Because of Low (Chapter Ten)


She looked like she'd been dipped in chocolate and damn if I didn't want a bite. The meal we'd eaten didn't touch the craving Low had ignited in me with the little number she was wearing tonight. I opened the truck door as she stepped out and didn't stand back. I wanted to get her down. Letting her body press up against mine while I lowered her was almost good enough to curb my need to touch her. The short silky sundress hugged her chest creating some killer cleavage and a tiny waist. Then it flared out at the hips and floated around her until it stopped mid thigh. All night I'd wondered if I blew hard enough would the dress fly up in back.

"Thank you," she whispered staring up at me as her feet touched the ground. I knew this was the part where I let her go and stepped back but I didn't like that idea. Instead I kept my hands on her waist. The tips of my thumbs barely grazed the underside of her boobs and damn if the way her eyes widened at the innocent touch didn't make me hot.

"You remind me of those chocolate covered strawberries we had for dessert," I admitted. Her cheeks turned a pretty rose shade and a small smile touched her lips.

"How so?"

"Well," I ran my hand up her side being careful not to touch her breast then traced the low neckline of the dress barely grazing the smooth skin just above her cleavage. "This dress is the same color as that chocolate and you look absolutely edible in it."

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth reminding me of our kiss earlier.

"If I kiss you now Low, we'll never make it inside. I don't trust myself. And I really want to dance with you," I whispered taking a step back and moving my hand to her lower back then steering her toward the entrance. I could feel her erratic breathing against my palm.

Opening the door to the Hurricane Port, I knew Rock and the crew would be here. Jackdown was playing here tonight. I'd debated keeping Low all to myself and going toward Pensacola to go dancing or bringing her here, where my friends were. I decided I wanted them all to know we were out together. I didn't want any question in anyone's mind, especially Krit, that she was indeed off limits. We might not be exclusive, yet, but I knew if they all saw her with me that Preston, Krit and even Dewayne would know to back off. Where Cage's stupid declaration wouldn't scare them off, loyalty to me would.

"Do you want to go sit with everyone or would you rather get a table by ourselves," I asked leaning down to speak in her ear so she could hear me over the noise.

"Doesn't matter to me."

"It doesn't matter to me either. I intend to keep you on that dance floor wrapped up in my arms most of the evening so where we sit is pointless."

She turned her head causing her lips to almost brush against mine. Her warm breath bathed my mouth and I couldn't stop myself. I slid my lips against hers licking her bottom lip just the way I'd fantasized about doing when I'd watched her eat the chocolate strawberries. Immediately she opened her mouth to me and her tongue touched mine cautiously until I groaned and pulled her closer up against me. Her mouth was sweeter than anything I'd ever tasted.

Kissing had never been something I thought too much about. But Will ow's lips were plump and soft and so damn hot. This time she broke the kiss and took a long deep breath.

"Wow," she whispered lifting her eyes from their focus on my thoroughly kissed lips to my eyes. "I want to dance with you too," she explained grinning. "That's the only reason I stopped."

Mmmm…. her dimples were sweet.

Unable to keep the extremely pleased look off my face I slipped my hand around her back and pulled her against me as we made our way toward the guys. Rock was watching us with an amused grin on his face. He'd obviously not missed our kissing.

"Well, well, well lookie here. If it ain't my best friend with the lovely Will ow," Rock said tilting his mug half full of beer at us.

"Damn man you about ate her face off back there," Preston teased.

"I just want to be there when someone tells Cage," Dewayne piped up.

"hello to all of you too," I shot them all a warning glare. I didn't want Cage's name brought up. "I'd love to stick around and hear some more of your brainless comments but I'd rather dance with Low."

"Ow, I'm hurt. Injured beyond fucking repair," Preston called out as I turned Will ow around and led her to the dance floor.

Pulling her in front of me and cradling her in my arms I pushed our way through the mass of bodies until we were in the middle of everything and well out of the viewing distance of the table.

Low turned around smiling at me when we stopped and began moving to the music. It took me a minute to join in.

The sight of all that red hair cascading over her shoulders as her hips kept beat to the music and the flimsy fabric of her dress gliding over her upper thighs made it hard to concentrate. Low wasn't as tightly strung as me. She actually seemed more relaxed than she had all evening.

This was her element. She liked to dance. Another thing to file away in my memory. Reaching out I rested my hand on her hip and pulled her closer. If she was going to move like that I wanted to reap the benefits of it. She came to me happily running her hand up my arm as she moved her other arm up and over her head while she rolled her hips. I may not make it very long before hauling her out of here and pressing her up against the nearest empty wall.

Will ow

I loved dancing. It was freeing and exciting. But with Marcus Hardy's hands on my body it was quite possibly my most favorite thing on earth. I let myself go and he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Sexual foreplay wasn't something I knew much about. But dancing. That I could do. Turning in his arms I pressed my back against his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck. As my backside moved against him I felt the brush of his hard on against my lower back.

Oh. This was new. He didn't seem to mind that I could obviously feel it. I kept moving closing my eyes and laying my head back against his chest. This was going to do wonders for my dreams. His fingers expanded on my waist and then one slowly slide across my stomach then back down moving over to slide down my hip just as it reached my panty line. Okay. Wow. I could feel my body start to tremble a little. I wasn't sure why but I liked the way it felt.

The second tremble caused Marcus to stop and his hands gripped my waist hard.

"Low, I need a drink. Now."

I wasn't sure what brought that on and I didn't want to stop what we were doing. It was amazing. But I nodded and let him lead me back to the table where only Preston and Dewayne lounged drinking.

"Do you want something?" Marcus asked. His voice sounded a little gruff. I tried to think back to what we had been doing on the dance floor. Had I upset him?

"Coke please." He nodded and squeezed my waist before leaving me there with Preston and Dewayne.

Feeling deflated I sank down into the closest empty seat. I'd obviously done something to turn him off of dancing with me.

"So tell me Low, does Cage know you're out with Marcus," Preston asked. Frustrated with everyone's need to bring up Cage I shot him an exasperated glare. "No and it's none of his business."

Dewayne let out a low whistle, "I bet he'd disagree with you on that one sweetheart."

Shrugging I turned away from them and their nosey questions and searched for Marcus. I found Jess first. Then I saw Marcus leaning against the bar talking to her. She was obviously flirting and Marcus's smile said he enjoyed it.

The tense guy who'd left me was gone. He seemed to be relaxed in Jess's company. Suddenly her shoulders slumped and she reached up to wipe at her face. Was she crying? Marcus straightened up and leaned forward and hugged her to him. I reminded myself that Jess was Rock's hugged her to him. I reminded myself that Jess was Rock's cousin and she'd just had a bad breakup. No big deal.

Marcus was comforting her. Taking slow breaths I forced the knot in my stomach to go away. Marcus pulled back and turned his head back toward the bar and said something to the bartender then took Jess's hand as she led him into the crowd. Away from me. This was not happening. Cage's warning came back to haunt me. I guess Marcus was done slumming it. Cringing at that thought, I stood up.

"You okay?" Preston's voice broke into my thoughts.

Bringing me back to the table where I'd been abandoned by my date.

I took a deep breath and nodded forcing a smile. I wouldn't let them see me cry. No one would know this hurt me. I would not get embarrassed by this. I would not let Marcus Hardy humiliate me. "It's warm in here. I'm going to go get some air," I replied.

"Last time you said that you disappeared," Dewayne pointed out.

"I'm almost positive that what you saw isn't what it looks like," the concern in Preston's voice was unmistakable.

"It's okay if it is. Just because he came with me doesn't mean he has to leave with me. I've grown up with Cage. I'm use to this behavior," I tried to make my voice sound light and unaffected.

"Marcus is nothing like Cage," Dewayne replied.

I wanted to believe that too but right now I just wanted to leave. I didn't have a response, so I left.

Only two days later and here I was again. Another bar, alone outside because a sexy blonde bombshel had stolen my guy. Well technically he wasn't my guy last time but he had been flirting with me. I stared down at the dress I'd spent twenty minutes ironing because it had been folded up in the bottom of my suitcase for months. There was never any reason to wear it. The guy who'd helped me out of the truck had seemed to really like me. Just me. My eyes started to water and I bit back the sting of tears. I would not do that here. I had my pride. My cell phone was in Marcus's truck along with my purse. I hadn't wanted to deal with it while dancing. This dress had no where to tuck anything.

Calling Cage was impossible. Probably a good thing. Last thing I wanted was to have Cage angry with Marcus. We'd barely had a real date.

Reaching down to undo the straps around my ankles I slipped off my heels and crossed the street. If I was walking the two miles back to the apartment barefoot then I was taking the beach route. Sand was easier on the feet than asphalt. Beside if tears rolled down my face on the dark beach, no one would see.