Beautiful Bastard (Chapter 4 LA PERLA)

Panic. The emotion gripping me as I all but sprinted to my office could only be described as pure panic. I can't believe I let myself slip again. Being alone with her in that tiny steel prison; her smell, her sounds, her touch; had me once again under her power. Sure, I may have seemed calm and collected on the outside, even smug and in control, but every part of me was unraveling. This woman had a hold on me unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

Finally in the relative safety of my office, I collapsed on the leather sofa. Leaning forward, with my elbows on my knees, I gripped my hair tightly, willing myself to calm and my erection to subside.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed to the empty room. Things were going from bad to worse, and I knew it.

I knew from the minute she reminded me of this morning's meeting that there was no way in hell I could form one coherent thought, let alone give an entire presentation in that fucking conference room. And forget sitting at that table ever again. I'd never be able to sit at that thing without remembering what it was like to have her spread out before me as I fucked her. Walking in there to find her leaning up against the glass, deep in thought, was enough to make my dick twitch. But by the time she turned and I saw that sexy chocolate brown dress, the same warm brown as her eyes, and that blush from having been caught daydreaming, I had a full blown hard on.

I'd made up some bullshit story about the meeting being moved to a different floor, and of course she called me on it. Why did she always have to antagonize me? So being the dick that I am, I made a point of reminding her of who was in charge. But did it work? Hell no. Like every other argument we'd ever had, she threw it right back in my face. But not just that, she insinuated that my performance had been less than satisfactory. She sure as hell didn't sound unsatisfied the other night on the table, or up against the window, or in the stairwell for that matter. Fuck. This was not helping.

So when she'd finally made her way down to the conference room, I was ready. I'd be damned if I'd let her have the upper hand when Emmett walked in with those buttons, even though I knew I really shouldn't do this in front of them, I could only focus on my opportunity to get even.

And she positively seethed throughout the entire presentation and then booked out of the room.

Served her right for thinking that she could go toe to toe with me. But then that fucking elevator…

I jumped slightly as the sound of a loud thud in the outside office distracted me from my thoughts.

Followed by another one. And yet another. What the hell was going on out there? I stood up from the couch and made my way to the door, and I opened it to find Ms. Mills slamming folders and such a little harder than necessary on her desk. I folded my arms and leaned against the doorframe, watching her for a moment. The sight of her so flustered was not in the slightest way easing the throbbing in my cock. "Ms. Mills, can I see you in my office. Now."

She turned her head to look at me and narrowed her eyes slightly. "But of course, Mr. Ryan," she snapped sassily but in that honey sweet tone that brought my blood to a boil as she sashayed by me into my office.

I pushed the door closed roughly and walked toward her. "Would you mind telling me what your problem is?"

"Why don't you check your pocket, sir," she sneered and then roughly shoved her hands against my chest, knocking me off balance, and I landed on the couch as she quickly straddled my legs. Her lips crashed against mine in a furious assault and I felt myself harden more as she ground against me.

"Any more questions?"

My only response was a deep growl in my throat as I grabbed her ass and pulled her more firmly against me, grinding my clothed cock against her bare pussy. She began stroking me with the movements of her hips and my head fell back against the couch. This woman was going to be the death of me; any resolve I might have had was now completely gone.

"I think we have some unfinished business that requires our immediate attention, Mr. Ryan," she said in a gravelly and sultry voice I had never heard from any woman, let alone her. She tugged at my bottom lip with her teeth before standing up off of me, and I opened my eyes to watch her walk across the room to the door. That bitch is going to walk out that door after that? The click of the lock took me by surprise, and when she locked eyes with me, I was almost entranced by the fury and lust raging in those chocolate depths. "Appears that you have a problem there, sir," she growled as her gaze flickered between my eyes and the bulge in my pants. Fucking little cocktease.

I gave a deep growl and grabbed onto her waist, laying her down roughly on the couch and bringing my finger to circle her entrance; taunting her. "Appears you do as well, Ms. Mills," I replied huskily as I shoved a finger inside her, coaxing a groan from her. I leaned down to kiss her forcefully and held her lip between my teeth as I retracted my hand. "But I don't fuck in my office."

"Bullshit," she growled back in frustration, her voice thick with arousal. "You're gonna do something and finish what you started."

I felt her hands come to my hair and she pushed my face down between her legs. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating and before another thought could pass through my mind, I took her swollen clit between my lips. I watched her beautiful tits rise and fall sharply with her gasping breaths as I ran my tongue in slow teasing motions along her sensitive flesh. I felt her calf moving against my cock, causing it to throb painfully. Never ceasing my ministrations, my hand made quick work of my belt and pants. When I finally removed my mouth from her clit, I ground my now unconfined cock against her ankle. "If I remember correctly, Ms. Mills; I actually didn't start this. I think perhaps you should finish what you started."

She opened her eyes and sneered at me, and without a word swung her legs around so that her head was now in my lap. She ran her tongue tauntingly along the underside of my cock once and her smoldering eyes met mine. "Now why would I do something like that?"

I raised an eyebrow at her and reached my hand down between her legs and quickly flicked her clit once, causing her to yelp slightly from the sensitivity of it. "I don't get off, neither do you."

"Why you egotistical…" she growled again until I cut her off by lowering myself onto my side and tugging her clit once with my lips. "Fuck you."

For a split second, I once again thought she was going to get up and leave, and part of me wished she would. But a moment later, when her lips closed around my cock, every trace of that thought disappeared. Damn it, why did this have to feel so damn good? Her hand came to my cock below her lips and moved in the same frenzied motion as her mouth. "Ah shit," I hissed and closed my lips around her pussy, holding her thighs on either side of my face.

Both of our hips began grinding against each other's faces, anxious for release. Her legs spread slightly and I slid my hand around her thigh to push my finger inside her again. Her moan vibrated my dick and I nearly came right there. And from the trembling in her legs, it was obvious that she was close as well. I added another finger and began swiftly fucking her with my hand as my tongue and lips provided just enough suction and pressure to cause her to speed up her motions on my cock.

Her legs slowly spread more, pressing her more firmly against my face; until I finally heard her muffled shriek as she fell over the edge. Her hips twitched against me as I increased my movements, driving her nerves insane, and I knew my release was only seconds off.

"Chloe?" I heard my father's voice outside my door, and just as I was about to come, she shot up off the couch. A knock sounded on my door as she smoothed out her dress and I adjusted myself back into my pants. "Bennett?"

Perfect timing, Dad, I grumbled internally as I stood up and made my way over to my desk and sat down. My dick was seriously aching now, though you would think my father's voice would cause an insta-shrink, but I'd been hard since I saw her at the window this morning. This was just getting ridiculous.

She gave me a triumphant smirk to which I returned a glare as she unlocked the door and opened it.

"Mr. Ryan, I mean, Carlisle. I was just leaving."

I watched my father's face fall in concern as he looked at her. "Chloe, dear. Are you feeling alright? You look a little flushed."

I watched as she brought her hand up to her head and cleared her throat. "You know, I'm really not feeling that well, actually. It's been a long morning," she looked over at me with a mischievous stare that would be overlooked by the casual observer. "I'm actually going to take the rest of the day off, Mr. Ryan. Regain my strength."

You fucking bitch, I wanted to scream at her, but had to hold it inside since my father was in the room.

I clenched my fists under my desk; I wasn't sure who hated her worse, me or my balls. "You do have that big project, you know," I snarled at her.

"It can be put off for a day," she shrugged casually in return.

"I was expecting results today, Ms. Mills," I gritted warningly through clenched teeth.

My father turned his gaze to me. "I'm sure you can handle whatever needs to be done, Bennett." Not helping, Dad. Really not helping. He turned back to her with that soft fatherly smile. "You go on ahead, dear."

"Thank you, Carlisle," she replied with a sweet smile and then turned back to me with a curt nod. "Mr. Ryan."

I watched her walk out and my father closed the door behind her and then turned to look at me almost scoldingly. "What?" I asked in frustration as I discreetly shifted my hips after watching her ass as she walked away.

"It wouldn't kill you to be a little nicer to her, Bennett," he moved forward and sat on the corner of my desk. "You're lucky to have her, you know."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "If her personality were as appealing as her brain, we wouldn't have a problem."

He cut me off with his glare and I leaned back in my chair in defeat. "You were raised better than this, Bennett," he said sternly and then stood up again. "Anyway, your mother called and told me to remind you about dinner tonight at the house. Emmett and Rose are coming over with the baby tonight."

I felt the corner of my mouth twitch at the mention of my niece, but I simply nodded to my father.

"Yes, I'll be there."

He made his way over to the door and looked back at me before closing the door. "Don't be late; you know your mother hates that."

"I won't, I promise!" I replied, slightly annoyed as he closed the door chuckling. He knew as well as anyone that I couldn't stand being late for anything, even something as simple as family dinner.

Emmett on the other hand would be late to his own funeral. But now with all this work in front of me, left behind by her, I had no idea how I was going to get out of here on time; not to mention the additional chore she left behind that would consume my lunch hour. I needed to put her out of my mind any way I could. I reached into my pocket and pulled out what remained of her underwear; ready to discard them into my drawer with the others, when I noticed the tag. Agent Provocateur.

Granted, they didn't look like cheap panties, but these weren't exactly Fredericks of Hollywood quality either. She dropped a pretty penny on these. And it sparked my curiosity. I opened my drawer to examine the other two pair. La Perla tags on those. Damn, this woman was serious about her underwear. Maybe I should pop into the La Perla store downtown sometime and at least see how much my little collection is costing her. I ran my free hand through my hair and tossed them all back in the drawer slamming it shut. That was the last thing I needed to be thinking about.

As hard as I tried, I could not focus on a damn thing all day. Even after my lunchtime ritual, I still could not get my mind past the morning's events. And by three, I was a wreck and knew I just had to get out of there. I reached the elevator and groaned slightly, opting for the stairs instead. Though that was not much better; just not as fresh in my memory.

Pulling up to my parent's home later that evening, I immediately felt some of my tension slip away.

Walking into the kitchen, I was accosted by the smells of my moms cooking, and the happy chatter and laughter of my parents coming from the dining room.

"Bennett," My mom sang as I stepped into the room. I bent down and kissed her cheek and allowed her to try and fix my unruly hair. "That hair of yours," she teased lovingly. "Still as wild as when you were little."

"I know, mom," I said grinning at her; this was the same conversation we always had. "I just gave up trying." I grabbed a large bowl from her to place on the table, snatching a carrot before setting it down and chuckling when she caught me. "Where's my girl?" I asked looking out towards the living room.

"They're not here yet," answered my dad as he walked in. "You know your brother, he's always late."

Of course I knew. Emmett was bad enough; but throw in his wife and daughter and he was lucky to even make it out of the house, let alone be on time.

"Well, they better hurry," I added, stealing another carrot and dodging as my mother swiped at my hand, "I don't get to spend enough time with her as it is and I'm feeling greedy tonight."

"Oh, Bennett, you are so cute with her," My mom started and I could here it coming. "And I know you don't want to hear it, but if you would just settle down, you could have little ones of your own running around." My glare stopped that train of thought in its tracks, and she continued setting the table.

Twenty minutes later, the sounds of chaos came from the foyer, and I rushed in to meet them. My knees were immediately pummeled by a small, unstable body with a toothy grin attached. "Wuncle Weddie!" The little grin squealed.

"CareBear!" I squealed right back at her, picking the little girl up and smothering her cheeks with kisses.

"God, you're disgusting," Emmett groaned as he walked past me.

"Oh like you should talk, Daddy, " I said punching him in the arm.

"You should both shut up, if anyone wants my opinion," Rosalie added casually with a shrug, following her husband into the dining room. Rose and Emmett had gotten married two years ago and Carrington had been born a year later. She was the first grandchild and was the princess of the family. She was the spitting image of her mother with almost silvery blond hair and soft delicate features. The only trace of Ryan in her was the eyes. She had the same green eyes that I myself had inherited from my father. Otherwise, she was entirely Hale.

Everyone sat down at the large table and dinner began. As usual, Carrington preferred to sit on my lap rather than in her chair and I tried to eat around her, doing my best to avoid her "help".

"Bennett, I've been meaning to ask you. Would you invite Chloe to dinner next week, and do your best to convince her to come?" I rolled my eyes before looking at my mom and received a kick in the shin from my father.

"Why is everyone so insistent on getting her over here?" I knew my voice was possibly a bit high and loud for the dinner table but I was so tired of having this conversation with my family.

"Bennett you know none of her family is here. She's in a strange city all alone, and-"

"Mom," I interrupted. "She's lived here since college. It's not a strange city to her anymore."

"Like I was saying," she answered a hint of warning in her voice. "She lives alone and she's such a pretty girl and I have someone I want to introduce her to." My fork froze in mid air as those words sunk in. She wanted to set her up with someone. Well this was odd. I felt something, constrict in my chest, but I wasn't sure what it was. If I had to put a name on it, I'd call it…anger?

Why would I be angry that my mom wanted to set Ms. Mills up? Well probably because you're fucking her, dumb ass. Well not really fucking her so much as fucked her…twice. "Fucking her" would constitute my intent to continue. Oh, and I molested her in an elevator and went down on her in my office. Wow, put that way it sounded really bad.

Clearing my throat, and trying to rid the venom from my voice, I responded. "Sure, mom. I'll talk to her. But don't get your hopes up. She's about as charm free as they come, and that's a hard deal to close." I shoved another bite into my mouth.

"You know, Ben," My brother decided to chime in, "I think everyone here would agree that you are the only one that she seems to be unpleasant to." I looked around the table, frowning at the heads nodding and agreeing with my idiot brother. Returning my glare to Emmett, I saw he wore a surprisingly smug look on his face. Great, now she was even fucking with me here too.

The rest of the night consisted of more talk about how I needed to try and be nicer to Ms. Mills, and about how great they all thought she was, and about how much she would like my mom's best friend's son, Mike. Yea right.

We also talked about the meetings we had lined up for this week. A big one was planned for Thursday afternoon, and I would be accompanying my father and brother there. I knew that she already had everything all planned and ready to go. The one thing I could expect was that she was always two steps ahead of everything I needed. A thought that for some reason left me suddenly feeling warmer.

I left with the promise that I would do my best to convince her to come, although to be honest I didn't even know when I would see her again. I had meetings and appointments all over the city for the next few days, and even if I saw her for a brief moment as I ran in or out of the office, I had absolutely no desire to talk to her after today's little incident.


Glaring at the traffic as we crawled down South Michigan Avenue, I wondered if my day would ever improve. I fucking hated sitting in traffic. The office was only a few blocks away, and I was seriously considering just having the driver take the car back and getting out and walking. Looking down at my watch, I saw that it was already after 6, and we'd managed to travel only 3 blocks in 20 minutes.

Perfect. Closing my eyes I rest my head back on the seat, and recounted the meeting I had just left.

Nothing in particular had gone wrong; in fact it was quite the opposite. The clients had been thrilled with our proposals, and everything had gone off without a hitch. I just seemed to be in a fucking bad mood.

Emmett had made a point of telling me every fifteen minutes of the last three hours that I was behaving like a moody teenager, and by the time the contracts were signed, I wanted to pummel him.

Every chance he had he asked what the hell my problem was, and frankly, I couldn't say I blamed him. Even I had to admit I had been a fucking prick the last couple of days. And for me, that was saying something. Of course Emmett thought he had all the answers and decided my problem was that I needed to get laid. God, if he only knew.

It had been two days. Just two mother fucking days since that bitch walked out of my office leaving me rock hard and with a terminal set of blue balls, and I was a total mess. The way I was acting you'd think I hadn't had sex in 6 months. But no, two-going on three-days of not touching her and I felt like a fucking lunatic. The car stopped again and I thought I would scream. Glancing out the tinted windows, I noticed where we had stopped; right in front of the La Perla lingerie boutique. I was out of the car before I could even register the thought.

Standing on the curb waiting to cross, it occurred to me that I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

What was the point of going in? What was I planning on doing? Was I buying something or just planning on torturing myself? As I reached the glass doors, I consoled myself with one thought; at least I'd have some new material for jacking off. God, this was so fucking sick.

I stepped into the stylish store and was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of familiarity. The floors were a warm honey wood, the ceilings littered with long cylindrical light fixtures, clustered into groups throughout the large room. The dim lighting cast the entire space in a soft intimate glow, illuminating the tables and racks of expensive lingerie. But the familiarity, if I was being honest, came from the lingerie itself. Something about the delicate lace and satin brought on that all too familiar desire for her.

Running my fingers along a table set near the front of the store, I became aware that I had already gathered the attention of the sales staff. A tall, beautiful, yet overly made up blonde walked towards me.

"Welcome to La Perla," she said brightly. "Is there something I can help you find today? Maybe a gift for your wife? Your girlfriend perhaps?" she added, a hint of flirtation in her voice.

"Um…No, thank you," I answered, suddenly feeling ridiculous for even being here. "I'm just looking." I glanced away quickly, but not before noticing the way her eyes appraised me up and down.

"Well if you change your mind let me know," she said with a wink, before turning and making her way back to the sales counter. I watched her walk away appreciatively and was immediately disgusted that I hadn't even considered getting her number. Fuck. I wasn't a total whore, but a beautiful woman in an underwear store of all places had just flirted with me and the thought hadn't even occurred to me to flirt back. Holy shit. What the hell was wrong with me?

Running my hands through my hair, I decided it was time to take stock of the situation. I needed to face the fact that I was completely out of control. One look around at my current location was proof enough of that. All I could think about was having sex with this woman, and it was fucking pissing me off.

I was just about to turn and leave when something caught my eye. Walking over, I let my fingers run across the sexy black lace garter belt hanging on a rack. I hadn't realized that women really wore these outside of Playboy photo shoots until I'd started working with her. I remembered sitting next to her during a meeting our first month working together. She had crossed her legs and shifted in just the right way that her skirt rode up, revealing the delicate white strap attached to her stockings. I'd had to spend lunch beating off in my office.

"See anything you like?" I turned, startled to hear a familiar voice standing behind me. Shit. Ms. Mills.

But I'd never really seen her like this before. She looked stylish like always, but completely casual.

She was wearing what I'm sure were a very expensive pair of jeans, and a red tank top. Her hair was in a sexy ponytail, and without much makeup or her glasses, she didn't look much older than 20.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"What the fuck business of yours is it what I'm doing here?" I growled back.

"So, what? You don't have enough of my underwear that you have to start a collection of your own?" she glared at me, motioning to the garter belt still in my hands.

"Ms. Mills, I -"

"What exactly do you do with them anyway? Do you have them tucked away some where like little mementos of your conquests? Fucking pervert." Her arms folded across her chest, causing her breasts to push together and up from the red shirt. My eyes fell straight to her tits and I felt my self hardening.

"Holy shit," I said shaking my head. I almost laughed that we were once again at each other's throats.

"Why do you have to be such a fucking bitch all the time?" I all but shouted at her. I could feel myself literally shaking with rage. I had never met someone who had this effect on me.

"I guess you just bring out the best in me," She said angrily. She was leaning forward, her chest nearly touching mine. Looking around I noticed that we were gathering attention from the other people in the store

"Look," I said trying to compose myself. "How about you calm down and lower your voice some." I knew I had to get the fuck out of here soon, before something happened again. For some sick reason, fighting with this woman always ended up with my cock hard and her panties in my pocket.

"Come with me," she seethed, and grabbed hold of my arm, pulling me towards the back of the store.

My eyes instantly dropped to her ass as she walked in front of me, and I had to suppress a groan. She pulled me around a corner and through a door and I realized we were in a dressing room. She had obviously been here a while as there were hangers of different types of lingerie hanging on hooks from the walls and a pile of panties on a velvet chaise against the wall. Music was being piped through overhead speakers, and I was glad I wouldn't have to worry about keeping my voice down too much as I strangled her.

Closing the large mirrored door opposite the chaise, she stood with her eyes closed, every muscle in her body seemed to be tense and on edge. "Did you follow me here?" she asked glaring at me angrily.

"What?" I almost shouted. "Why the fuck would I do that?"

"So you just happened to be browsing around a women's lingerie store. Just some pervy thing you do in your spare time, Mr. Ryan?" she snapped venomously with an eyebrow crooked.

"God, you are such a fucking bitch," I sneered at her. But even as I said the words, our bodies were moving closer and our breathing was picking up.

"You know, it's a good thing you've got that big dick to make up for that fucking mouth of yours," she fired back, her eyes running along my body before meeting my face again.

"Oh yea?" I said, moving closer to her, backing her up against the dressing room wall. "I didn't hear you complaining about my mouth the other day in my office, Ms. Mills. Speaking of which, I believe it is now you, who owes me."

Her chest was heaving, and I saw her eyes move to my mouth as she bit her bottom lip.

Slowly wrapping my tie around her fist, she pulled me to her, and I couldn't hold back any more. My mouth opened as her soft tongue entered and met mine.

Groaning into her mouth, I slid one hand to her jaw and the other up to her hair, removing her ponytail. Soft waves fell around my hand and I fisted it tightly, jerking her head to better accommodate my mouth. She moaned and I pulled it tighter. "You like that?" my voice rumbled into her mouth. "You like it rough, don't you?"

"God, yes," she moaned seductively in response. At that moment, hearing those words, I didn't care about anything else; where we were, who we were, or how we felt about each other. Never in my life had I felt such raw sexual chemistry with anyone. When we were together like this, nothing else mattered, I was overtaken by animalistic lust and she was the only thing that could tame it.

My hands ran down her sides and I gripped the hem of her shirt, bringing it up and over her head, breaking our kiss for only a second. Not to be left behind, she pushed my jacket from my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

My thumbs ran circles across her skin as I moved my hands to the waist of her jeans. Quickly undone, they fell to the floor, and she kicked them and her sandals off. Pulling away from her mouth, I began placing wet kisses on her neck and shoulders.

"Fuck," I growled. Looking up I could see her perfect body reflected back at me in the full length mirror. She was wearing a sheer black pair of panties that only covered half her ass and a matching bra, her silky hair spilling down across her back. The muscles in her long, tone legs flexed as she stood up on her toes to reach my neck, and the visual along with the feeling of her lips were causing my dick to push painfully against the confines of my pants.

She bit my ear roughly as her hands went to the buttons of my shirt. Our breaths were quickly becoming pants as our movements became more frenzied. My own hands undid my pants and belt, pushing them and my boxers to the floor. Pulling her with me, I moved to the chaise.

A thrill shot through me as my hands moved around her ribs to the clasp of her bra. Her breasts pressed against me as if urging me on, and I kissed along her neck as my fingers quickly unhooked it and I pulled the straps from her shoulders. I pulled back slightly to allow the garment to fall, and for the first time, took in the full view of her tits completely bared to me. Fucking perfect. In my fantasies I'd done everything to them; touched them, kissed them, sucked them, fucked them, but nothing compared to the reality. My dick was throbbing now as I sat down on the chaise and buried my face between them. Her hands ran through my hair, pulling me closer, and I took one perfect pink nipple into my mouth, causing her to hiss and tug harder. Fuck that felt good. I guess she wasn't the only one who liked things rough.

So many emotions were running through my mind. At this moment, there was nothing in this world I wanted more than to bury myself in her. But I knew that when it was over, I would hate us both. Her for making me weak, for teasing and tormenting me, for bringing me to my knees; and myself for losing control again, for allowing my lust to override my anger. Despite all of this hatred, I knew I couldn't stop. I had turned into a junkie, living for my next fix. My perfectly constructed life was crashing around me and all I cared about was sinking into this demon in front of me.

Sliding my hands down her sides, I let my fingers run along the waist of her panties. A shiver went through her, and I closed my eyes tightly as I fisted the material in my hand; willing myself to stop.

"Fucking rip them, you know you want to," she hissed into my ear and then bit down hard. In one quick movement, her panties were nothing but a pile of ripped lace in the corner of the room.

Grabbing her hips roughly I lifted her, bringing her to straddle my lap and finally plunging inside of her.

The feeling was so intense that I had to forcefully still her hips to keep from exploding. "Fuck," I groaned, my jaw clenched; every thought focused on trying to make this last. If I lost it now, I knew she would throw it back in my face later. And I wouldn't give her the satisfaction.

Once I felt in control, I began moving her hips. We hadn't fucked in this position yet, and even though I hated to admit it, our bodies fit together perfectly. Bringing my hands down her hips to her legs, I gripped one in each hand and wrapped them around my hips. The change of position brought me deeper inside her, and I buried my face in her neck to keep from groaning out loud.

I was aware of the sounds of voices all around us as people entered and left the other dressing rooMs. The thought that we could get caught at any moment only made this better.

Her back arched with a stifled moan, and her head fell back. Her tits were now enticingly close to my face, and the almost innocent way she bit her lip was driving me crazy. Once again I found myself looking over her shoulder, watching us fuck in the mirror. I had never seen anything so erotic in my entire life.

She pulled my hair once again, pulling my mouth back to hers, our tongues gliding against each others, matching the motion of our hips. "Fuck. You feel so good," I whispered into her mouth. "Turn around; you need to see something." I pulled her off of me and turned her to face the mirror. With her back against my chest she settled on my lap again and I guided my dick back into her.

"Oh God," she breathed out heavily as her head fell back against my shoulder, and I was unsure if it was from the feeling of my dick inside her or the image reflected in the mirror.

I gripped her hair and forced her head back up, "No, I want you to look right there," I growled in her ear, meeting her gaze in the mirror. "I want you to watch me fuck you. And tomorrow when you're sore, I want you to remember who did this to you."

"Just shut up and fuck me," she answered back, her hands running up her body and behind her until they dug into my hair.

"Oh, you want to play rough, little tease?" I taunted, grabbing her hips and pulling her harder onto me. "And you better keep that mouth of yours quiet. You don't want all these people to know you're getting fucked in here right next to them, do you?"

A quiet moan was her only response, and I found myself smirking at the fact that I had finally shut her up. Her body continued to bounce up and down on my dick, causing her perfect tits to bounce right along with them. My hands roamed every inch of her body and I rained wet kisses and bites along the backs of her shoulders. In the mirror I could see my dick sliding in and out of her; and as much as I didn't want these memories in my head, I knew that was a sight I would never forget.

Feeling the walls of her pussy begin to tighten, I moved one hand down to her clit.

Our bodies were now covered in a thin sheen of sweat, leaving her hair sticking slightly to her forehead. Her gaze never left mine as our hips continued to gyrate against each other, and I knew we were both close. The voices around us continued, completely unaware as to what was going on in this tiny room. I knew from past experience that our little secret would not be kept for long when she came if I didn't do something. So as her movements became more frenzied and her hands gripped my hair tighter I reached my hand up over her mouth to stifle her scream.

"Fuck!" I stifled my own moans against her shoulder and with a few more thrusts I felt myself explode deep inside her. Her body slumped against me as I leaned back against the wall, her body rising and falling with the force of my labored breathing.

I knew I needed to get up and dress, but I didn't think my shaky legs could carry me. Any hope I had that the sex would become less intense, and that I would get over this obsession was quickly being crushed. Reason was slowly beginning to seep back into my consciousness, along with the disappointment that I had once again allowed myself to succumb to this weakness.

Meeting her eyes in the mirror, I swore something passed between us. Did she feel the same way I did? Was this as big a mistake to her as it was to me? And what were we going to do about it? I lifted her off of me and quickly got redressed, trying not to meet her gaze again. The dressing room area suddenly seemed too quiet and small and I was overly aware of each breath she took.

Straightening my tie, I bent down to grab the torn panties on the floor, depositing them in my pocket.

I went to grab the door handle and stopped. Reaching out, I ran my hands slowly along the lacy fabric hanging from one of the hooks on the wall.

I met her eyes finally and said. "Get the garter belt too." And without looking back, I walked out of the dressing room.