Acheron (Page 99)

Acheron (Dark-Hunter #15)(99)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ash shook his head slowly as his senses tingled. No, there was something coming for them. He could feel it. Dark and deadly, it wanted a piece of him.

"Don’t worry, Sota. I’ll keep you dry." But even as he said the words, he knew the truth. He wasn’t her haven. She was his, and so long as he had her by his side, he could face anything. "Bring the rain," he whispered, "bring the rain."

These are two scenes that I wanted to work into other books, but they really didn’t have a place in them. The first one was originally in Seize the Night, but the length of the book was such that my editor at the time thought we should cut it, especially since it didn’t really relate to the story at hand. Our thinking then was that it might fit into another book, but it never did. So here it is now, in its entirety.