Binding Vows (Page 54)

Binding Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #1)(54)
Author: Catherine Bybee

Myra put a hand up. “I won’t go near her. I have no wish to die.”

“But how are we to stop her from finding another virgin to end her curse?”

“We don’t have to concern ourselves with that now. It may be I’ll have another vision showing me the path to stop her. It’s hard to say what the future holds. No one saw this change in events.”

Tara took Myra’s hand. “We need to get started.

Lora, we need your help.”

“With what?”

“Making clothes.” Tara spun her newest sister around, giving Myra’s skirts a bit of wind. “Beautiful as it is, this simply won’t do.”

Tara placed a quick kiss on Duncan’s lips and smiled. Everything is going to be fine. “Don’t wait up.” The women left the room in search of material and thread.

The men poured large amounts of ale, seeking another plan.

Dressed in what looked like Capri pants and a young man’s tunic shortened and taken in, Myra looked more the part of a modern day woman. To make her feel more comfortable, Tara put on her own shorts and t-shirt for the training session.

Tara sent for Duncan who had yet to arrive.

“Self-defense is essential for a woman to know in L.A. There are no knights who will come to your rescue if you’re in a bad situation.”

“You mean if someone wants to harm me?”

“There are bad guys in every time. Knowing how to get away from them can save your life, and your virtue. Unless he’s cute, then maybe you won’t mind getting rid of your virtue,” Tara teased.

Myra blushed.

“And none of that. Talk about a dead giveaway.

Twenty-one year old virgins are few and far between. If you go around turning red at every crass remark, Grainna will smell you a mile away. Say the word sex,” Tara coached.

“Nay, I couldn’t.” Myra giggled and turned away.

“Sex, sex, sex.” Tara bombarded her. “Making love, doing it, horizontal bop. Come on, the more you hear it, say it, etcetera the better.”

“Sex,” Myra whispered.



“Better. Look, the blush is starting to fade.”

A knock on the door signaled Duncan’s arrival.

“Now, don’t say a thing. Surprise is essential for over powering someone bigger and stronger than you.”

Tara opened the door enough to see if Duncan came alone. She ushered him inside and slid a chair under the door knob to keep out curious eyes.

Instantly, Duncan’s eyes went to his sister. “I hardly recognize you in those.”

Myra turned to the mirror and slid her hands over her hips, smiling. “The clothes do allow more freedom. I see why women would want to wear them.”

“They do reveal more.” Duncan skirted his eyes away. Tara took pity on him. It was as if he was noticing his sister as a woman for the first time in his life. And he didn’t like the feeling. Tara didn’t need their special connection to see that.

Myra’s hair was tucked back in a ponytail. Her arms were bare as were her feet and ankles.

Will she be safe in your future? None of us will be there to protect her.

Instead of answering him, Tara moved to the center of the room, which had been cleared of furniture and extra rugs were tossed on the floor.

“Duncan my love, come here. I have a surprise for you.” Tara pointed to the space beside her.

“I do like a surprise.” He shot a glance at his sister who watched and grinned.

“Put your arm over my shoulders.” Tara instructed. “Good, now tell me, Duncan. Are you bigger than me?”

He looked at his playful wife, confused by her question. “Of course.”

“Are you stronger than me?” She reached up, traced his chin with her finger.

“What are you getting at?”

“Do you think there is any way I, your weaker, smaller wife, could best you in hand to hand combat or even get you to the floor?”

He laughed at the thought. “I’m sorry, love. But there is no way…”

Tara’s leg shot out and at the same time she brought up both of her hands and grabbed his free arm. Surprise and momentum was her weapon. He tripped across her leg and found himself flat on his back, with the wind knocked out of his lungs. “God’s teeth!” he hissed between breaths.

“Sorry, love.” Her smile was less than sincere. “I had to prove my point.” She reached out a hand to help him to his feet.

He took it, but instead of hoisting himself up, he quickly maneuvered himself and Tara to where she was now on her back, he above her.

“Touché.” Tara glanced at Myra. “The moral to this is, once you have your opponent on the ground, run like hell. Surprise only works once, unless they’re really stupid.”

Duncan kissed her before releasing her.

Tara demonstrated how to get out of a chokehold, how to remove a vice grip, and most important, exactly where to place her knee on a man if he got too close. “…and once you’ve done that, he won’t be able to do anything with it. Right, honey?”

Duncan turned a bit green at the thought. “Aye.”

“You can always use your powers, but it’ll call attention to you. If your life is in jeopardy don’t hesitate. It won’t matter if someone finds out you’re a Druid if you’re dead.”

Duncan played the guinea pig as they practiced their maneuvers. He gave his own tips along the way, most required more strength than either of them could muster. But a few they managed to maneuver with some skill after a fair amount of practice.

An hour later, Duncan left to fetch the unsuspecting Fin. It was Myra’s turn to practice on fresh prey. He rubbed his slightly bruised ego and instructed his brother to join the women. Duncan took great pleasure in escorting Fin to Tara’s room. Shortly after the door closed behind him, a loud curse, one similar to what Duncan had used, came through the walls.

He laughed all the way down the stairs.

Chapter 20

Grainna kept constant surveillance on the Keep.

She hoped to find a weak-minded servant working there, someone she could obtain information from about what transpired inside. But her luck wavered.

As was her ability to read people as easily as she had in the future. Not practicing her magic daily cost her. She kept her short visits to the village very quiet and only when other strangers passed through.

She wore pauper’s clothing and leaned heavily on a cane although her bones had completely mended.