "Can I eat them?" Sin nodded. "Bon appetit."

Kat gave him a chastising glance over her shoulder. "Yes, Simi. But we need you and Xirena to help us fight them."

Xirena jerked her chin toward Sin. "l think we should feed the Sumerian to them. He would deserve it."

Kat tsked at her. "Xirena … "

"l told you, Katra," Simi said in a singsongy tone, "she all kinds of mean. You should have her eat your earrings when you’re not looking. And they were the good ones, too. Covered with diamonds … they sparkle a lot."

Xirena glared at Simi. "Well, you would be mean, too, if you saw how them gallu killed us, and eating them won’t be easy without your akri there to shield their powers. They are evil demons who can kill us." She looked at Katra. "Will the cursed god help?"

Kat hesitated. She wished, but that wasn’t an option right now.

"We’re going to try and do this without his help."

Xirena’s eyes widened. "Why would we do that?"

" ‘Cause akri don’t know about Katra," Simi explained. "If he learned about her, he would be really sad and the Simi don’t want to make akri sad, so you can’t say a word about Katra to him. He sad enough already because he has to deal with that bitch-goddess with the red hair."

"Simi," Kat said in a warning tone.

"Well, she is a bitch-goddess. I know you love her, akra-Kat, but facts is fact and she a mean heifer."

Xirena smacked her lips. "l haven’t had a heifer in a while. Are there any heifers here?"

Simi cast a sideways look at her sister. "l know where a big red one is on Olympus."

Kat shook her head. "Simi!"

"What?" She batted her eyes with a wide, innocent expression.

"If Xirena eats her, then how can I get in trouble for it?"

Sin snorted. "lt’s like dealing with children. Ye gods, how did the Atlanteans stand it?"

Kat pressed her hand to the throb in her temple as she wondered the same thing herself. "They’re normally a bit more silent than this."

He looked less than convinced. "Really?"

"Apollymi keeps a tight rein on them."

At the mention of Apollymi’s name, Xirena hissed. "Death to the bitch-goddess! May she die in a flaming pit of Charonte spit."

Sin laughed at Xirena’s condemnation. "Damn, Kat, you can’t win for losing. Is there anyone, other than you, who actually likes your family?"

She sighed in resignation. "Some days it seems not."