Binding Vows (Page 42)

Binding Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #1)(42)
Author: Catherine Bybee

She sensed him holding back, waiting for her to be ready. Tara caught his lips in another desperate kiss, feeling her need mounting again, unable to wait any longer.

His body jerked against hers. Neither could he.

Take me. She urged with her mind, wanting to feel him inside her, wanting his fullness, and the sensation of having him fill her.

He moved above her, hovered over her. “Look at me, Tara. Let me see your eyes.”

Lashes fluttered opened, her eyes locked with his. The tip of him sought entry where none had been before. He forced control he didn’t know he had.

Slowly he lowered himself, she opened for him wider. He held back. “Make me yours, Duncan, I was meant to be yours.”

She gasped as he entered her body, felt herself tightening at his intrusion. He paused, and stopped moving. “I’m sorry, lass, it won’t happen the next time.”

“I know.”

He kissed her long and deep, waiting for her to adjust. Slowly his hips moved. With each slow stroke, she felt her body giving him the room he needed. The more they moved, the less pain she felt.

Each patient thrust brought her closer, closer to feeling his heart beat with hers.

Hunger replaced the pain. Patience, murmured words of encouragement, and friction brought a bigger and brighter need. Her hips moved, matching his rhythm. She raced with him, knowing the more was around the corner.

Higher and higher they climbed, and when she could hold back no longer, she wrapped her legs around his waist and let go. She exploded, becoming a thousand shimmering stars as she shuddered with her release. Tara called out, “Come with me, Duncan!”

Needing no further encouragement, he joined her mind, body and soul, his seed spilling deep inside her womb.

Slowly, she floated back down to earth. He pulled her on top of him to keep from crushing her with his weight. Her cheek rested on his chest, as his hands stroked her hair down her back. Neither of them seemed to have the strength to move, to talk, or even open their eyes.

Finally, when Tara looked about, firelight flickered on the walls of the room casting romantic shadows in their wake. The rain outside still fell in steady sheets, but the lightning and thunder had stopped.

She felt his heart beating beneath her ear. Her body never felt so wonderfully used. What does one say after such a satisfying experience? Thank you

doesn’t seem to cut it.

His chest started to rumble.

“You heard that?” Embarrassed, she glanced up at his smiling face.


Her lips tilted at his expression. His eyes were shut, but his grin was just this side of wicked.


He opened one eye, stared at her a moment, then shut it again. “Well what, lass?”

“You know exactly what.” She hit a playful hand to his chest. “You’re the teacher here, what does one say?”

He forced a slight snore, pretending.

“Duncan!” She swatted at him again.

Like a tiger on the prowl, he pounced, and with little effort, she was under him again, gasping. “The teacher says, you are the most beautiful creature alive, and I look forward to our many lessons on making love.” He nipped her nose then caught her lower lip in his teeth. “And if it wasn’t your first time I would take you again right now.” He lowered his face to her neck, playfully tasting the salty aftermath of their passion.

On a moan she asked, “Why let this being my first time stop us?”

“I want you to be able to walk, my love.” His teeth traveled lower.

“If I can’t walk, I’ll need to stay in bed all day.”

She arched when his lips met her br**sts. “Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.”

“All day?” he asked.

She felt him grow hard. “I could think of worse things.”

She lost herself in his warmth once again.

Chapter 15

Like a kitten, after lapping up all the cream, Tara stretched her limbs alongside Duncan’s and settled into his arms. Even though the hours of accumulated sleep the night before could be counted on one hand, she couldn’t remember ever being more rested.

He stirred, waking slowly to a beautiful day.

The sun was bright through the window, the rain only a memory. A few smoldering embers gave way to a wispy trail of smoke up the fireplace.

“Good morning, love.” She felt his lips kiss the top of her head.


They had slept most of the morning away, the sun was already high. “We must make our way back.”

Smiling, she snuggled deeper. “I don’t want to.

Let’s pretend it’s still raining.” An idea formed in her head. “Can you call the rain, like you do fire?”

He pulled her closer. “Not without at least a few dark clouds I’m afraid.”

She lifted her head and gazed at him. “I was joking. But I can see by your face, you’re not.”

“And I can see by your blotched face that I need to shave.” There were scratches on her skin from the evening’s activities. He brushed her cheek with his hand. “I’m sorry to have marred your sweet skin.”

His eyes darkened slightly.

“Why don’t you wear a beard like the other men?”

His brows drew together. “You told me you preferred a clean shaven face.”

Hiding a grin she confessed, “I lied.” When his face pinched together, she continued. “What I mean is, I thought I liked a clean shaven face, until I saw you with a few days growth. Very sexy! But, I was angry and didn’t want to be drawn to you.”

He lifted up on his elbows forcing her back to the bed. “So I’ve been torturing my face with a blade daily, and you prefer it otherwise.” His voice was strong, but his look was playful.


“You should be.”

“I should be punished.” The glint in her eyes betrayed her desired punishment.

“I know the perfect penalty for your offence.” He held his mouth a fraction away from hers, waited for her breath to hold. Anticipating.

“No kisses.” He drew away, as if leaving her side. She caught his arm and pulled him back. “Oh, no you don’t.” She toppled him, straddling his chest.

Her hair cascaded down, framing them both. “That,”

she said, poking his chest with every word, “would be considered cruel and unusual punishment, mister.”

“Now, lass, I deserve to lay out the punishment since you did the lying.”

She sat up giving him full view of her naked body, pulling her hair behind her back. “All right.”