Bad Moon Rising (Page 43)


Bad Moon Rising (Dark-Hunter #18)(43)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Using his powers, he removed his clothes and left himself bare for her inspection. Not that she hadn’t already explored every inch of him. But it had been too long.

"I have done nothing, except dream of you," he whispered, kissing his way around her mouth. He took her hand into his and led it to his cock. He sucked his breath in sharply as she touched him.

Aimee sank to her knees in front of him so that she could take him into her mouth. His knees almost buckled from the pleasure. And as good as it felt, he had to stop her.

"Stop, Aimee."

She pulled back with a frown.

"You do that and this will be over before either of us wants it."

She laughed before she gave him one last lick that sent a shiver all the way up his backbone. It even made his eyes roll back in his head.

Aimee smiled at the look on Fang’s face. She loved to tease him and to taste him. The saltiness of his skin made her ache for more, but like him, she wanted for once to know exactly what it felt like to have him inside her.

He sank down in front of her. On their knees, facing each other, he kissed her again. It was hot and demanding as he skimmed his hand down between them to touch her. It made her even wetter as she throbbed.

The quickening inside her rose until it was blinding and her body demanded appeasement. "Don’t make me wait, Fang," she whispered, afraid that something or someone would interrupt them again.

Fang kissed his way to her back, making chills spring up all over her body. Holding her in front of him, he brushed her hair from her neck so that he could inhale her scent. Every part of him burned as he ached to be inside her.

He’d waited and dreamed of this moment, never thinking to really have it. He’d almost convinced himself that he could live without ever tasting her again.

But it’d been hard, especially since other females had stopped being appealing to him. Letting out one long breath, he slid his fingers inside her as he positioned himself to take her. He couldn’t ever remember a woman being more wet for him and none had ever been more enticing.

Aimee trembled in fear of what was to come as she felt the tip of his c**k pressing against her. But this was what she wanted more than anything and at least it wouldn’t hurt the way it did for human women. He nudged her knees farther apart as he took her hand again in his and led it to him.

"Guide me in, baby."

With his help, she reached between their bodies and gently slid him into her body. She bit her lip as the thick fullness of him sank deep inside.

They moaned in unison.

Aimee’s head reeled as he buried himself in to his hilt. It felt so good to have him there, to feel connected to him like this. She was sharing with him what she’d never shared with anyone else.

Fang pulled her back against him, into his arms as he slowly thrusted against her. He took their weight from her as he laid his cheek against hers and let her scent intoxicate him. In all the times he’d been with a woman, none of them could compare to this. She was so tight and warm. And unlike a wolfswan, she wasn’t bucking and clawing at him. Biting.

Aimee was tender.

Most of all, she loved him. In all the world, she alone had tamed the part of him that he’d never allowed anyone else to see. Always fierce and fighting, he only found peace with her. She’d tamed him.

She reached up and placed her hand to his cheek. That one gentle action shattered him. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to stay here like this for the rest of eternity.

It was so unfair. His brothers were mated and happy.

Why couldn’t he be too?

But he knew better. Even if he lived, her family would never accept him. None of their people would. This was unnatural.

And yet it didn’t feel that way.

"You are the best part of me," he whispered in her ear as he thrusted and cupped her br**sts.

"I love you, Fang." Aimee leaned back so that he could kiss her while he trailed his hand down the front of her body until he could stroke her in time to his thrusts. She could feel him getting larger inside her. Thicker.

She was completely open and exposed to him in a way she’d never been before. She should be embarrassed, but she wasn’t. This seemed so right. So perfect.

And as they made love, she wondered what it would be like if they didn’t have the world to drive them apart. If they could stay together and be like this. All she wanted was her wolf.

She would give anything to have his children. To give him all the love no one else ever had.

He quickened his strokes, which intensified the pleasure. Her breathing ragged, she returned them with her own until her body couldn’t stand it anymore. In a searing burst, she came.

Fang had to bite back a howl as he joined her in release. But it was hard. He pulled her close and kept her weight on his body, knowing they’d be locked together for a while yet as his body continued to release inside her. That was the most difficult part about being a wolf. When they came, it was a lengthy process and if they were separated before he was finished, it would hurt her. And right now his senses were so alert and strong that he felt as if he could defeat an entire pack.

Aimee leaned her head against his chest as he held her so tenderly. "I’m not too heavy, am I?"

"Not at all."

She turned his palm over to look at it. Like hers, it was still blank.

Tears stung her eyes. "We’re not mates?"

"It doesn’t always show up the first time. You know that."

True, but the way she felt for him . . . she was actually disappointed.

"I didn’t hurt you, did I?"

She smiled at his question. "No, baby, you definitely didn’t hurt me."

He wrapped his arms around her, making her feel so safe and loved. She fingered the weird mark on his shoulder that he refused to tell her about.

He nibbled her cheek. "Did you know your facial markings are showing?"


He reached up to draw the pattern with his fingertips. "Your Sentinel marks are showing."

She used her powers to remove them. "What about now?"

"Still there."

Oh, dear gods . . . she’d had no idea that they would show when she had sex. What if she’d mated with a Katagari bear and they’d come out?

It would have been disastrous.

"I’m sorry I can’t hide them."

He kissed her cheek. "Don’t apologize. I think you’re beautiful."

She tightened her arms around his as those words warmed her to the core of her being.

Fang trembled as he was finally able to withdraw from her. He hated doing it, but he had no choice.

She turned in his arms to kiss him deeply. "Can I go with you?"

"No," he said, his tone firm.


He shook his head. "No, Aimee."

"I want to be there with you."

"You can’t."

She growled at him. "Why not?"

He leaned his forehead against her cheek while he cupped her face with his hand. "Because if I see you there, I won’t be able to go through with it and I can’t do that to my brother." He looked up at her and the painful torment in his eyes scorched her. "Do you understand? I have to do this alone." He brushed her tears away with the back of his hand. "I love you, Aimee."

Those words infuriated her. "Now you say that? Now? What is wrong with you?"

He smiled tenderly. "I never once in my life had good timing. Too late to start now."

She pulled him to her and held him close. "I love you, Fang. Damn you to hell for it!" Then she took her necklace from around his neck and and placed it in his hand. "If I can’t be with you . . ."

He clutched it tight and repeated the words that were engraved in it. "Where I am always thou art. Thy image lives within my heart."

She nodded as more tears flowed. "Mate or no mate, you are the only one I’ll ever love."

He kissed her gently before he made himself leave her. If he didn’t go now, he’d chicken out completely.

Because honestly, it was hard to justify his brother’s happiness and life by breaking the heart of the only woman he’d ever really loved.

It’s all right, he told himself. He’d be waiting for her on the other side. One day he’d see her again and there the demon wouldn’t have any control over him. He wouldn’t have to fear ever hurting her.

She would be safe and there wouldn’t be anyone who could keep them apart.

But in this life, he had to do the right thing.

Sick to his stomach, he dressed himself and took one last look at Aimee. Completely nak*d, she kissed his hand that held her locket.

He bent down to take one last breath in her hair so that her scent would give him strength and carry him to his grave. "I love you," he whispered, then he made himself leave.


Fang!" Aimee gasped, feeling desolate without him. How would she be able to live knowing he was really gone?

At least in the past there was always the chance that he’d come to his senses and be here.

But now . . .

He was going to die and there was nothing she could do.

Go get him!

The urge was so strong. If only she could. But Fang would never forgive her for that. How could he? She knew the pain of living without her brothers. The unrelenting agony of knowing she’d been the reason they had been caught and killed. They had protected her and given their lives so that she could live.

She couldn’t wish that pain on Fang.

No, it would be Vane who would suffer, knowing that his happiness had been bought in blood. Fang’s blood.

Besides, Savitar had issued his orders. If Fang didn’t surrender, Savitar would hunt him down. He would die anyway.

Heartbroken, Aimee dressed herself and sat on the bed, trying to use her powers to see him.

Savitar wouldn’t even allow her that much comfort.


Fang materialized in Savitar’s opulent hall where the Omegrion council met.

Completely empty, the room had windows that were open and looking out onto a beautiful sea. Fang closed his eyes as the soft wind brushed his skin and ruffled his hair. The salt in the air was as sweet as the birds that sang outside.

It was a beautiful day to die.

He slid Aimee’s locket into his pocket at the same time he felt the fissure of power rippling behind him.

"So you came alone." Savitar appeared in front of him, dressed in a black wet suit. His hair was plastered back from his face and still dripping wet.

"Was I not supposed to?"

Savitar snorted as he wiped some of the droplets off his face. "I didn’t know if you’d have it in you or not."

"Guess I’m full of surprises."

He didn’t appear to appreciate Fang’s sarcasm. "You know the charges against you?"

"I was told murder."

"Fourteen counts. How do you plead?"

Fang shrugged with a nonchalance he most definitely didn’t feel. "I suppose most people go down on their hands and knees."

Savitar laughed, then sobered. "But not you."

"Nope. Never." He narrowed his gaze on Savitar. "Honestly, I have no memory of murdering anyone, but if I did it, I’m here for my punishment."

Savitar rubbed his chin with his thumb. "You never flinch, do you?"

"It’s not in me. But I expect you to abide by your word and spare my family."

"You’ve nothing to say on your own behalf?"

"Not really."

"Then prepare to die."


Fang sat in a small cell, waiting to die. He’d assumed Savitar would splinter him on sight, but that apparently was too easy a punishment.

Instead the bastard was making him suffer even more by dreading it. Not that the dread was what tormented him the worst.

It was regret. Those wounds were the ones that tore through him like shards of glass. He wished so many things were different that at this point death would probably be a relief.

He just wished he could see Aimee one more time. Conjuring up an image of her smile, he reached in his pocket to touch her necklace. It wasn’t as good as touching her, but it comforted him on a level he’d never experienced before. Even though she wasn’t here, he felt her like a tangible angel.

Damn if the words engraved in her locket weren’t right. She was in his heart and the knowledge of her out there, thinking of him, being a part of him, made him feel less lonely.

Alone in a tiny spartan cell with only a toilet, he sat on the hard bench with his elbows on his knees. He could hear the sea outside along with gulls squawking. But it was Aimee’s face he saw and it would be her scent that he carried with him to the next existence.

"You ready?"

He looked up to see Savitar in a pair of green cargo pants and an open white shirt. The man’s face was completely stoic.

Not that Fang expected sympathy from anyone.


The clear door slid up as Fang rose to his feet. Savitar led him to the sparkling white beach outside and to what looked like an old-fashioned block. It would be almost quaint if he wasn’t going there to die. There was even an executioner standing behind it. Dressed in spiked black armor and wearing a helm in the shape of a ghoul’s face, he held an oversized sword. He was so still, he looked like a statue.

Fang was both impressed and repulsed by the elaborate display. "You’re not just going to blast me into oblivion?"